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Just wondering.P.S I mean how it hacks your game

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Action Replay is a tool that alters the programming of a game by re-writing the"language" of the game, called Hexadecimal Coding or Hexcode. when you use a cheat that say makes the 419 Master Balls in slot 1 of your bag encounter the Pokemon with the same Pokedex number, it's due to the AR re-writing the Hexcode to force a wild encounter with that Pokemon's code. That's why AR can crash your game due to over-writing to overlapping lines of Hexcode, which cause a programming error that can either freeze your game, or corrupt your entire file aand delete it. that's want the whole

A00014 DFE00060F910

etc is. that's the Hexcode of the game that needs to be re-written.

just use the minimum amount of codes at once possible,which is less likely to to crash your game.

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I believe for it to work it changes around the coding of the game to allow specific things. Certain input values are used to prevent you from walking through them, and some are able to walk through. They change the value that prevents you from walking through them to the value that lets you walk through. Things like this are very bad because it could cause coding errors (ie freezing) and any problems are left in the games coding.

don't quote me on that though.

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AR hack your game. Hacking the game can cause it to constantly freeze and can even cause your game data to get corrupted and you will lose everything.

I mean how it hacks your game
you input the codes either manually or automatically on you AR. Then you use some way of activating the code ingame and it just happens
It doesn't hack your game, you use AR to hack your game.
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