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I think housibou could answer this.

I just don't want to download anything malicious. There are like three download buttons there.

Hmmmm. I wonder if this question is allowed. I asked this before and I think it got hidden. I plead you not to hide this. If this isn't allowed, please comment. I'll hide it myself.

I mean, it does pertain to Pokemon, right?? Pokemon ROMs? DarkCry? Light Platinum? Toxic Purple? Quartz?


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VBA is an Emulator. It plays any Gameboy game.

This link should help.

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Got the emulator. Now I just want some ROMs to use with it.

I'll start with light Platinum version.
So I've gotten here: http://pokemonlightplatinum.com/download-pokemon-light-platinum-rom
and then here: http://copyix.com/show.php?lid=http://www.mediafire.com/?ld7xupli4qn1u0d
Now how do I get it downloaded and opened?
This is your file link. That copyix.com part is just to spam you.
Center of the mediafire page, there should be a big green button saying "Download (7.93 MB)". Click that. You should then be able to download the .RAR file containing the rom, but first you need to have a program to extract from a .RAR compressed folder, like "jZip" at http://www.jzip.com/. Then open up the .gba file with VBA, move the .sav file to the same foldeer as your .gba file, and you've got game. I think the .ips file there adds some patch to the game, but it only works if you rename the file the EXACT same as the .gba file is named.
....So I rename the file entitled "Pokemon_Light_Platinum_Full_English(1).rar" What???? I'm having trouble understanding all this complexity......
Okay. In order to extract the ROM files, you need to have a program that can handle .RARs. So go to  http://www.jzip.com/ and download it with the button. (just an example, 7zip and winRAR work too but this one's free). Now you open the Pokemon_Light_Platinum_Full_English.rar file with jZip. You should see some files in it, including VBA and the .gba file. Then you extract the .gba and the .sav to a folder. You can then start up VBA, and open the .gba.

I THINK that's all you need to do to play light platinum, Miles said that the .ips adds a patch to the game, but I have no clue about that. Sorry if this didn't help a lot.
SWEET! Thx so much!! Put it in answer form and I'll grant you points ;D