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  • Please include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with a specified set of moves. Abilities, natures, items and especially EVs are helpful but not a necessity.

  • Be mindful that players may not be able to get certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity or a trade evolution. If you'd like to suggest one of these, be sure to mention alternative/s.

  • Please also be considerate that many players have particular rule-sets for teams, such as to disallow overpowered legendary Pokemon or keep the starter on the team. You're welcome to suggest otherwise, but again it is kind to mention other options.

  • Please provide ample explanation.

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how do i teach flygon earthquake
@nko89 you can teach it through TM.
Mine was Lucario, Seperior, Flygon, Jolteon, Jellicent, and arcanine. I forgot the movesets
Honestly you don’t need a fire type to beat the game. Focus on countering the types for elite 4 and champion.

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I am not going to put sprites, just the Pokemons, movesets,natures and explanation
Note:To make a balanced team,Have one fire,one water.one grass,one flying,one electric,one type of your choice(mostly a dragon slot)

Chandelure-Mild/Rash Nature
-Fire Blast/Overheat
-Shadow Ball
-Signal Beam
-Energy Ball

Fire blast/Overheat and Shadow ball gains STAB,Signal beam and Energy Ball for coverage

-Ice Beam
-Hyper Beam

Your surfer, Surf gains STAB,Ice Beam for coverage and Thunderbolt and Hyper beam for power

-Grass Knot/Energy Ball

Grass Knot/Energy Ball for STAB,Hurricane and Psychic for coverage and U-turn for switching

Archeops-Any Attack type Boosting Nature
-Rock Slide/Stone Edge
-Dragon Claw

Your flyer,Fly and Rock Slide/Stone Edge gains STAB, Earthquake for coverage,Dragon claw for annoying Dragons

-Bug Buzz
-Energy Ball
-Signal Beam

Thunder,Bug buzz and Signal beam are STAB,Galvantula's compoundeyes takes care of thunder's low accuracy and Energy Ball for coverage

Shiny Haxorus-Any Attack type Boosting Nature
-Brick Break
-Dragon Claw

Outrage and Dragon Claw for gaining STAB,Brick Break for coverage and Earthquake for power

Hope I helped

You may also keep your starter, just replace one pokemon of it's type
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Yes, I know I aready have posted a team with serperior as starter but I just think this team is so good (hopefully it's allowed to post many teams). NOTE: this is pre elite four only. Black 2 Only
Team Member 1: Snivy ---> Servine ---> Serperior
Item: Miracle Seed
Ability: Overgrow
- Leaf Blade
- Aqua Tail
- Return
- Coil

Team Member 2: Magby ---> Magmar ---> Magmortar
If you can trade!
Item: Charcoal
Ability: Flame Body
- Flamethrower
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic
- Bulldoze


If you can't trade!
Item: Eviolite
Ability: Flame Body
- Flamethrower
- ThunderPunch
- Psychic
- Dual Chop

Team Member 3: Scraggy ---> Scrafty
Item: BlackGlasses
Ability: Moxie
- Hi Jump Kick
- Crunch
- Rock Slide
- Ice Punch

Team Member 4: Trapinch ---> Vibrava ---> Flygon
Item: Expert Belt
Ability: Levitate
- Dragon Claw
- Earth Power
- Flamethower
- Fly

Team Member 5: Lapras
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Shell Armor
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Shard

Team Member 6: Metang ---> Metagross
Item: TwistedSpoon
Ability: Clear Body
- Meteor Mash
- Zen Headbutt
- Hammer Arm
- Bullet Punch

I'll post the rest later(almost done)

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With these Pokemon you have covered all of their weaknesses.
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This is a Pokemon Team I would recommend for Pokemon Black/White Version 2

Starter Pokemon
(Serperior) Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Grass Knot, Frenzy Plant
(Emboar) Flamethrower, Low Kick, Thunder Punch, Blast Burn
(Samurott) Aqua Jet, Surf, Ice Beam, Megahorn

Now depending on what Pokemon you started with these are the Pokemon you should choose.
(Golduck) Waterfall, Ice Punch, Hydro Pump, Psychic (If you chose Snivy)
(Amoongus) Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Attract, Grass Knot (If you chose Tepig)
(Arcanine) Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed (If you chose Oshawott)

Now you will need a good Pokemon for fighting such as Lucario which you can get from the Floccesy Ranch as a Riolu which will evolve into Lucario from happiness
(Lucario) Close Combat, Dragon Pulse, Psychic, Extreme Speed

You will also need a Rock Type Pokemon like Gigalith for when your fighting Flying Type Pokemon such as Unfeazant which your Rival will have in all the Generation V Pokemon Games another good thing about Gigalith is that it has the Sturdy Abbility you can get Gigalith from the Chargestone Cave as a Boldore which will evolve when it is traded to someone
(Gigalith) Stone Edge, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Strength

Next you will need a Flying Type Pokemon but don't get a one such as Unfeazant because it is a Flying and Normal Type Pokemon so you should get one such as Crobat because it is a Flying and Poison Type Pokemon because that is better than Flying and Normal Type Pokemon you can a Golbat from the Strange House which will evolve into a Crobat from happiness
(Crobat) Fly, Sludge Bomb, X-Scissor, Air Slash

You will definetly need a Dragon Type Pokemon such as Haxorus because it has very high Speed and Attack and it will be very good against the Champion Iris you can get an Axew from the Mistralton Cave which evolve at Level 38 and again at Level 48
(Haxorus) Dragon Dance, Bulldoze, Swords Dance, Draco Meteor

Finally you will need an Electric Type Pokemon which is Zebstrika because it has High Speed and Agility and it can learn powerful moves
(Zebstrika) Wild Charge, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Fang

You need to add a Pokemon you can switch Lucario out with if you choose Emboar. Serperior, Emboar, & Samurott NEED their Moveset changed. You need to add another option for Rock other than Gigalith or you could give a moveset for Boldore.
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This is old, but I can't sleep so I'll answer it anyway

Emboar (Adamant)
Flare Blitz (lvl 62) STAB
Head Smash (lvl 50) Coverage
Hammer Arm (Relearn) STAB
Scald (TM 55) Coverage
Alternative: Wild charge (TM93)

