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These are trainers that will battle you every time you re-enter the route/room/water after first going through a door then coming back out. I only know a two right now but I would appreciate a list of the others.

Route 4: Pokemon Breeder Irene

Lostlorn Forest: Pokemon Breeder Galen

Route 6: Pokemon Breeder April
Well, I'm thinking all the Pokemon breeders

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There are 5 Pokemon Breeders in B2/W2, but according to Bulbapedia, only 3 will battle you again.

  • Pokémon Breeder ♀ April - Route 6

  • Pokémon Breeder ♀ Irene - Route 4

  • Pokémon Breeder♂ Marcus - Route 7

I'm gonna check the other Trainer classes

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this helped a lot XD i thought it was my game glitching or something
Uuuh, iirc, there's one close to Humilau City.
There's one on the route before Chargestone cave.