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^^ So that's not the exact number but I know it started with 6, and it was a big number.

i read the same thing somewhere...
If this is true, then 1 in 600,000 people are out of luck :\
That would not even make sense because each Pokemon has a different rate of capture.
meh? oh.
I saw the same thing here: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6wp8ze4Nv1qkvbwso1_500.png

I believe it makes complete sense, since computers can't count numbers like humans do, but who's to say until proven incorrect?
Well, it is possible for it to fail if you throw it at a trainers pokemon. Anyways, being serious, it is possible for it to fail, but since it has never happened in real life, the chances of it actually failing are the smallest, slimmest, number possible.

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No, it is a lie.
BTW: The only Pokemon it can not catch is Ghost Marowak in Gen I but that is because it is dead.

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Whaaaaat.... I had a masterball fail on me in Pokemon Heart Gold... on Ho-oh! I'm confused =S
That must be a glitch.
I thought that you also couldn't catch that weird Hypno in Gen 1.
No ,i ve catch it many times!