Magnezone - Sturdy (Modest)
Discharge (lvl 51) STAB
Flash Cannon (lvl 39) STAB
Tri Attack (relearn as a magneton) or Thunderwave (lvl 15)
Signal Beam (Tutor)

Lapras - (Modest or Calm)
Surf (HM) reliable STAB
Ice Beam (lvl 32) STAB
Drill Run (tutor) coverage for electric or steel types
Thunderbolt (TM24) or Thunder (TM25)
Other options: Body slam (lvl 18)

Krookodile - Moxie (Jolly or Adamant)
Crunch (lvl 28) STAB
Earthquake (lvl 54) STAB
Outrage (lvl 60)
Superpower (tutor)/Brick break (TM31), or Stone edge (TM71)/Rock Slide (TM80)

Sigilyph - Magic Gaurd (Modest)
Air Slash (lvl 41) STAB
Psychic (lvl 44) STAB
Take your pick: Ice beam (TM13), Shadow ball (TM30), Charge Beam (TM57), Energy Ball (TM53)

Haxorus - Mold Breaker (Adamant or Jolly)
Outrage (lvl 66) STAB
Swords Dance (lvl 53) or Dragon Dance (lvl 33)
Brick Break (TM31)
Rock Slide (TM80) or X-scissor (TM81)
Earthquake (TM26) after the elite 4

Samurott (Neutral nature)
Surf (HM)
Megahorn (relearn)
Ice Beam (TM13)
Superpower (tutor)

Krookodile - Moxie (Jolly or Adamant)
Crunch (lvl 28) STAB
Earthquake (lvl 54) STAB
Outrage (lvl 60)
Superpower (tutor)/Brick break (TM31), or Stone edge (TM71)/Rock Slide (TM80)

Magnezone - Sturdy (Modest)
Discharge (lvl 51) STAB
Flash Cannon (lvl 39) STAB
Tri Attack (relearn as a magneton) or Thunderwave (lvl 15)
Signal Beam (Tutor)

Chandelure - Modest/Timid
Shadowball (TM30) STAB
Flamethrower (TM35) STAB
Energy Ball (TM53) Coverage against water, ground, and rock
Psychic (TM29) or Calm Mind (TM04)

Heracross - Guts (Adamant or Jolly) - Toxic Orb
Close Combat (lvl 34) STAB
Megahorn (lvl 46) STAB
Rockslide (TM80) Coverage against flying or Swords dance (TM75)
Facade (TM42) Massive power with guts boost

Crobat (Adamant)
U-Turn (TM 89)
Cross Poison (relearn) or Poison Fang (lvl 42) STAB
Confuse Ray
Other options are X-scissor (TM 81) and Zen Headbutt (Tutor)

Serperior (adamant)
Coil (lvl 38)
Leaf Blade (Lvl 32)
Outrage (tutor)
Swords Dance (T75)
Other Options: Has access to both reflect (TM33) and light screen (TM16), also Aqua Tail (Tutor)

Krookodile - Moxie (Jolly or Adamant)
Crunch (lvl 28) STAB
Earthquake (lvl 54) STAB
Outrage (lvl 60)
Superpower (tutor)/Brick break (TM31), or Stone edge (TM71)/Rock Slide (TM80)

Magnezone - Sturdy (Modest)
Discharge (lvl 51) STAB
Flash Cannon (lvl 39) STAB
Tri Attack (relearn as a magneton) or Thunderwave (lvl 15)
Signal Beam (Tutor)

Crobat (Adamant)
U-Turn (TM 89)
Cross Poison (relearn) or Poison Fang (lvl 42) STAB
Confuse Ray
Other options are X-scissor (TM 81) and Zen Headbutt (Tutor)

Starmie - Natural Cure (Modest)
Ice Beam (TM13)
Surf (HM) STAB
Psychic ((TM29) STAB
Thunderbolt (TM24) or Thunder (TM25)

Darmanitan - Sheer Force (Adamant)
Fire Punch (Lvl 22) STAB and boosted by sheer force
Rock Slide (TM80) Coverage (boosted with sheer force)
SuperPower (level 47) Power and this team lacks a fighting type
U-turn (TM89) Easy getaway or Bulldoze (boosted by sheer force)

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Coil set up move
leaf blade powered by coil and stab
giga drain for recovery
Dragon tail: powered by coil

intimidate or flash fire either one works
wild charge for coverage
solar beam for coverage
crunch for elite 4

Flame thrower: coverage
Foul play: powerful stab
focus blast: coverage
Night slash: STAB and high critical hit

clear body
Zen Headbutt: powerful STAB
Meteormash: STAB chance to boost attack
Earthquake: Powerful Move and coverage
Ice punch: coverage

Fly: flyer of the team
Dragon claw: stab
Stonedge: coverage
Earthquake: well it's a STAB earthquake what do you expect

not alot of people use this thing so I gave it a shot

Surf: STAB and surfer of the team
Psychic: powerful move and for fighting and poison types
Focus blast: coverage
Ice beam: coverage

golurk should not be special
Golduck, not Golurk.
Golurk can either not learn Focus Blast, not Surf, Psychic or Ice Beam.
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this is for the black 2 users:

first up is the staters I personally recommend oshawott:
cause he is a destroyer

move set :
ice beam(destroys grass monsters)
mega horn(same as above+stab)
hydro pump(critical battle helper)
leaf blade(stab+relieable)
giga drain(recovers+destroys)
dragon pulse(helps destroy those wicked monsters)
aqua tail(kicks fire monster =s back into their pokeballs)

next comes:
flame thrower(the icon move of fire types)
energy ball(weakness coverage)
phychic(stab+plus a good move for chandelure)
dark pulse(stab again+it destroys ghst types)

next comes:
dragon claw(stab)
earth quake (i dont know why)
giga drain(replenisher)
stone edge or fly(both are good in different in their own ways)

aura sphere(icon+stab+relieble)
dark pulse(coverage)
dragon pulse(helps a lot)

next comes
night slash(stab)
dark pulse(helps in elite four)
flame thrower(again I dont know why)
focus blast(coverage)

held item:persim berry
dragon claw(stab)
earth quake(caverage)
x scissors(stab)

Um you do know that Chandelure IS A GHOST TYPE right?
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Here is my team for Pokemon Black/White 2. I made it very balanced in phsyical/special and types. If you have any suggestions with different moves, items, or abilities feel free to make a comment!

