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At first, I thought VBA could play them. I asked a Q about it.

I got an answer.

"There are two major differences between the two.

VBA = Visual Boy Advance, typically 2 megabits to 256 megabits (or 256kb to 32 megabytes)
NDS = Nintendo DS, typically 16 megabits to 2048 megabits (2MB to 256MB, very few games reach that limit)
VBA is a GB/GBA emulator. It cannot emulate NDS hardware.

So no.

So it will not work because of these ranges."

~ Posted by Darkgoku on September 14, 2012. I asked what program opens NDS files in a comment. It's been two weeks. No response. So I decided to post it in a separate question. No offense or blame to Darkgoku whatsoever.



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No$GBA and DeSmuME both play DS ROMs. If you cant find the downloads on the sites I gave just google them up they will pop up pretty easily.

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By the way, do they cost anything besides computer space??
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Go to coolroms.com it has a lot of emulators.