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Will they use struggle? Will it fail?


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if you are choice locked into a move and Disable is used, you will Struggle until you switch out. in Outrage, Petal Dance, and Thrash, since not only can you not select another attack, but also not switch out, one could reasonably conclude that the only available option is Struggle. otherwise TrickScarf Gengar carrying Disable would not only cripple stuff, it would turn them into mentally catatonic vegetables for all they would be worth.

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Rofl xD. +1
and TrickScarf + Disable Gengar still pretty much destroys if you use it right. wait ti they are down to their last pokemon, and say its a setup sweeper. TrickScarf and it can only use Swords Dance. it also can't switch out. Disable. now it can only use Struggle for  a few turns.... Normal type Struggle vs Ghost type Gengar..... trolling at its finest :B

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