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I still havent decided on movesets either

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For movesets you can find them all around the site. For Pokemon, switch out Togekiss. You already have both a normal type and a Flying type. You need an Electric type. I would suggest either Electivire or Jolteon.

wow... new look on this site!
Yeah, with our names, the answer box, chat room, user list. This is great!
I thought of Adding Jolteon but it doesn't learn very good moves. Also, I kept Togekiss because currently it knows Aura sphere, Magical leaf, Air Slash and Extrasensory with a very high special attack. Porygon also knows thunderbolt with Conversion, so I still get the STAB for electric.
Conversion is not the best move. I would really suggest checking this site for movesets, they are the best possible!
True, it's only lv 35 right now, and i will probably get rid of that move. Thanks for your input!
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Um, may I suggest a grass type pokemon? Cuz if u think about it, if you come across something like a quagsire ore a swampert in battle nothing will be super effective on it other than grass. Or if your water pokemon dies in battle and you have no revives it would be smart to have one as back-up. They may not have the best stats but they are helpful in they're own way...=3

His Togekiss already has Magical Leaf, for Grass-type coverage.