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1 year ago I had wifi so I traded a Pokemon on GTS in soulsiver [can't remember what it was but it was Lv.20 with a master ball] for a Lv.100 celebi and it dosen't look right...

Trainer memo:

Quiet nature
Arrived at Lv.100

Proud of its power


Attack 230
Defense 220
Sp.Attack 243
Sp. Defense 224
Speed 199

Ability Natural Cure

Moves: [I haven't changed them cause I didn't fell like to]

Ancient Power

Future Sight

Baton Pass

Perish Song

Performance dosen't matter unless you think it does. Also I didn't make the trade because my Pokemon was the one up for sale.

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No, your Celebi does not show any symptoms of being a hacked Pokemon (or Hackmon as I like to call them). Here is my working out:
All of them are fine, it's base is 100 on everything. Nothing exceeds 320, and HP doesn't hit the limit either.
Looks as if it was Migerated, so it's fine that is says Hoenn instead of 'Fateful Ecounter'. Nature/arrived level is not hacked.
Yup, Celebi has Natrual Cure.
Learns all of them via level up - totally fine.
Just see the Celebi page for the info.

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It was migerated, and traded via GTS, so then event took place in Johto, but was migerated to Hoenn, then migerated again to another game, so it says 'Hoenn' on that game. Plus, LeBoss said nothing about the Pokeball.
Johto/Kanto games can be migerated via the Link Cable, then once in Hoenn, migerated to HG/SS, D/P/Pt, or B/W.
Still no. The Masterball doesn't matter because it was migerated, and every new Generation will have a way to be migeratable to one another in some way (Link Cable, Game Pak slot in DS).
OK, this is getting really tedious. For the millionth time, the Link Cable was used to migerate until the DS was released and took over. The Celebi was from Johto, yeah, so the Pokeball isn't hacked as the Cherish Ball wasn't used for events until later on. The caught Pokemon's Pokeball doesn't change with each migerate.
calm down, both of you...
I thought it was time we ended this arguement, so whatever is right is right. :p
Had me fooled...
Change ur half to xxxxxxx and hide it fizz cube. If its edited to xxxxxxx than not even mods and editors can read it.
Why? If you tell me to do that, I might as well do the same to you. If this is a 'friendly debate', then we should keep it friendly.
Yes, and I thought we did keep it friendly. Sorry if I offended you tough.
It's OK. I've had worse.
I was wrong. The pokemon he TRADED was holding a master ball. This is the pokemon collesseum event celebi. It's legit.
Yeah, it's OK. I didn't really care what was right. Just saw your 7 Xs didn't hide your comments...
The pokemon I traded was a fossil pokemon
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it surely seems it is hacked, for it would say:
"Fateful Encounter"
this is usually a good way to tell if a Pokemon is hacked, since celbi is an event Pokemon...

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The Fateful Ecounter term didn't exist back in Generation III.
im pretty sure it did, as my mew in gen 3 says fateful encounter...
Oh yeah, I forgot, if he was migerated, which is likely, the Fateful Ecounter thing doesn't appear - it is replaced by the region it was migerated from.
actually, thats not true. i have an event lugia which was for emerald. i migrated that to platinum and then to white. it says fateful encounter...
Really? When I migerated, it said 'Hoenn'...
hmm... oh well
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