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Sorry for such a long question.If ynu don't get what I mean here's an example.

A team of Swampert,Charizard and Torterra are going through a dungeon.
And a Graveler used Explosion(or was it Selfdestruct.) Swampert's max HP was halved.Torterra's max HP was halved
But Charizard's max HP was cut down by 1/3.Is there a reason why fire type Pokemon get less damage from explosion and selfdestruct?


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>Selfdestruct does not cause the user to faint, but instead cuts its HP in half, and affects all Pokémon, items, and walls within one tile of the user, reducing HP by half on teammates, by 50 on hostile Pokémon, and destroying all walls, items, and special tiles. Selfdestruct cannot be used in rain or on any floor with a Pokémon with the Ability Damp.

There's really no reason. Your Charizard must've been a hostile Pokemon.

Source: Bulbapedia- Selfdestruct
Source: Bulbapedia- Explosion

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What are hostile pokemon?
I'll look it up.
It looks like hostile Pokemon are enemy Pokemon.