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Most of the time no. It can happen though, so stop using action replay. But most likely if you turn ur ds off and back on, it will work again. Source is experience.

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I used to use AR but i stop when i learned about bad eggs
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im gonna say the same thing I say about every AR question I answer: it all depends on the line of Hexcode you are rewriting actually does within the programming. when you change

D20000000000 and add a 1 and an E, unless you actually know what the D20000... line actually means in that Pokemon Version's Hexcode "Language" no one can say for sure what the possible consequences might be. example: when you enter a code for a certain ability then change the last two spaces in the line to 1E or C7 etc for a different ability, that is showing you what the Hexcode for that ability on a given Pokemon would look like in Programming Language. make sense?

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