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My next question will be the final one.

Is this asking what pokemon we like out of all those or what? If that's the case, then Vespiquen FTW!!
Don't try talking to someone who posted a year ago. It never works
crapp.. I never pay attention to how old these questions are.. I'm sorry :c
what exactly is so funny? Me being an idiot? Because apparently I am.

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Primeape-Offensively oriented, but other stats are too low for him to be really useful, even if he's one of my favorite pokemon.

Absol-Good moves, high attack, okay speed.

Jumpluff-GRass/flying type=Tons of weaknesses, mediocre stats. Not the best pokemon to use.

Exploud-Attack based, can be a mixed sweeper. Could use more speed though for full effectiveness.

Wailord-HUGE hp, mixed sweeping stats, pretty low defenses and speed. powerful moves. If you set up trick room, he's destructive.

Claydol-Huge defenses, okay offenses and speed. Has good walling moves as well as attacking moves.

Vespiquen-Pretty good stats, good moves. Use trick room if you wnt her as a sweeper, but she can also be better suited as a wall.

Abomasnow-Good ability, can set up instant accurate blizzard, bad typing though, and low speed means he'll take hits anyway.

Probopass-He can only be a wall. And a good one at that.