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Description please for all of them.


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Arbok-okay moves, mediocre stats. Not the best pokemon.

Wigglytuff-Huge Hp, okay offenses, terrible defenses and speed. Has a few good moves.

Venomoth-pretty good special stats, not the best, lost of weaknesses.

Quagsire-Only one weakness, pretty good moves. Has pretty rounded stats (except for speed)

Macargo-Good walling pokemon, but typing makes that pretty much useless.

Skarmory-Incredible defenses, good powerful moves, can set up a entry hazards.

Medicham-good typing, offensive power, can hit anything hard.

Altaria-The underrated dragon. Pretty good moves, pretty nice stats.

Magnezone-A good wall and Huge special attack. Can work either way, making for difficult prediction.

Doesn't arbok have the move coil which can actually help it to boost those stats. With coil it can make it both bulky and physical. It is a pretty underrated pokemon if you ask me.
Arbok Guide
Trait: Intimidate/Shed Skin
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs: 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 Defense
Moves: Earthquake
Gunk Shot
There you go! Better used with Black Sludge equipped. It may not have very good stats but it can boost with coil and attack with STAB moves like gunk shot. If you can protect it in doubles, it can be a very interesting choice for your team. You will have to set up a bit tho.
It still does have its cons but don't just hit it like that xD It is not that bad for sure.