Samurott @ Mystic Water Ability: Torrent

  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Megaqhorn/X-Scissor
  • Waterfall/Slash/Revenge/Superpower/Other physical move

Lucario @ Expert Belt Ability: Inner Focus/Justified/Steadfast (doesn't matter)

  • Close Combat
  • Aura Shpere/Dragon Pulse
  • Extremespeed/Ice Punch
  • Dark Pulse

Crobat @ Leftovers/Shell Bell/Black Sludge Ability: Inner Focus

  • Fly
  • Cross Poison
  • X-Scissor/U-turn
  • Roost

Haxorus @ Muscle Band Ability: Mold Breaker

  • Dragon Dance/Swords Dance
  • Dragon Claw/Outrage
  • X-Scissors/Earthquake
  • Strength

Chandelure @ Charcoal/Quick Claw Ability: Flash Fire/Flame Body

  • Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Heat Wave
  • Shadow Ball
  • Energy Ball/Will-o-wisp
  • Psychic

Galvantula @ Wide Lens Ability: Compoundeyes

  • Thunder
  • Energy Ball/Giga Drain
  • Discharge/Volt Switch/Electro-Ball
  • Bug Buzz
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Emboar; Nickname Bacon
Ability: Blaze
Brick Break
Fire Blast
Wild Charge

Vaporeon; Nickname EeveeHydro
Ability: Water Absorb
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

Roserade; Nickname Grassy
Ability: Natural Cure
Grass Whistle
Shadow Ball

Braviary; Nickname 'Murica
Ability: Sheer Force
Rock Tomb

Musharna; Nickname Dreamer
Ability: Forewarm
Dream Eater
Shadow Ball

Krookodile; Nickname Onslaught
Ability: Moxie
Stone Edge
Grass Knot

My Emboar is named Bacon as well...
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[email protected] Quick Claw.
Trait: Inner Focus/Steadfast doesn't really matter which.
Nature: Naughty.

1: Aura Sphere.
2: Close Combat.
3: Swords Dance.
4: Ice Punch

Lucario is a all around fighter with a variety of specials and physicals. Swords dance is for boosting his already pretty good attack. Aura sphere never misses plus it does some decent damage. Close Combat does extreme damage and with a couple of sword dances it can knock out a lot of things. Ice punch is maily for dealing with annoying dragon types.

Trait: Rough Skin (If you can get it.)
Nature: Adamant

1: Dragon Pulse.
2: Dragon Rush.
3: Earthquake.
4: Draco Meteor.

Garchomp is amazing. His offense and defense are ridiculously high and his moves are powerful. Earthquake will take out fire, poison, steel, and electric. Dragon Pulse and Rush are his STAB moves and Draco Meteor will finish off any survivors.

Trait: Hydration (Again, if you can get it.)
Nature: Lax. (To improve on the Defense.)

1: Fly.
2: Surf.
3: Rain Dance.
4: Hurricane.

Swanna is a good flyer and surfer. Plus, it is just plain cool. Fly and Surf are not only good moves, they can transport you around outside of battle. Rain Dance will boost Surf and activate Hydration ability. Hurricane is just a filler, but it's a good flying move.

Magmortor: (Note, only in Black 2.)
Trait: Flame Body.
Nature: Mild.

1: Fire Blast.
2: Lava Plume.
3: Confuse Ray.
4: Thunderbolt.

Magmortor is strong with his Special Attacks. Fire Blast is a powerful move, but it has low accuracy. Lava Plume has decent power, the bad part is it hits your teammates in a double/triple battle. Confuse Ray is filler but can be helpful. Thunderbolt gets rid of the water type threat.

Trait: Limber
Nature: Lax. (Again with the bad defense.)

1: Transform.

I personally like Ditto in dragon battles. He turns into one and bang, Ditto super effects him. Ditto is really good against Iris or in Drayden's gym.

Trait: Clear Body
Nature: Timid. (It needs more speed.)

1: Meteor Mash.
2: Hammer Arm.
3: Zen Headbutt.
4: Agility.

Metagross has awesome defense. Meteor Mash does decent damage and is the STAB for this Pokemon. Hammer Arm does major damage and should only be used after a few uses of Agility. Zen Headbutt is another STAB move and is pretty powerful. Agility is to raise Metagross's horrible speed stat.

That's all!

How did u get Garchomp?
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Samurott@Mystic Water
enter image description here
Trait: Torrent
Nature: Adamant

  • Razor Shell/Waterfall
  • Swords Dance
  • Megahorn
  • [filler] Surf

I'd choose physical attacks for this Pokemon. Your main attack is Razor Shell or Waterfall. I'd prefer Razor Shell because of it secondary effect - 50% chance of lowering target's defense. Next is Swords Dance. It's good attack-boosting move. Now - Megahorn - a very powerful coverage move - covers Grass-type weakness. The last move is a filler - Surf - I know, it's Special move, but you MUST have it. If you don't want surf, you can choose Dig to cover electric-type weakness or Ice beam to defeat the badass Dragons.

Crobat@Black Sludge
enter image description here
Trait: Inner focus
Nature: Timid

  • Sludge Bomb
  • Shadow Ball
  • Roost/Giga Drain/Air Slash
  • Nasty Plot

Now you'll probably ask: "Why Special Attacker? Crobat is physical sweeper!" It's not true! Crobat has very nice Special Attack stat! I'll think, Special sweeper is better for Crobat, because most of the best Poison-type moves are Special moves. So... Sludge Bomb is your main powerful attack. It has nice chance of poisoning the target. Next is Shadow Ball, a nice coverage move, that covers your Psychic-type weakness. Now you must choose between Roost, Giga Drain or Air Slash. I'd go with Air Slash beacuse of 30% chance to flinch the target. And your main Sp.Attack boosting move is Nasty Plot.

