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My Blissey is losing it's stride in the OU tier. It keeps getting OHKO'd by various Close Combat Lucarios. Here is my situation:

This guy here uses Close Combat. This makes Blissey faint.

Aww, poor Blissey. Now what I want to know, is that is Evolite Chansey....
+ Evolite

.... Bulkier than Blissey?
I'm probably going to get an answer saying: Give Blissey a flying move. No. Her attack and SAttack are terrible. Plus I love the set I have now.

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Hope I helped!  (It's the one with the Focus Sash, by the way. )
Also Chansey can't survive most close combats, either. You should switch to a Jellicent or Landorus in those situations.

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I'm surprised that people use Blissey and not Chansey.

Eviolite Chansey is better at everything (defensively) compared to Blissey.

Chansey reaches 178/463 defenses while Blissey reaches 130/369.

On the HP basis, Blissey has roughly the same as Chansey: Bliss 255>250 Chan

So only 5 in base, possibly more or less stat points than your eviolite chansey.^_^

If you ev train chansey like this: 252 def + 252 sp. def + 4 HP, you will DEFINITELY BEAT BLISSEY IN THE DEFENCES.

Chansey will probably always lack A BIT in HP unless: 252 HP + 252 def/sp. def + 4 speed.

Overall I think your best bet is eviolite chansey but technically it is your choice!

P.S: Blissey looks pretty fat... >_<


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This is competitive use.
I Know.
Either way Chansey will be OHKOed by a strong Fighting type move.