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Description please for all of them.

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Arbok-okay moves, mediocre stats. Not the best pokemon.

Wigglytuff-Huge Hp, okay offenses, terrible defenses and speed. Has a few good moves.

Venomoth-pretty good special stats, not the best, lost of weaknesses.

Quagsire-Only one weakness, pretty good moves. Has pretty rounded stats (except for speed)

Macargo-Good walling pokemon, but typing makes that pretty much useless.

Skarmory-Incredible defenses, good powerful moves, can set up a entry hazards.

Medicham-good typing, offensive power, can hit anything hard.

Altaria-The underrated dragon. Pretty good moves, pretty nice stats.

Magnezone-A good wall and Huge special attack. Can work either way, making for difficult prediction.

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