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  • Please include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with a specified set of moves. Abilities, natures, items and especially EVs are helpful but not a necessity.

  • Be mindful that players may not be able to get certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity or a trade evolution. If you'd like to suggest one of these, be sure to mention alternative/s.

  • Please also be considerate that many players have particular rule-sets for teams, such as to disallow overpowered legendary Pokemon or keep the starter on the team. You're welcome to suggest otherwise, but again it is kind to mention other options.

  • Please provide ample explanation.

It is helpful to note that these games were released prior to the Gen 4 physical-special split. Every Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Dark, Ice and Dragon move is Special, and all others are Physical in these games.

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Am I able to do this with Platinum?
Am I able to ask this question in Ruby?
I'm surprised that only 1 person has suggested Blastoise and that he didn't mention that Nidoking and Nidoqueen provide great coverage.
I am able to memorize the physical and special split by this: every type that eevee evolves into except dragon, is a special type.

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-Brick Break
-Dragon Claw

-Double Kick
-Sludge Bomb

-Shadow Ball
-Thunder Wave
-Double Kick

-Brick Break
-Hi Jump Kick
-Rock Tomb

-Thunder Wave
-Wing Attack

-Ice Beam

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Blizzard(Grass-Dragon coverage)
Earthquake(Electric coverage)

Quick attack(Filler)
Brick Break(coverage)

Drill peck(STAB)
Steel wing(coverage)
Double edge(filler)

Psybeam(other psychic move)
Magical leaf(filler)
Thunder wave(support)

Secret power(filler)

Ice beam(ice stab)

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Honestly, this would be a good team (in my opinion).

Blastoise (holding Leftovers): Mostly used for it's defensive skills. A moveset I would recommend would include Surf for your rival's Rhydon and Arcanine and both of Bruno's Onix. Ice Beam for STAB and a good chance to freeze, and can be used for your rival's Pidgeot and Venusaur, and can help against Lance's Dragon types. Bite is a Dark type move, and it has a chance to make your opponent flinch, and can come in handy against Lorelei's Slowbro and Jynx, Agatha's Ghost types, and your rival's Alakazam. Lastly, Protect would be good, seeing that Blastoise is a defensive Pokemon and it needs to well, protect itself from any attacks.
Dodrio: The spot was originally going to have Fearow, but I changed my mind last minute. It's moveset should include Fly, an HM that will help you in the game, as well as deal with your rival's Venusaur, and Bruno's Fighting types. Tri Attack, since it has a chance to burn, freeze, or paralyze. Drill Peck for STAB, and just in case if you ran out of PP for Fly. Lastly, Rage would be good for inflicting more damage than you received.
Jolteon: Mostly used for it's Special Attack and speed, it can help you a lot when dealing with Lorelei's Dewgong, Cloyster, Slowbro, and Lapras, Lance's Gyarados, and Aerodactyl, and your rival's Gyarados. It's moveset should include Thunderbolt, seeing that it is more reliable than Thunder, Thunder Wave for paralysis that can slow down your rival's Alakazam, Quick Attack for a good chance to go first, and Pin Missile, for coverage against your rival's Alakazam.
Golem/Graveler: Used for it's wall like defense and ability to learn Earthquake via level up, it can be a great addition to your team. The moveset Golem/Graveler should have includes Earthquake, which helps against many Bikers who have Grimer or Muk, as well as Agatha's Arbok, and your rival's Rhydon. Rock Slide, which can help against Bird Keepers and your rival's Pidgeot and Arcanine. Strength, another HM move that can help you get through Victory Road., and Explosion in case of an emergency.
Alakazam/Kadabra: It's Psychic type is unmatched for except for Ghost, Dark and Bug type moves. The moveset should include Psychic, a STAB move which can help against Bikers who have Koffing/Weezing and also Bruno's Fighting types. Recover, to save money and Potions. Mega Punch, in case if Psychic has failed for whatever reason, and Seismic Toss, for a good amount of damage and another Psychic backup.
Clefable: The reason for this is because of it's incredibly diverse move pool. You can really have a bunch of creativity for this. A moveset I would use includes Fire Blast, a move which can help against your rival's Venusaur. Moonlight, for the same purpose as Recover. Minimize, for easier evasion skills, and Metronome, just in case.
This is my opinion on how the team should be. In fact, I'll try it out on a FR/LG game and tell you guys the results. Edit: I did the team with the moves mentioned above. It worked. And this doesn't just apply for Blastoise. You just need to know how to use the team.