enter image description here
Trait: Flame Body
Nature: Modest

  • Flamethrower/Fiery Dance
  • Bug Buzz
  • Quiver Dance
  • Giga Drain

Why Volcarona instead of Arcanine? Because you will NEED Bug-type Pokemon for covering some weakness. Volcarona is IMHO the best. A rare typing - Bug/Fire and very strong Sp. Attack stat. You can catch Volcarona in Rellic Passage. So... your main STAB is Flamethrower or Fiery Dance. You know, Volcarona learn Fiery Dance at 100 lvl, so you'll better go with Flamethrower. Your next STAB is Bug Buzz - a powerful Bug-type move. Next, your boosting move is Quiver Dance. IMO, it is one of best stats-boosting moves. The last move is your coverage for Water and Rock-type weakness- Giga Drain - which also heals Volcarona.

enter image description here
Trait: Strudy
Nature: Modest

  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunder Wave
  • Magnet Rise
  • Flash Cannon/Tri-Attack

So yeah, finally, Magnezone - In my opinion, one of the best Electric-type Pokemons. Very strong with Sp. Attack. Thunderbolt is your main attack. It's powerful, but it has small chance of paralyzing the target, so I'd give it also Thunder Wave. Next is Magnet Rise, your main protect for your ground-type weakness. The last move you must choose between Flash Cannon or Tri-Attack. Flash cannon is a good STAB, but it's weak for ground-type Pokemons, so I'd give it Tri-Attack, which is neutral and has nice secondary effects. You can get Tri-Attack as Magneton.

Ferrothorn@Rocky Helmet
enter image description here
Trait: Iron Barbs
Nature: Adamant OR Brave (I'd prefer Brave)

  • Power Whip/Seed Bomb
  • Gyro Ball
  • Leech seed
  • Stealth Rock

Now Ferrothorn. I very like this Pokemon. So... I'd choose Brave nature (because Ferrothorn already has as poor speed as you will never attack first. Your main STAB is Power Whip (Very strong but has bad acc.) or Seed Bomb (Not strong as Power Whip but has 100% acc.), so you must choose. Next is your 2nd STAB, Gyro Ball, one of my favourite moves. You know, Ferrothorn has VERY poor speed stat, so Gyro Ball is perfect for it! Next is leech seed, which heals Ferrothorn. The last move is Stealth Rock. Don't ask why, it's standard move for it.

Flygon@Muscle band
enter image description here
Trait: Levitate
Nature: Adamant

  • Earthquake
  • Outrage/Dragon Claw
  • Fly
  • Stone edge/Rock slide

And finally your last Pokemon is Flygon. I'd choose it as my flier. Your main STAB move is Earthquake (You shouldn't be suprised). Next move that you should choose is Outrage or Dragon Claw. I'd prefer Outrage. I't very strong, but confuses Flygon at the end. Next is Fly. You don't want travelling by foot, aren't you. It's also very good attack. Finally, the last move is Stone Edge or Rock Slide for coverage - covers your 4x Ice weakness. I'd prefer Stone Edge, because it's stronger, but it has poor acc. and only 5 PP, so if you don't want it, give Flygon Rock Slide.

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Sorry for no Sprites and stuff, but it still good
•Samurott @ Quick Claw/Mystic Water/Shell Bell
-Ice Beam
Surf is to get around in routes and Scald is to were down the opponents HP (STAB)
Return because Samurott's friendship to you will blow out the roof since you traveled with him/her your whole adventure, Retaliate if your opponent has KOed 1 of your Pokemon. Ice Beam for grass, ground, etc. Megahorn/ Dig for Samurott's Weaknesses.

•Lucario @ Expert Belt/Scope Lens/King's Rock
-Aura Sphere/Close Combat
-Earthquake/Ice Punch
-Calm Mind/Swords Dance
Aura Sphere and Close Combat because a Fighting wouldn't be a fighting type without Fighting type moves. Psychic for fighting types. Earthquake for fire types and Ice Punch for ground types. Calm Mind to strengthen Aura Sphere and Psychic, Swords Dance for Close Combat and Earthquake/Ice Punch.

•Arcanine @ Choice Band/Muscle Band
-Thunder Fang/Wild Charge
-Flare Blitz
Thunder Fang and Wild Charge for water types. Flare Blitz... Isn't it obvious? ExtremeSpeed for opponents who could outspeed Arcanine. Crunch/Outrage to finish opponents with using Flare Blitz/Wild Charge.

•Krookodile @ Black Glasses/Rocky Helmet
-Stone Edge/Rock Slide
-Brick Break
Crunch is to lower Defenses. Earthquake/Dig to beast(STAB) Stone Egde/Rock Slide for bug types. Brick Break to get past Reflect and Light Screen (Coverage)

•Roserade @ Big Root/Choice Specs
-Sludge bomb/Venoshock
-Petal Dance/Giga Drain
-Shadow Ball
-Attract/Toxic Spikes/Toxic
Sludge bomb as an attack and poison and Venoshock if the opponent is poisoned. Shadow ball for Psychic types. Petal Dance as a strong grass type move and Giga Drain to recover during battles. Attract to stop the opponents from attacking you and Toxic/Toxic Spikes to poison and were down your opponent.

•Braviary @ Leftovers/Scope Lens/Choice Scarf
-Fly/Brave Bird
-Return/Crush Claw/Strength
-Bulk up/Roost
Fly is to get you places and Brave Bird is like Flare Blitz but its a Flying type move. Return as a Friendly and Awsome move, strength to push boulders and good attack, and Crush Claw to lower your opponents Defense (STAB) Superpower to wreak Rock types and others. Bulk up is to Bulk up, obviously (For Superpower) and Roost to Recover.


•Mandibuzz @ Leftovers/Scope Lens/Choice Scarf
-Fly/Brave Bird
-Dark Pulse
Fly/Brave bird is the same as Braviary. U-turn to switch out since Mandibuzz isn't really and offensive Pokemon. Taunt is to speed (if Mandibuzz has weak armor as its ability) Roost to Recover, Toxic to were down your opponent. Dark Pulse to make your opponent flinch.

