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Okay pplz I need a lil help. I need the master rank ribbons for the beauty, cool, tough and cute contests. If it means anything, my pokemon are mew lv 100 (beauty) pikachu lv 41 (cool) magcargo lv 60 (tough) and phione lv 15 (cute). I've already got the smart ribbon w/ my lv 55 banette. Yay me! =D (oh and if anyone was gunna say get the scarves I already have them. XP)

I spent like an hour trying to answer in a really long thing and then I realized one of the pokemon couldn't learn a move and other problems like that so I had to shorted it.

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I just got lucky with explosian for beauty.

Get the dress up things to that are high for each thing like the natural or the created. Write them down, memorize them or look them up on the computer or a guide.

You can go for luck, or strategy.
Also off, you will never get your voltage maxed out in master rank so don't try it.

Thank you. Ill try that. =) maybe ill have luk w/ explosion too if I'm fighting fantina and mom cuz they both have a NASTY habit of choosing my judge. XD