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I recently picked this game back up on emulator a few months back, and I tested out several different teams with all the starters. I beat the game with them all, but from my experience... hands down the easiest and smoothest team is:

Blastoise as your starter. At the beginning of the game, you will ONLY give him XP. Don't waste any xp trying to level up a second or 3rd Pokemon. Pick up 5 meowths to finish out your party of 6. Don't level them, but expect about 5 rare candies, 6 PP Ups, 8 TMs, and 5 nuggets by the time you replace them all. You're welcome. By the time you reach SS Anna, Blastoise will be level 30 with Bite, Dig, Water Pulse, and Brick Break (found on SSanna.) You can capture Dugtrio at lvl 29-31 right before the 3rd gym, just as a backup if Blastoise runs into trouble with Electricity... but "overleveled" and using Dig, I had zero problems.

-Surf (HM and strong STAB)
-Brick Break (TM)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Earthquake (TM)

You won't pick up your next Pokemon, until you get the poke flute. You guessed it, Snorlax!

- Yawn (put them to sleep so you can Rest)
- Rest (totally heal and recover hp)
- Body Slam (Stab and learned early)
- Shadow Ball (TM and great against psychics and ghost)

Once you clear the way by catching snorlax, go on down to Fushcia City. I recommend you skip as much as possible, saving the XP for later. Get the Good rod in Fushcia then hit up the Safari Zone. Catch a poliwag, level him to 25 so he evolves into poliwhirl, and then trade him for Jynx in Cerelean City. Jynx is sooooo OP in Fire Red. I didn't care for her looks, but she can sweep 2 of the 4 Elite easy! Plus she gets boosted XP

- Psychic (TM & Stab)
- Ice Beam (TM & Stab)
- Lovely Kiss (or Hidden Power if you can get a lucky draw. I got Electric)
- Ice Punch (More Stab) or Dream Eater (to go with Kiss) or Calm Mind (special booster)
I went the pure offense route, because I used her as a sweeper. Both builds work great though.

Once you get comfortable with your 3-man team, fly on up to the Power Plant. You will pick up your 4th & final team member.

- Fly (HM & Stab)
- Drill Peck (best Fly stab in game)
- Thunderbolt (TM & Stab)
- Steel Wing

Then you can pick up a TM slave to go with your meowth's pickup. I used Gyrados, caught him lvl 20 with Super Rod. He had Strength, Rock Smash, then Waterfall post-elite 4. I kept Dig, Cut, and Flash on Meowth.

This 4-mon roster will have STAB Normal, Water, Ice, Psychic, Flying, & Electric attacks with Fighting, Ground, Steel, & Ghost coverage. You will literally have an answer for every type in game! Since you're not wasting xp on leveling 2 spots, getting a boosted xp mon, and then picking a mon up at level 50... You will be sitting at level 58-61 on all 4 Pokemon (without using your candies) by the time you cross victory road.

This combined means there is no wasted grinding, no unnecessary Pokemon training, and very little difficulty facing the Elite 4 as soon as you cross Victory Road.

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Team: Charizard, Raticate, Nidoking, Snorlax, Magneton, Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan

Ability: Blaze
Earthquake/Dragon Claw
Aerial Ace

Charizard is the starter that I recommend for this team. Fly is good for traveling to areas in Kanto and is reliably strong. Flamethrower is the main Fire STAB of Charizard. Earthquake is Rock coverage, though Dragon Claw is for the fourth Elite Four Member. Aerial Ace is another Flying type move that doesn't take two turns. Yeah I know, not the best moveset.

Ability: Guts/Run Away
Rock Smash
Super Fang/Hyper Fang

Everyone uses Raticate as an HM slave, because it's so reliable. 3 HM Moves is pretty good. Strength can move boulders, Cut can be used for trees, Rock Smash destroys rocks, and Super Fang cuts the opposing Pokemon's health in half, but Hyper Fang is a good attacking move.

Ability: Poison Point
Sludge Bomb
Surf/Rock Slide/Dig
Brick Break/Shadow Ball

This was originally supposed to be a Hustle hyper offense set, but then I saw that only the pre-evolutions of Nidoking get Hustle. Sludge Bomb is physical in this game so it will do more damage with Nidoking's higher Attack. EQ is a Ground STAB and is very powerful. Surf is another useful HM that is required to beat the game, Rock Slide is good coverage, and Dig is used to exit certain places. Brick Break or Shadow Ball are other options of coverage.

Ability: Any Ability
Body Slam
Shadow Ball
Hyper Beam

Body Slam is a strong STAB move, Shadow Ball is Ghost Coverage, Earthquake is a strong move, and Hyper Beam does a tremendous amount of damage. You also get this fairly early in the game.

Ability: Magnet Pull/Sturdy
Thunder Wave

Magneton has such a good typing, and a decent movepool. Thunderbolt is the main STAB of Magneton. Thunder Wave paralyzes the opponent. Toxic is slow chip damage. Flash helps in caves.
This answer is incomplete.

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I used Blastoise instead of Charizard :/ bad choice I guess.