Hope you guys like it ^_^

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I've been playing Black 2 for a little while, and this is my team!
[email protected] Seed
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Naughty
Characteristic: Proud of its Power
Wild Charge (coverage)
Jump Kick (Protection against Ice-Types)
Horn Leech (STAB)
Return (STAB)
[email protected] Belt
Ability: Steadfast
Nature: Mild
Characteristic: Likes to Fight
Psychic (coverage)
Force Palm (Will be replaced with Aura Sphere, STAB)
Quick Attack (Will be replaced with Extremespeed)
Bone Rush (will be replaced with Dragon Pulse/Flash Cannon)
[email protected] Berry
Ability: Super Luck
Nature: Hasty
Characteristic: Somewhat Stubborn
Quick Attack (Will be replaced, but not sure which move)
Air Slash (Will be replaced, but not sure which move)
Fly (STAB)
[email protected] Balloon
Ability: Static
Nature: Modest
Characteristic: Mischievous
Power Gem (Coverage)
Thunder Wave
Discharge (STAB)
[email protected] Spoon
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Often Doses Off
Psychic (STAB)
Morning Sun
Shadow Ball (Coverage)
[email protected] Wide Lens
Ability: Huge Power
Nature: Lonely
Characteristic: Sturdy Body
Aqua Tail (STAB)
Bounce (Coverage)
Ice Punch (Protection against Grass-types)
Dig (Protection against Electric-types)

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Leaf Storm
Giga Drain

Close Combat
Ice Punch
Dragon Pulse
Stone Edge

Flare Blitz

Shadow Ball

Ice Beam
Brave Bird

Draco Meteor
Hyper Beam

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My team is for those players who want to use Snivy as their starter.
This is my team .
Serperior, Ampharos, Flygon, Vaporeon, Mienshao, Chandelure.
Serperior @ Expert belt/Leftovers
Nature-Adamant/Jolly-For moveset 1,Modest/Timid- For moveset 2.
Moveset 1
Leaf blade-Good power, STAB.
Coil –For boosting status.
Aqua Tail-Fire type coverage, Accuracy is improved by coil.
Iron Tail/Dragon tail-Good power, For coverage.
Moveset 2
Giga Drain-Great for healing and STAB .
Calm mind- For boosting status.
Dragon pulse-Dragon type coverage.
Toxic- Best against the Pokemons that take long time to defeat.

In my opinion , Serperior is the best starter and that is why I had choosen Serperior as my starter. It can run Physical as well as Special sets due to Coil and Calm mind. But I prefer Physical because I like its physical attacks more than the special ones. But I also wrote a special based one for those who want to use the special one.The B2W2 move tutors have given it really good moves and these are the best among them in my opinion.His good defenses allow him to stay on battlefield for long time.After calm minding twice he can use giga drain to recover the HP he lost during setting up. For moveset 1 just coil once and start sweeping but remember that he is not going to last long if this moveset is used due to lack of healing.Aqua tail is mainly to cover his Fire weakness.Dragon pulse/tail is for Drayden and Iris. Iron tail for damaging rock types.

Vaporeon@Leftovers/Sitrus berry
Nature-Modest/ any other attack reducing nature
Surf- Good power, STAB,Travelling.
Ice beam-Grass,Dragon,Ground and Flying coverage.
Protect/Substitute-You can choose but I would choose protect.
Acid armour- Makes you a great tank.
I used a Vaporeon in my first Firered game play and I was really impressed by it as it was a great tank. I like Vaporeon more than any other water type and that’s why I am using it. It is the team’s surfer.Its high HP makes it incredibly difficult to take down after a Acid Armour boost. Only if had some more speed about 90 or 100 it would be the best water type in my opinion.Surf is great water type move and Ice beam is for Grass coverage.Protect is good but can miss and Substitute cuts HP to provide long lasting protection.I also prefer using Toxic instead of Protect or Substitute.

Chandelure@ Your choice but I would choose Sitrus berry.
Flame thrower- Good power, STAB.
Shadow ball- Good power, STAB, May reduce Sp.def.
Energy ball- Water,Ground and Rock coverage.
Calm mind/Psychic- You can choose but I would choose Calm mind.
I just love this guy. It is my favourite ghost type . If you cant understand why I like this guy then just look at that 140 base Sp.Atk .Thats why you need modest nature no matter what .It gets really great moves . It was difficult to choose the right moves but I managed to choose the moveset that I thought to be most effective.I always used Choice specs and Psychic on him as that would enable him to KO most in game Pokemon. He alone defeated Caitlin , Grimsle and Shauntle with very little help from Mienshao.

Mienshao@Expert belt/Life orb/Focus sash/Normal gem
Fake out-Great move, Powers up with Normal Gem, Priority.
Hi Jump Kick-STAB, Great Power!, Works well with Regenerator.
U-Turn- Psychic coverage, Works well with Regenerator.
Stone edge/Acrobatics- You can choose but I would choose Stone edge.
Mienshao is the BEST in my opinion.Its great moveset and great ability makes it a great Pokemon.StoneEdge hits Flying,Fire and Ice really hard while Acrobatics hits other fighting types ,Bug and Grass types for good damage when powered up with Flying Gem.Its Fast and hits very Hard .Only if had some more defenses instead of his Sp.atk , I am sure that It would be the best fighting type ever.
Flygon@ Dragon gem,Choice band,Sitrus berry.
Nature- Adamant/Jolly
Dragon claw/Outrage-Great Power,STAB, Outrage is for post-game.
Rock Slide- Great move,Great coverage with EQ.
Earthquake- Good power, STAB, Great coverage with Rock Slide.
Fly-Great power,Good for travelling.
Flygon is just awesome. It is immune to Sandstorm damage due to Its Ground type.It is immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes and Ground moves due to Levitate.I didn’t want to waste a slot for a Flying type and that is why I chose Flygon due to its ability to learn Fly.Besides that every team should have a dragon type.
[email protected]/Expert belt.
Moveset 1
T-bolt- Good power, STAB.
Signal beam-Good power,Coverage.
Power Gem-Good power,Coverage.
Thunder- Great power, STAB.
Moveset 2(For more power)
Thunder- Great power, STAB.
Focus blast- Great power, Coverage.
Cotton guard-Booooost that Defense.
Thunder wave-Cuuut the opponent’s speed in half, Good for Ampharos’s low speed.
Ampharos is just a substitute for Electivire who is the best Electic type but obtaining it would require trading which some players can’t .Ampharos’ bulk allows it to stay on battle field for some time .I don’t like it much though.Its good Sp.atk allows good damage.I don’t want to talk more about this Pokemon so that’s it.
This team has worked very well for me.
For pwt I used
Skarmory-Toxic,Iron defence,Tail wind,Roost.
Terrakion-Sacred sword,Sword dance,Stone edge,Earthquake.
Azumarril-Waterfall,Ice punch,Bulldoze,Superpower.
Dragonite-Dragon dance,Dragon claw,EQ,Fire punch.
It was used for doubles and rotation.
For other starters replace the same type Pokemon in my team.And replace Serperior with Roserade or Ferrothorn.

