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my azurill is lvl 18 and unevolved so I want to know how I can find out its happiness rating
and also what are some ways to raise a Pokemons happiness in white 2?


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You can call Bianca via Xtranceiver to see how happy a Pokemon is.
here are the levels of happiness (least to best):
Hmmm... It may not like you very much. By any chance, you... Are you a very strict person? I feel that it really doesn't like you... (0-49)
The relationship is neither good nor bad... It looks neutral. (50-99)
It is a little friendly to you... That's what I'm getting. (100-149)
It is friendly to you. It must be happy with you. (150-199)
It is quite friendly to you! You must be a kind person! (200-249)
It is super friendly to you! I'm a bit jealous! (250+)
Raising happiness:
Give it items
let it hold the soothe bell(which you may not have)
use him in battle
Do not allow the Pokemon to faint in battle
Do not use bitter items on the Pokemon
Do not keep the Pokemon stored in the PC
Do not trade the Pokemon

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Yes, using the pokemon in battle helps raise its happiness, but it gains a higher amount when involved in an important battle like a Gym Leader, Elite Four or Champion.