My own move sets (feel free to replace)
Blastoise: Surf , Ice Beam , Water Pulse , Bite (to atleast deal with Jynx.)
Dodrio: Aerial Ace , Fly , Steel Wing (this 3 movesets are good for Bruno except the Steel Wing tho imo.)
Hitmonlee: Mega Kick (as the guy said "the hard-kicking") Seismic Toss I think Mega Punch and Brick Break
Nidoqueen: Brick Break , Seismic Toss , Rock Smash and maybe Mega Punch if I don't want to teach hitmonlee mega punch.
Dragonite: Outrage (OP) Thunderbolt (in case Raichu is fainted.) Protect and Thunder Wave
Raichu: Thunderbolt, Shock Wave , Flash and Iron Tail

good Pokemon replacements:
Blastoise > Articuno , Lapras , and Scizor.
Hitmonlee > HitmonChan (teach it ice and fire punch thuerpunch if bulbasaur is starter) Machamp (y not? No love for machop? :() Scyther or Pinsir (y not?)
Nidoqueen > Rhydon. EDIT: Dugtrio if you incase have HP Ups
Dragonite > no just no.
Raichu > Jolteon (pair Thunder and Rain Dance on other Pokemon.)

*facepalm* Its good you chose blastoise. Charizard is worst starter in the region.
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Let me just first say, this team might be good. I haven't tested it out yet. Good luck!

Venusaur- Grass-Poison - Starter Pokemon - Evolve Lvl 36

Cut - HM - Gift from the Captain in his quarters on the top deck on the S.S. Anne when player has Cascade Badge
Toxic - TM - Gift from Koga when beating his Poison-type gym - Before you get there just use some STAB move
Synthesis - Level 53 (just use Frenzy Plant before this)
Earthquake - TM - Gift for beating Giovanni - Just use Giga Drain from Erika before then

Venusaur is probably the best starter due to its advantage early game. It's good against Brock, Misty, and by then you will have something that can counter other gyms. After Ivysaur evolves, Venusaur will only be used for slowly taking down enemies with toxic, and stalling with Synthesis.

Raichu- Electric - Viridian Forest - Evolve Thunder Stone - Celadon City Department Store - Floor 4 - Wiseman Gifts

Brick Break - TM - S.S. Anne - In room 2 on the main deck
Thunderbolt - Level 26 - (on Pikachu)
Rock Smash - HM - One Island - Kindle Road - From the old man in Ember Spa
Flash - HM- Obtained from one of Professor Oak's aides in the gate for registering 10 Pokémon in the Pokédex

Raichu's typing is great because it's only weakness is ground, which the only time you really face ground types is at the end but you have Pokémon that can counter it by then anyway. Raichu's is crucial to winning the game.

Arcanine- Fire - Route 7 - Evolve Fire Stone - Celadon City Department Store - Floor 4 - Wiseman Gifts

Strength - HM - Safari Zone - Gold Teeth - Area 3, south of the sign asking to find them/Fuchsia City - Gift from the Safari Zone Warden after returning him his Gold Teeth
Sunny Day - TM - Safari Zone - Area 1, on the ledge beside the pond
Dig - TM - Cerulean City - Received from the Team Rocket Grunt after defeating him
Flamethrower - TM - Celadon City - Celadon Game Center - From getting 4000 coins (or justs

Arcanine is a very productive Pokémon. Using him against Bug, Grass, and Ice types will always be a priority. Sunny Day is great for when Venusaur needs to heal, plus Flamethrower gains STAB.
Snorlax - Route 12 - (need Silph Scope, Lavender Town Pokémon Tower, get Poké Flute, then wake up Snorlax)

Rest - TM - In room 2 on the bottom deck
Surf - HM - Safari Zone - Area 3, from the man in the Secret House
Body Slam - Level 33
Psychic - TM - Gift from Mr. Psychic

Snorlax is a TANK! He can take hits, and then dish them out. He can fully heal himself and use Surf for water coverage. He can Body Slam his opponents till they FAINT. Then for Ghost-types, Psychic which is also a great move for coverage.

Dragonite - Safari Zone - Fishing - Evolve Level 55

Blizzard - TM - Cinnabar Island - Pokémon Mansion - B1F; in the northern room, in front of four identical machines
Waterfall - HM - Four Island - Icefall Cave - 1F, on the ledge east of the entrance to the inner cave
Dragon Claw - TM - Victory Road - (before Victory Road just use any Dragon-type move) Northern wall, north of Rare Candy ((rock puzzle) (Rare Candy) Northern wall, north of Rare Candy (rock puzzle))
Rain Dance - TM - Route 16 - Western portion of the northern half (requires Cut)

Dragonite is a great Pokémon later in the game but at the start, he's not very good. He evolves at Level 55 which is insane for a final evolution.