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I know that this is a bit late
Samurott @ Mystic Water

Ability: Torrent
Nature: Naive

  • Surf
  • Megahorn
  • Ice Beam
  • Waterfall/Dive

Samurott is my favourite of the Unova starters. Surf is for STAB and in-game use. Megahorn is for type coverage. Ice Beam to cover the grass weakness. Waterfall and Dive is for in-game use.


Vaporeon @ Leftovers

Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: Modest

  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Shadow Ball
  • Aqua Ring

Vaporeon is one of my favourite water types from Red and Blue. It is great to see him avaliable in this game. Surf is STAB and for in-game use. Ice Beam is for coverage against grass. Shadow Ball is just a filler but can come in handy. Aqua Ring is for regaining Vaporeon's health.

Emboar @ Leftovers
enter image description here

Ability: Blaze
Nature: Adamant

  • Flare Blitz/Heat Crash
  • Hammer Arm
  • Earthquake
  • Stone Edge/Head Smash

I never have really liked Emboar. He's just another fire and fighting starter. Flare Blitz is STAB or Heat Crash if you don't like recoil. Hammer Arm is STAB but lowers speed. Earthquake is for type coverage. Stone Edge is a filler or Head Smash if you don't mind recoil damage.


Darmanitan @ Choice Band

Ability: Sheer Force
Nature: Jolly or Adamant

  • Flare Blitz/Fire Punch
  • Rock Slide
  • Superpower
  • Earthquake

I love Darmanitan. This guy is the definition of power with 140 base attack stat. Flare Blitz is powerful STAB or Fire Punch if you don't like the recoil. Rock Slide has boosted accuracy due to Sheer Force. Superpower is such a strong move that fits Darmanitan. Earthquake is for type coverage.

Serperior @ Miracle Seed

Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Jolly

  • Coil
  • Leaf Blade
  • Aqua Tail
  • Return

Serperior has great speed and decent attack. It has a limited movepool which definitely hinders it's power. Coil is to increase is decent attack and great speed. Leaf Blade is STAB. Aqua Tail is to counter fire types. Return is a filler.


Whimsicott @ Shell Bell
enter image description here

Ability: Prankster
Nature: Timid

  • Stun Spore
  • Psychic
  • Energy Ball
  • Leech Seed

Whimsicott is an under-rated monster. First you Stun Spore. You will always go first due to Prankster. Leech Seed is for regaining health coupled with Shell Bell. You will also go first. Energy Ball is STAB. Psychic is for poison type coverage.

Crobat @ Black Sludge

Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Jolly

  • Cross Poison
  • Fly
  • Heat Wave
  • Zen Headbutt

Crobat will be your flyer. He has amazing speed. Cross Poison is for STAB and high crit ratio. Fly is STAB and is vital in-game. Heat Wave is for type coverage. Zen Headbutt is also for type coverage.

Galvantula @ Wide Lens

Ability: Compoundeyes
Nature: Timid

  • Thunder
  • Bug Buzz
  • Energy Ball
  • Thunder Wave

Galvantula is one of my favourite Pokemon. He has good special attack and speed. Thunder is STAB and is 91% accurate. Bug Buzz is also STAB. Energy Ball is to cover ground types. Thunder Wave is a filler move.

Hydreigon @ Leftovers

Ability: Levitate
Nature: Modest

  • Dark Pulse
  • Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor
  • Flamethrower
  • Earth Power

Hydreigon is a total beast. Amazing attacking stats and speed. Dark Pulse is for STAB and flinching. Dragon Pulse is STAB or Draco Meteor for more power but a drop in special attack. Flamethrower is counter ice. Earth Power is type coverage.


Haxorus @ Leftovers

Ability: Mold Breaker
Nature: Adamant

  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Claw
  • Earthquake
  • Brick Break

Haxorus is if you want a dragon before Victory Road. He has stunning attack. Dragon Dance is to boost his attack and speed. Dragon Claw is STAB. Earthquake is type coverage. Brick Break is for ice type coverage.

Good team. I will use this
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Okay, I like all the teams on here, but here is mine <3

Serperior @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Lemme just say, Serperior is an absolute beast. It is SUPER speedy and can go either way with special or physical. It is great in Blaze Black/Volt White as it gets the dragon typing omfg.
Leaf Blade//Giga Drain//Leech Seed//Growth
The leftovers/Giga Drain/Leech Seed combo is powerful, Leech Seed the opponent then be an absolute dick by Giga Draining and Leftovers XD

Lucario @Air Balloon
enter image description here
Everyone knows Lucario is power, it just needs to be a little more speedy! This one is a special Lucario.
Aura Sphere//Flash Cannon//Dragon Pulse//Extremespeed
Aura Sphere wrecks shop, you need a special steel type move, Dragon Pulse gets rid of those darn pesky dragons and ExtremeSpeed is priority <3

Arcanine @Charcoal
enter image description here
PLUTO THE ARCANINE IS THE BAE. ahem Arcanine is a monster, it has great attack and special attack, and I'm sorry, I just love it.
Flamethrower//Fire Fang//ExtremeSpeed//Strength
Flamethrower & Fire Fang are STAB + power, ExtremeSpeed is priority, and Strength, sorry, it's ingame.

Flygon @Dragon Fang
enter image description here
Oh God, I fell in love with Flygon the moment I saw it. Yeah, Salamance is great, and it's a Pseudo but Flygon was the best. It evolved earlier too. Flygon is not that fast, but packs a powerful punch. It has decent defence & special defence too.
Dragon Claw//Earthquake//Rock Slide//Fly
Wrecks Elesa's gym. It learns Rock Slide at level 25 and Bulldoze at level 21, I think .-.

