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For example, would the base stats of an evolved Pokemon be higher if it was given stat enhancers in a pre-evolved form or will it be the same once evolved regardless of stat enhancers?

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Yes, they do stay with the Pokemon even if it evolves. Simple as that.

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Awesome. Thank you
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Vitamins add 10 EVs to the given stat. however they are limited 10 Vitamins per stat, or up to the first 100 EVs. you can have up to 255 EVs in any stat, but only a max of 63 points can factor in so 3 EVs would be wasted. usually the EV spreads are:

252/252/4, 252/180/36, or 252/160/88, but 508 is the maximum amount of total EVs.

Wings add 1 EV to the given stat, but are not limited like Vitamins, so if you had 252 Health Wings, that's 252 HP EVs right there. make sense?

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Yup, thanks. I assume Wings are on the newer games. Hopefully I'll get to playing them someday :p
Hope this helped. EV training in DPP was a pain in the arse. B/W is a bit easier due to the Wings.