Aerodactyl - Old Amber Revive - Aquisition - Pewter Museum of Science - Received from a scientist inside the back room of the museum (requires Cut) - Revive - Cinnabar Island - Pokémon Lab

Steel Wing - TM - Safari Zone - Area 2, beside a tree west of the rest house
Rock Slide - Route 10 - Rock Tunnel - Move Tutor
Fly - HM - Route 16 - From the recluse on the northern half of the route (requires Cut)
Aerial Ace - TM - Route 9 - In the southwest corner of the route

Aerodactyl is a Physical attacker, so I used only physical moves. Its speed helps it blow through all the opponents. The thing that makes me happy is how early you can get it. All you need is Surf and you can get to Cinnabar Island. He's a very good Pokémon so make him the MVP of your team.

So that's my team. I hope you enjoyed it and played through the game with it. Share your experiences with it to me. See you in the comments!

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Again, over 10 years late but here goes:

Minerva the Clefable @ Pecha Berry
Calm (+SpD -Atk)
-Calm Mind
-Ice Beam

Calm nature (+SpD-Atk) is the best nature here. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam require a bit of saving for casino coins but it’s worth it as they hit every Pokemon in the game for at least neutral damage. Softboiled is a Tutor move but this can be swapped out with Moonlight if you want.
The goal is to get a few calm minds up and sweep. Clefable is naturally bulky so you should be fine. Pecha Berry for the off chance you get poisoned and don’t want to waste a turn with an antidote.

Mandrake the Victreebell @ Miracle Seed
Mild (+Atk -Def)
-Solar Beam
-Sunny Day
-Double Edge
-Sleep Powder

Miracle seed for added strength to Solar beam (the main move you’ll be abusing). Double edge for added coverage and because Victreebell actually has a decent attack stat we can take advantage of.
The main strategy is to get off a sleep powder and set up sunny day allowing you to outspeed anything the e4 has due to its ability. Coverage is lacking with grass and Normal is Thief can be replaced with double edge if you want a dark type move which who’ll help out a lot at the ghost e4 member. (I accidentally used snatch TM on a different team member ).

Doug the Dugtrio @ Soft Sand
Adamant (+Atk -SpA)
-Rock Slide
-Hyper Beam

Dougtrio is out to cause damage and that’s it. Rock Slide is a potential flinch move and may help you get a KO due to it. Dugtrio isn’t the strongest Pokémon but he’s speedy and Rock Slide paired with his speed is A-OK. Soft Sand for an extra kick when it comes to EQ. Dig to stall and also do consistent damage.

Queenie the Kingler @ Mystic Water
Naive (+Spe -SpD)
-Hyper Beam

Surf is alright (despite Kinglers atrocious SpA) due to everything that you need to hit with it having low special defense. Mystic water is there to assist with that as well. Strength is actually extremely solid and Kingler already hits like a truck. Dig for added coverage and some stalling. Hyper Beam for that last big move to hopefully gain a KO. Strength can be replaced with double-edge.

CH’DING the Farfetch’d @ Stick
Adamant (+Atk -SpA)
-Swords Dance

Double dancer. This is just about the only way to make farfetch’d Usable. You could opt for one or the other but you’ll be lacking something you need either way. Strategy here is to get one of each dance up and attempt to sweep with two decent coverage moves. The stick is the held item of choice as you manage more crits than you think you would with it.

No U the Ditto @ Metal Powder
Serious (Neutral)

Metal Powder is to take hits better and allow you to at least transform. I ended up with a serious one but any defense/Special defense/or speed raising nature is probably better as ditto needs anything to help.
Use transform and hope you can use their moves against them in some way. I found safeguard to be a wonderful move that I ended up using on Dewgongs along with others that assisted my team well.

Is this the best team? No. Was it fun to use? Yes. I will go out and say that Clefable single handedly took out all of my rivals guys after the e4. So I’d say she is definitely worth using.

Thanks for reading!

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Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green Team:


Venusaur:Ever since I was a kid i've always loved Venusaur,so I usually always pick him,he's my favorite starter.

Moveset:Razor Leaf,Leech Seed,Sleep Powder and Strength.

Venusaur's role is to be bulky and to annoy the enemy with Leech Seed+Sleep Powder combo,the other 2 moves are to do damage (a strong stab move and strength to use as both a Move,cuz it deals alot of damage and use it to move boulders).


Pidgeot:Another Childhood mon i've always liked,not much to say about this one,good flying type,good against all the annoying bug mons and you get him very early in the game.

Ability:Keen Eye
Moveset:Fly,Quick Attack,Aerial Ace and Wing Attack.

Pidgeot's role is mainly to use the HM Fly,thats why its moveset is not the best,but its still helpfull against annoying bug types (Butterfree,Beedrill,Venomoth,Heracross etc) and fighting types (Primeape,Machamp,Machoke,Hitmonchan,Hitmonlee etc..).Pidgeot is kinda bulky so if you need a mon to take a hit you can count on him unless if it is against eletric,ice and rock types.