Starmie @Twisted Spoon/Mystic Water
enter image description here
Starmie is a really great Pokemon. Being a water AND psychic type, it covers your need for a surfer and someone to take on Marshal. It is also speedy, and has some great special attack.
Surf and Waterfall are needed HM's. Psychic is the best psychic STAB move and TBolt is there for those Peliscrubs in Marlon's Gym that Serperior can't handle.

Weavile @NeverMeltIce
enter image description here
WEAVILE IS LIKE THE FASTEST THING ALIVE HOLY CRAP and it has greaattt attack. This thing hits hard and first, wrecking Iris and her unholy Haxorus. ToT
Ice Punch/Ice Shard//Faint Attack//Screech//Slash
Ice Punch I believe is only obtainable via Sneasel egg, but I'm not sure. Ice Shard always hits first and with Weavile's attack is sure to KO. Faint Attack is a STAB dark type move (not the best). Screech is for defence lowers and Slash is just there lolo. Teach it a better move if you want.

Feel free to leave a comment or something :)


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My starter was Buddy the Oshawott(Sorry no images)
He is now a M relaxed Samurott with Torrent
-Hydro Cannon
-Ice Beam

Next is Raika the F Quirky Manectric with Lightningrod
I haven't finished training her- I will edit once done

Ember the F Quirky Volcarona with Flame Body
-Giga Drain
-Bug Buzz

Aurorus the M Jolly Lucario with Inner Focus
-Close Combat
-Dragon Pulse
-Dark Pulse
-Iron tail

Raider the M Hasty Krookodile with Intimidate
-Stone Edge

And finally, Shiji, my M timid Crobat with Inner Focus
-Cross Poison
I don't really have any selected items for anyone. Please leave your comments on anything I should add or change. Thank you!

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My Team (Necroing)
Serperior (M) @Miracle Seed
Modest Nature
•Giga Drain
•HP Rock
•Dragon Pulse
•Calm Mind

Ampharos (M) @Magnet
Timid Nature
•Signal Beam
•Light Screen

Milotic (F) @BrightPowder
Calm Nature
•Ice Beam

Skarmory (M) @StickyBarb
Impish Nature
•Steel Wing
•Rain Dance (For FTypes)
•Protect (Scouting)

Chandelure (F) @Charcoal
Modest Nature
•Heat Wave
•Shadow Ball
•Confuse Ray

Liepard (F) @King's Rock
Adamant Nature
•Sucker Punch
•Fake Out
•Thunder Wave

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Pokemon #1: Emboar

@ life orb/charcoal/Choice band/Choice Scarf/leftovers
Flare Blitz
Wild Charge
Hammer Arm/Brick Break/SuperPower
Rock Slide/Flame Charge (only on non choice sets)

This set uses Emboar's excellent base 123 Attack to tear apart the opposition. Emboar also has the Hp to handle the recoil from these attacks just fine. Flame charge may seem like an odd choice, but it lets Emboar boost his Speed while still being able to switch moves. Just remember that you'll be wanting the weaker brick break if you use this move, as Hammer arm cancels the Speed gains, while SuperPower tends to force you to switch.

@ Choice Specs/Charcoal/Leftovers/Wide Lens/Zoom Lens
Flamethrower/Fire Blast
Focus Blast
Grass Knot

Explanation: Emboar's Special Attack and Special movepool are also quite useable. Take your pick of Fire STAB between Flamethrower and Fire Blast. Flamethrower has perfect accuracy and good pp, but Fire Blast has even more kick, and its 85% accuracy is actually quite reliable. Focus Blast is a powerful special fighting type move, but its accuracy is pretty bad, at only 70%. Scald and Grass knot both provide coverage, with Scald providing a way to inflict burn status as well.

Pokemon #2:

@ Life Orb/Expert Belt/Leftovers
Close Combat/Aura Sphere
Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
Swords Dance/Dragon Pulse
Thunder Punch/ Ice Punch/Extremespeed/Nasty Plot

Explanation: You can really pick and choose between the moves listed here, though nasty plot is only available as Riolu at level 47. Fighting/Ghost scores perfect neutral coverage, so you can even throw an hm in the last slot for utility, and not miss out on any neutral hits.

Pokemon #3:

@ Leftovers/Life Orb/Twisted Spoon
Signal Beam
Shadow ball/ Workup
Morning Sun/Hyper Voice/Hyper beam

Explanation: Espeon has an amazing base 130 Special Attack, so an offensive role is a natural fit. The choice of STAB is a matter of preference: higher Base power or ability to hit Specially bulky Pokemon? Signal beam gets excellent neutral coverage with Psychic STAB, and Shadowball can hit Ghosts hard. Work up is the best boosting option available before the Post game, morning sun is healing, Hyper voice is another special option, and Hyper beam can be a last resort panic move.

@ Leftovers/Heat Rock/ Twisted Spoon/Light Clay
Morning Sun
Sunny Day/Reflect/Light Screen/Baton Pass
Signal Beam/Reflect/Light Screen/Work up/Substitute

Explanation: the screens allow Espeon to boost the whole team's defenses, and Sunny day is there to support Emboar and increase recovery from Morning Sun. Baton Pass can be used to give another Pokemon stat boosts or a substitute, but it is less useful than it would be with access to calm mind

Pokemon #4:

@ Life Orb/Leftovers/Silk Scarf/Sharp beak/choice Band/ Choice Scarf
Brave Bird
Shadow Claw/Superpower
U-turn/Roost/Rock Slide

Explanation: An amazing physical Attacker. Brave Bird and Return for STAB, and then just pick some coverage moves. The ability Defiant is the icing on the cake, giving you +2 Attack whenever someone tries to lower your stats.

Pokemon #5:

@ Black Sludge/Life Orb/Heat Rock
Sunny Day
Giga Drain
Weather Ball
Shadow Ball/ Sludge Bomb

Explanation: Powerful Special Attacker, and another Pokemon to use Sunny Day. Giga drain is STAB and recovery, Weatherball becomes a base 100 power Fire move in Sun, and the choice between shadowball and Sludge bomb is between more coverage or Secondary STAB.

