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Example: Venosaur(holding a Power Herb) used Frenzy Plant! It's super effective! Venosaur must recharge! Will the Power Herb make it not have to recharge?


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No. Its pupose is to not wait for 2 turn moves that cause you to wait on the first turn.

And by the way, I tried it, the Power Herb will not do anything to a second turn move. It only works with moves such as Solarbeam.

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Oh. Ok, thanks.
Will White Herb work?
No it wont
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No, you have to recharge and its a bit over powered not to recharge anyway >>> Venusaur

every time there is a pokemon name included I put a sprite I like doing it.
Overpowered? Frenzy Plant is a horrible move, solely for the fact that it recharges.