Gyarados:My favorite water type mon,badass looking and a monster of a Pokemon in general.

Moveset:Surf,Ice Beam,Earthquake and Bite.

Gyarados' role is to be a damage dealer and also to use surf outside of battle.Like I said gyarados is amazing.Surf is for all the fire/rock/ground types etc...Ice beam for the flying and dragon types,earthquake cuz its a pretty good move and bite for The Gengar and Alakazam lines,Mr Mime and Jynx.

Arcanine Ninetales

Arcanine/Ninetales:I played Fire Red more times than Leaf Green,so I use arcanine more(He's Fire Red Exclusive) but fear not Ninetales(Leaf Green Exclusive) is just as good as arcanine and works almost the same way.

Ability:Intimidate(for arcanine) and Flash Fire (for Ninetales).
Moveset:Flamethrower (Flame wheel also works pretty well,since you might need to spend alot of coins for flamethrower cuz nobody wants to wait until level 49 (Growlithe) to get flamethrower) ,Extreme speed,Fire Blast and Aerial Ace (Arcanine)
Will-O-Wisp,Flamethrower (or Fire Blast or Flame wheel if you don't want to spend coins) ,Confuse Ray and Dig (Ninetales)

These 2 mons roles are to be good fire types,that can take down any mon necessary,especially grass/ice/bug types etc...Arcanine is more offensive and Ninetales is more of a mix (Use the Confuse ray+Will-O-Wisp combo to annoy enemies).


Magneton:Amazing eletric type and since it is also part steel it resists alot of things (especially in Fire Red And Leaf Green).Raichu is a good choice,along with Jolteon but I prefer Magneton over both Raichu and Jolteon just because of its steel type.

Ability:Both Magnet Pull and Sturdy are fine IMO.
Moveset:Thunderbolt/Spark(if you don't want to spend coins) ,Thunder,Thunder wave and Sonic Boom.

Magneton's role is to be an offensive eletric type,Annoy them with Thunder Wave,smash them with thunderbolt(Thunder is on the list because its his strongest move and I only recommend you using it if you think Thunderbolt won't kill,in that case use Thunder) and Sonic Boom for the certain 20 hp damage.


Alakazam:My favorite Pokemon of all time,Hard Hitter and amazing in every single way ,shape or form except for his defense stats xD.

Ability:Both Synchronize and Inner Focus work,so the ability doesn't matter much for alakazam.
Moveset:Psychic,Shock Wave,Psybeam and recover.

Probably the hardest hitter on the team,Alakazam's role is to Destroy,freaking obliterate anything that gets in his way.Has horrible defenses but it doesn't matter cuz normally he 1HKO's everything.Psychic for strong STAB move,Psybeam if you don't want to use psychic's PP,shock wave just for type variation or if you come across a Gyarados and recover if you take a little bit of damage to get that juicy hp back.Now I know what you're thinking,You need to trade in order to get Alakazam I know,that's why there are 2 solutions.

Solution number 1- Kadabra

Alakazam's pre-evolution Kadabra: For those who can't trade,Kadabra is the same thing as Alakazam,he works in the exact same way,the only diference is that he probably wont hit as hard as Alakazam,but he still 1HKO's almost everything,I recommend giving kadabra a try since it's pretty much the same. (Ability and Moveset same as Alakazam's).

Solution number 2-Mr. Mime

Mr.Mime: If you really want a Psychic type and you don't want to use Alakazam/Kadabra,then you have Mr.Mime.
Mr.Mime can hit pretty hard as well and he's a little bit bulky,definetly my go to Psychic type in Kanto,when I don't want to use Alakazam/Kadabra.The only way to get Mr.Mime in Fire Red and Leaf Green is from an In Game trade with an NPC inside of the house that's outside of the Diglett Cave,he will come with name "MIMIEN" and the level will be the same as the abra you trade(You need an abra to trade with Mr.Mime).
Since he is from a trade he gains exp really easily and I mean Really Easily,so that's another bonus with him,you don't need to waste alot of time to train him and he's a great addition to your team.

Ability:Soundproof or Filter work just fine,I don't remember the ability he comes with,I think it's Soundproof,but you don't need to worry about it too much.
Moveset:Psychic,Magical Leaf,Shock Wave and Calm Mind.
With Calm Mind you can get Mr.Mime to be even more bulky and you can sweep with him,Shock Wave and Magical Leaf for type variation and psychic for the Main STAB move.

And that's my favorite Fire Red/Leaf Green Team,let me know your thoughts :D.

