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I spent all my Rare Candies on

Until it is level 20 but it still won't evolve into

I check and it said Ledyba evolves at Level 18, I caught my Ledyba at Level 8 and spent all my rare candies on it but it still won't evolve! If someone answers this it would be very helpful for me because I want more Ledians ;)

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what generation is this?
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as long as it is at the level you say it is and you're not hitting 'B' at any point, there are only two possibilities:
1- It's holding an everstone (that stops anything evolving, so remove it if it is)
2- Your game is faulty

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I didn't hold an everstone, and other evolutions work. My game is not faulty. I'll keep finding information.
Asks question, completely denies answer xD
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I denied the answer because I need more information, sorry.
Okay, fine, selected as best answer...