Pokemon #6:

@ Anything
Ice Shard
Body Slam
Drill Run

Ice Beam

Annoying Plessie Pal:
@ Leftovers/Rocky Helmet
Confuse Ray
Body Slam
Sing/Rest/some Ice attack/Attract

Explanation: Not only does Lapras provide the third part of our Fire/Water/Grass core (so you can swap out for your starter with minimal changes), it also gives some much needed bulk to the team. It learns a variety of useful attacks and status moves, allowing quite a bit of free range in how you use it. The Physical Set focuses on the excellent neutral coverage of Ice/Ground combined with the equally good Normal/Water. The Special Set focuses more on Hitting Super Effectively, with brine being an option for the last slot as a finisher for opponents under 50% hp, which doubles the power of Brine. The third set is for those who prefer debilitating the opponent to outright KO'ing them, with a combination of Paralysis, Confusion, Flinching, and even attract if you wish, to leave the foe utterly helpless.

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I will be doing a team for Pokémon Black/White 2 or Blaze Black/Volt White 2.

First up is your Starter.

Emboar @ Expert Belt
Ability: Blaze/Reckless
Nature: If you’re going all special I recommend getting Quiet/Modest and if you’re going Mixed then I suggest getting Brave/Quiet
Attacks: Flame Thrower/ Fire Punch/Flare Blitz, Earth Quake, Focus Blast/Hammer Arm/Brick Break, and Scald.
I use Fire Punch over Flare Blitz because of the accuracy and I only use Flare Blitz if I’m playing BB/VW2, Earth Quake for S.T.A.B (if playing BB/VW2). Focus Blast for S.T.A.B, Hammer Arm for Accuracy, Brick Break if you don't want the speed drop from Hammer Arm and Scald for coverage.

Ability: Torrent/Shell Armor
Nature: Brave/Quiet/Naughty/Rash
Attacks: Surf/Water Fall/Aqua Tail, Revenge/Super Power, Ice Beam/Dig, and Megahorn
Surf, Water Fall & Aqua Tail is for S.T.A.B, Revenge, Super Power, HP Fighting is also for S.T.A.B. if you play BB/VW2, Dig and Megahorn is there for coverage and Ice Beam is just there.

Serperior @ Miracle Seed/Big Root
Ability: Overgrow/Contrary
Nature: Timid/Jolly
Attacks: Coil, Aqua Tail, Return, and Leaf Blade. Leaf Storm/Energy Ball/Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Leech Seed/Synthesis, & Dragon Pulse/Spore/Sunny Day.
I see the first set a lot, but I'm not going to change it because if it's not Baroque don't fix it. Leaf Storm is for Contrary, Dragon Pulse is for S.T.A.B if you’re playing BB/VW2, Energy Ball if not, use Solar Beam in conjunction with Synthesis & Sunny Day, use Giga Drain or Leech Seed for damage while healing and spore is there if you want to put a Pokemon to sleep.

Now for the other Pokemon.
Depending on which Starter you choose you can replace one of these Pokemon with it.
For Emboar remove Ninetales.
For Samurott remove Golduck or Azumarill.
For Serperior remove Victreebel.

Golduck or Azumarill @ Leftovers
Ability: Cloud Nine/Damp/Swift Swim or Huge Power/Sap Sipper/Thick Fat
Nature: Modest/Calm or Adamant
Attacks: Surf, Ice Beam/Signal Beam, Calm Mind, and Mud Bomb or Water Fall, Aqua Jet, Return, and Ice Punch
For Golduck I suggest Surf for S.T.A.B, Ice Beam or Signal Beam for Grass type coverage, Calm Mind to set up & Mud Bomb for Electric type coverage. For Azumarill I suggest Water Fall for S.T.A.B, Aqua Jet for priority & S.T.A.B., Ice Punch for Grass Type coverage & Return is just there for GP.

Victreebel @ Black Sludge
Ability: Chlorophyll/Gluttony
Nature: Modest
Attacks: Solar Beam, Weather Ball, Sludge Bomb, and Growth
Solar Beam for S.T.A.B., Weather Ball for Ice type coverage, Sludge Bomb for S.T.A.B. and Growth for set up.

Ninetales @ Heat Rock or Leftovers
Ability: Flash Fire/Drought
Nature: Timid
Attacks: Sunny Day/Roar, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, and Solar Beam.
Use Sunny Day unless you’re playing BB/VW2 then use Roar, Flamethrower for S.T.A.B, Will-O-Wisp to burn & Solar Beam for Ground type coverage.

Zebstrika or Electrode @ Air Balloon or Magnet
Ability: Motor Drive or Static
Nature: Adamant or Timid
Attacks: Spark/Wild Charge, Volt Switch, Flame Charge, and Quick Attack or Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Signal Beam, and Magnet Rise.
For Zebstrika I suggest Spark or Wild Charge for S.T.A.B, Volt Switch for swapping, Quick Attack for priority, and Flame Charge is just there. For Electrode I suggest Thunderbolt for S.T.A.B, Volt Switch for swapping, Magnet Rise for Ground type coverage, and Signal Beam is just there.

Altaria or Pidgeot @ Dragon Fang or Sharp Beak
Ability: Natural Cure or Keen Eye
Nature: Modest/Timid or Adamant/Jolly
Attacks: Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Rest or Brave Bird/Fly, Quick Attack, Return, and U-turn.
For Altaria I suggest Dragon Pulse for S.T.A.B, Fire Blast & Solar Beam for Ice & Rock type coverage, and use Rest in conjunction with Natural Cure. For Pidgeot I suggest Brave Bird or Fly for S.T.A.B, Quick Attack for Priority, use U-Turn for Volt Turn & Return for S.T.A.B.

And for the last slot I suggest an Ice type

Mamoswine or Weavile @ Never Melt Ice or Soft Sand/Dark Glasses
Ability: Thick Fat or Pressure
Nature: Jolly/Adamant

Attacks: Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Earthquake, and Superpower or Swords Dance, Ice Shard, Night Slash, and Low Kick.
For Mamoswine I suggest Icicle Crash for S.T.A.B, Ice Shard for priority and S.T.A.B, Earthquake for S.T.A.B and Super Power for type coverage. For Weavile I suggest Sword Dance for setting up, Ice Shard for priority and S.T.A.B, Night Slash for S.T.A.B and Low Kick for type coverage.