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Pokemon FireRed / LeafGreen Team (one beginner, no tradable Pokemon, available in both versions, no legendaries, no repeated TM except buyable ones)

Nidoking (Adamant +ATK -SATK)
- Megahorn
- Earthquake - STAB (TM26 Gym 8)
- Sludge Bomb - STAB (TM36 Rocket Warehouse)
- Brick Break (TM31 Celadon Store)

Lapras (Modest +SATK -ATK)
- Surf - STAB (HM03)
- Ice Beam - STAB
- Psychic (TM29 Saffron City)
- Thunderbolt (TM24 Game Corner)

Hitmonlee (Adamant +ATK -SATK)
- Brick Break - STAB
- Rock Slide (Move Tutor)
- Endure
- Reversal - STAB

Jolteon (Modest +SATK -ATK)
- Thunderbolt - STAB (TM24 Game Corner)
- Bite
- Thunder Wave
- Double Team (TM32 Safari Zone)

Charizard (Naughty +ATK -SDEF)
- Fire Blast - STAB (TM38 Gym 7)
- Wing Attack - STAB
- Dig (TM28 Cerulean Rocket)
- Dragon Claw (TM02 Victory Road)

Snorlax (Adamant +ATK -SATK)
- Body Slam - STAB
- Shadow Ball (TM30 Game Corner)
- Brick Break (TM31 Celadon Store)
- Rest

Weaknesses (by team types) / Strenghts (by team moveset):
- wat 2/2
- ice 1/5
- gro 2/2
- psy 2/3
- ele 2/2
- gra 1/5
- fig 2/2
- roc 2/6
- fly 1/4
- dar 0/4
- fir 0/4
- poi 0/3
- ste 0/6
- nor 0/3
- dra 0/2
- bug 0/3
- gho 0/2

Total weaknesses: 15 occurences (9 types)
Total strenghts: 58 occurences (17 types - full coverage)

The weaknesses do not surpass the coverage (or they are even, or they are covered by moveset)

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You would want to remain with the best starter in FireRed LeafGreen which is Bulbasaur and then evolve it into Venusaur with Solar Beam, Poison Powder, Leech Seed and Razor Leaf. Second will be a Ditto but you need to level Ditto up as high as you can cause Ditto is only good if it's high level. Nidoking would actually be pretty good for a team because of its type advantages and combination, for the moves I think they should be Earthquake, any poison type attack, Hyper Beam and a random move. Exeggutor would be the next one, but pretty high level. As for the attacks I think some Confusion, Leech Seed, Headbutt and any other move should be pretty good. I actually tought about the fifth one being a Raticate with Hyper Fang, Crunch (or Bite), Quick Attack (in case the speed is not good) and again, the fourth move doesn't really matter. The last Pokemon... well... I didn't have pretty much options and I know you said without legendaries but Articuno or Zapdos would be the best options - and now I will talk about each moveset - Articuno will have Wing Attack (or Gust), Ice Beam, Blizzard and another move (not Ice or Flying). And Zapdos will have Thunderbolt, Wing Attack (or Gust), Spark and the other move doesn't matter. I think this is the best option you could get. By the way Ditto is really easy to catch in the Safari Zone town, the left route. I hope I helped you cause I need a good team too XD

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1 Charizard

                          Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Fly, Dragon Pulse

2 Pikachu

                     Thunder, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, slam

3 Lapras

                   Hydro pump, Waterfall, Ice beam,  Thunder

4 Dragonite

                        Surf, Ice beam, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower

5 Snorlax

                 Rock smash, Strength, Earthquake, Ice Punch

6 Scizzor

                   Cut, Metal claw, air slash, Energy ball
It depends on your starter:

If your starter is: Charmander, i suggest:
Off course: Charizard - Blast Burn, Flamethrower or Heat Wave or Dragon Claw, Fly, Fire Blast

Water: Gyarados or Seadra (Due to the Fact that they are part Dragon Types which is a great advantage)- Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Rage (For Gyarados) or Rain Dance (For Seadra to increase its speed and Damage).

Grass: Exeggutor or VilePlume - Exeggutor: Psychic, Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Suuny Day or Calm Mind
                                                              VilePlume: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Solar Beam, Sunnny Day

Electric: Raichu, Zapdos, or Magneton (Electabuzz will also do)- Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Double Team (Raichu); Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thuner Wave, Lock On (Magneton); Agility, Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave (Electabuzz).

Rock/Ground: Nidoking (FR), Nidoqueen (LG), Golem - Rock Slide, Earthquake, MegaHORN(Nidoqueen and Nidoking Only)Sandstorm, Rock Blast

Last Type: Preferably Bug instead of Psychic because the Champion's Last Pokemon is Alakazam which is Psychic meaning choosing a Psychic type can result to ineffectiveness.

Preferred Bug Types
Beedrill: High Speed, can over come Alakazam
Moveset: Twineedle, Pin Missile, Sludge Bomb, Agility

Heracross: High Attack
Move Set: Megahorn, BrickBreak, Horn Attack, Bulk Up

Pinsir Actually should be great but he doesn't learn any Bug Types during the game
Gyarados is water/ flying and seadra is pure water.Kingdra is water/ dragon
Blast Burn isn't obtainable until post-game.
Thunder has low accuracy.
An Ice/Water type with Thunder. Did you forget Pikachu also has Thunderbolt?
Dragonite would be a better HM slave.
Snorlax's moveset is okay.
Scizor isn't obtainable until post-game.
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Petal Dance

Blast Burn

Shadow Ball
Sleep Powder

Iron Tail

Ice Beam
Fire Blast

Sheer Cold
Hydro Pump

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Best Team: Charizard, Nidoking, Starmie, Jolteon, Dragonite, Bellsprout (HM Slave)

Charizard: Flamethrower, Fly, Dragon Claw, Strength

When you get Charmander it can take on the first gym as it learns Metal Claw to kill the Rock Types. Then, as you come out of Mt. Moon, there is a move tutor that can teach it Mega Kick - For the second Gym. It can defeat these types with its moves: Grass, Ice, Steel, Bug, Fighting and Dragon. It is weak to: Water, Rock and Electric.

Nidoking: Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Megahorn and Rock Slide. Catch a NidoranFemale before you go into Mt. Moon. Then when you take the underground tunnel, trade for a NidoranMale - NidoranMale has better attack, plus from the trade it will gain boosted EXP. It can defeat these types with its moves: Rock, Fire, Steel, Electric, Ghost, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice, Flying and Bug. It is weak to: Water, Ice, Psychic and Ground.

Starmie: Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam and Confuse Ray. Catch a Staryu in Verilimon City and evolve it with a Water Stone. Starmie is very fast and has really high special attack. It can defeat these types with its moves: Fire, Rock, Ground, Poison, Fighting, Flying, Dragon and Grass. It is weak to: Electric, Grass, Dark, Ghost and Bug.

Jolteon: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave and Hyper Beam. In Celadon City, in a building, there is an Eevee - evolve it to Jolteon with a Thunder Stone. Jolteon has extremely high special attack and will out speed almost anything. It can defeat these types with its moves: Water and Flying.It is weak to: Ground.

Dragonite: Outrage, Fly, WaterFall, Flamethrower. Catch a Dratini/Dragonair in the Safari Zone. Very powerful. It can defeat these types with its moves: Dragon, Grass, Fighting, Bug, Rock, Ground, Fire, Steel and Ice. It is weak to: Dragon, Ice and Rock.

Bellsprout (HM Slave): Cut, Flash, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder. Bellsprout can use Cut to get you through small trees and Flash for dark caves. You can catch it in Cerulean City.

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Preview: Venusaur, Starmie, Hitmonlee, Lapras, Dugtrio, Dodrio

Vine Whip/Mega Drain
Razor Leaf

Starmie-Pallet Town, Super Rod, Route 12
Surf/Shock Wave

Hitmonlee-Fighting Dojo
Seismic Toss
Brick Break

Lapras-Silph Co
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Dugtrio-Diglett’s Cave

Dodrio-Safari Zone
Tri Attack
Drill Peck

Butterfree-Viridian Forest, Temporary, replace with Starmie
Sleep Powder

Spearow-Route 3, Temporary, replace with Dodrio
Fury Attack
Aerial Ace

Really? Spearow?
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Team Preview:
Venosaur - grass
Dodrio - flying
Gyarados - water/dragon
Raichu - electric
Snorlax - fighting
Arcanine - Fire

Venosaur - Grass Type Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow
Moveset: Razor Leaf - Cut - Bulletseed/Solarbeam - Sleeppowder
Notes: I try to spread my HMs evenly across my main team so Cut falls on the grass type. Razor Leaf is a useful STAB, Bulletseed very useful until later stages in the game and sleeppowder makes catching Pokemon easier. Oh and its a starter Pokemon that levels pretty quickly an is useful against the first two gyms.

Dodrio - Flying type
Ability - Run Away
Moveset: Drillpeck - Fly - TriAttack - (last one is totally up to player)
Notes: Best of the non legendary bird types, can learn fly, great STAB moves. Immune to ground and ghost, strong against grass and bug. Get quite late in the game but comes at a fairly high level.

Raichu - Electric
Ability: Static
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shockwave, Flash
Notes: Electric Pokemon are probably one the strongest types in firered. Could change flash for quick attack so not to heavily dependent on elemental based moves but thats optional.

Snorlax - Fighting
Ability: Immune
Moveset: Rest - Snore - Strength - Bodyslam
Notes: Strong starting stats, most would get rid of rest/snore but they can be really helpful in tough situations, if Snorlax is last man standing you can depend on him to play the long game! Plus he is immune to poison and other annoying bug type moves.

Arcanine - Fire
Ability - Intimidate
Moveset: Fireblast - Flamethrower - Overheat - Dig
Notes: Strong overall stats. Was originally going to be a legendary Pokemon hence the stats.

Gyarados - Water Dragon
Ability: Intimidate
Moveset: Surf - Hyper Beam- Hydro Pump - Earthquake
Notes: If you can go through the pain of leveling him up from magikarp then its worth it. A very cool Pokemon, very strong against a number of types, loses some of the weakeness of normal waters due to the dragon part, can learn very powerful moves. I level it up by just using Magikarp for each fight then swapping to the suitable Pokemon so it gains half exp. Only need to get it to level 20 and can have it pretty early on.

1. Snorlax is Normal types
2.If using Snore,then use Belly Drum aa well.So the set becomes Belly Drum, Shadow Ball, Rest and Snore.
3.Give Arcanine ExtremeSpeed instead of Overheat.
4.Gyarados is Water/Flying and not Water/Dragon.
5.Don't recommend Gyarados due to low special attack and largely special movepool
Otherwise Nice team
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For in-game, I don't worry too much about stats and types. I go with the following:

Squirtle starter
Surf, Waterfall, Rainy Day, Skull Bash

Traded my nidoran
Thrash/Body Slam, Megahorn/Superpower, Earthquake, Thunderbolt

Traded my Spearow
Aerial Ace, Fly, Cut, False Swipe

Mr. Mime
Traded Abra
Psychic, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Baton Pass

Traded Poliwhirl
Lovely Kiss, Dream Eater, Ice Beam, Attract

Jolteon (though I was going to say Lickitung?)
Thunderbolt, Shockwave, Thunderwave, Double Team

This team will be very easy to raise with the boosted xp of all traded Pokemon and gives a decent type spread. Mr. Mime's Baton Pass is very handy after a calm mind or two. Use Farfetched's False Swipe and Jolteon's thunderwave (or Jynx's lovely kiss) to help capture the legendary Pokemon.

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My in game team with HMs. Venusaur/ Arcanine/ Jolteon/ Snorlax/ Lapras/ Dodrio.

Grass/ Poison
Venusaur. (overgrow)
- Giga Drain (TM19)
- Frenzy Plant (Move Tutor)
- Sludge Bomb (TM 36)
- Cut (HM)

Arcanine. (flash fire)
- Flamethrower (TM 35)
- Fire Blast (TM 38)
- Extreme Speed (Lv 49)
- Rock Smash (HM)

Jolteon. (volt absorb)
- Thunderbolt (TM 24)
- Shadow Ball (TM 30)
- Dig (TM 28)
- Toxic (TM 6)

Snorlax. (thick fat)
- Earthquake (TM 26)
- Rest (Lv 25)
- Strength (HM)
- Yawn (Lv 21)

Water/ Ice
Lapras. (water absorb)
- Surf (HM)
- Ice Beam (Lv 31)
- Psychic (TM 29)
- Waterfall (HM)

Dodrio. (early bird)
- Aerial Ace (TM 40)
- Fly (HM)
- Tri Attack (Lv 21)
- Rest (TM 44)

–1 vote

charmander as starter .
charizard-flamethrower,blast burn,slash,fly
lapras-surf,ice beam,psychic,water pulse
vileplume-solar beam,petal dance,toxic,sludge bomb
jolteon-bite,double kick,thunder wave,thunder/thunderbolt
nidoking-earthquake,dig,mega horn,rock slide
dragonite-outrage,dragon claw,hyper beam,wing attack

–1 vote
  1. Venusaur moves including
    Mega/Giga drain
    Razor Leaf
    Frenzy Plant
    Venusaur is easy to level up and having a toxic and Giga drain combo is unstoppable

  2. Primeape moves including
    Mega Kick
    Focus Punch
    Seismic toss
    Aerial ace
    You can catch Primeape at levels ranging from 3-5 on route 22 evolving at level 28

3.Raichu moves including
Thunder shock
Thunder bolt
Quick attack
I got mine at level 3 in viridian forest. You can evolve it with a thunder stone you can get in celadon city.

  1. Gyarados moves including
    Dragon rage
    Water pulse
    The wait from magikarp is totally worth it. You can drop it off at the day care and can come back for it t level 19 to evolve it at level 20

  2. Eevee moves including
    Quick attack
    Fire spin
    You could get a magmar but that is held off till after the elite 4 you can get a fire stone in celadon city

  3. Haunter moves included
    Dream eater
    Shadow ball
    You can evolve it farther but there was no body I know to trade with.

Well that is the team I am using. Any suggestions for changing a certaion Pokemon to another will be accounted and considered.

P.S. only downside to the team is that not one can learn fly and teleport sucks so don't tell me to change haunter to kadabra.