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Infernape, Staraptor, Gengar, Floatzel, Roserade, Garchomp
Empoleon, Staraptor, Gengar, Roserade, Garchomp, Machamp

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The team I used for both Diamond and Pearl (not going to use version exclusives):

Starter: Infernape, offensively, it's the best of the three starters, since it has good attack and special attack and is fast, early game is really easy, since it destroys the first and second gyms. Also, sweeps the Steel Gym in Canalave City, Ice gym in Snowpoint City and first Elite Four member Lucian's Bronzong, and Cynthia's Roserade.
Moveset: Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Grass Knot (really useful against the second Elite Four member and the Water/Ground type Pokemon), Stone Edge (for Flying types)

Flyer: Staraptor, probably the best flying sweeper you can ask for. You can get Starly really early game, destroys Fighting gym and Grass gym. When you finally get Staraptor, it deals massive damage because of Close Combat and Brave Bird. Helpful against the fire Elite Four member and Cynthia's Roserade.
Moveset: Brave Bird (got rid of Fly in Canalave right before Elite Four, then retaught it after beating Elite Four), Close Combat, Roost (for Brave Bird recoil), Return (since you get it early game, friendship level will be high by late game)

Raichu: for the Water gym, didn't need a Grass type because of Grass knot on Infernape, which wipes out Quagsire, so Electric would be best for Crasher Wake's Gyarados. You get Shinx early game, and its stats are good and all, better than Pikachu/Raichu, once it becomes a Luxray, but its movepool is trash, and Pikachu learns Thunderbolt at level 26, so, in my opinion, it was the best option. The Light Ball is really rare, so I just got a Thunderstone by Sunyshore. Also good against the bird trainers, swimmers, and Cynthia's Milotic.
Moveset: Thunderbolt (obviously), Brick Break, Iron Tail, Thunder Wave/Attract (your preference, either is good)

Steelix: For the last gym, and, with Earthquake, it can deal massive damage. The reason I used Steelix and not any other ground type(s) that are a little better is because I'm lazy. You can literally pick it up at Iron Island at a decent level, and you can train it with Riley to earn more exp., too. Also, it destroyed the Ice gym with Gyro Ball (from Veilstone Game Corner prize) or Iron Tail, but it's low accuracy. Also destroys the third Elite Four and, for Flint's Steelix and Loppuny, I used Infernape and Staraptor,
Moveset: Earthquake (obviously, you can get the TM after Canalave gym in Wayward Cave under Cycling Road), Double Edge (good with the ability Rock Head), Gyro Ball, Crunch

Weavile: Useful against the Elite Four, has great attack and speed, like the first two, destroys Lucian and Cynthia's Garchomp. You can pick up the Razor Claw in Victory Road to evolve it. Ice moves also good against the second Elite Four member.
Moveset: Night Slash (the move I used to demolish all of Lucian's Pokemon, except for Bronzong (used Infernape for Bronzong)), Ice Punch (from Shard Collector near Pastoria City) or Avalanche, which is also good, Aerial Ace (for Fighting types, you will most likely outspeed and, hopefully, ohko it before you get demolished), Dig (strong move for Fire, Rock, and Steel types)

Last slot: Your choice, but I only used five Pokemon because my last slot was my HM slave Bibarel. Not worth leveling up because of bad stats and not good in battle against gyms and the Elite Four. Used Bibarel as my surfer, too

Hippowdon may be a better substitute for Steelix, due to stats, but I find the Steel dual typing more useful in game. Also, I was too lazy to level up a Hippopotas at that point in the game. Same goes for Gible, it's obviously better, but training it to Garchomp is time consuming when Steelix can do the job just as good, without all that leveling up.

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-Shadow Claw
-Close Combat
-Stone Edge

-Iron Tail
-Thunder Wave

-Focus Blast
-Calm Mind
-Energy Ball

-Sludge Bomb
-Ice Beam

-Dark Pulse

-Giga Drain
-Shadow Ball

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I'm doing a runthrough of diamond and this is the team I'll be using (hopefully).

  • Empoleon: Surf (Good STAB, need to complete game), Waterfall (same as surf), Strength ( decent normal move, HM needed to beat game), Flash Cannon (Good STAB)
  • Staraptor: Fly ( Decent STAB, HM), Defog (To get rid of that STUPID FOG), Close combat (strong coverage), Quick Attack (Backup Priority)
  • Luxray: Thunderbolt (Good STAB), Shock Wave ( Never misses), Crunch (decent coverage for Ghost/Psychic types), Thunder (Powerful STAB, not accurate)
  • Roserade: Energy Ball (Decent STAB), Sludge Bomb (Decent Stab), Toxic (Good for widdling down opponents), Giga Drain ( To steal HP if needed)
  • Gengar: Shadow Ball (Good STAB), Hypnosis (paired with Dream Eater), Dream Eater (Steal HP after Hypnosis), Destiny Bond (For the LOLs)
  • Garchomp: EARTHQUAKE EVERYTHING, Dragon Claw (good stab), Flamethrower (cover ice types), Crunch (Good Coverage)
    I hope that people find this team useful even though it's not the best. I realise that I didn't give anyone Cut or Rock Climb though..... just catch a bidoof.
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Infernape-mach punch, close combat, flamethrower, blast burn
Crobat-fly, x scissor, cross poison, air cutter
Electivire-dig, thunderbolt, thunderpunch, shadow claw
Empolean-surf,drill peck, ice beam, steel wing
Gardevoir-psychic, energy ball, calm mind, shadow ball

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Hello friend! This is a team that I really like, and I hope you’ll find useful as well. So, let’s get it started

Empoleon: Empoleon is a great Pokémon, it’s dual typping is great, as stell has few weaknesses. For move set, I suggest. -> Metal Claw, drill peck, hydro pump and bubble beam. Hidro pump has low pp, so bubblebeam as a backup is always a good idea. Of course, bubble beam can be replaced by swords dance, if you’re going for strategy.

Staraptor: One of the great things about Pokémon diamond, platinum and pearl is that you have early access to great Pokémon. One example is starly, almost everyone that played this game has a Staraptor on their team. This Pokémon is both normal and flying type, and I think that this gives the Pokémon some advantages, and also, of course, some disadvantages.
Now, about learnset, I suggest -> aerial ace, close combat, brave bird and endeavor.

Luxray: another example of a great Pokémon available early in game. This is a freaking monster, high speed and all stats are incredible.
Learnset-> Thunder, crunch, charge, rain dance. This is a killing set. Kills everything that it comes across.

Houndoom: now, this is a super underestimated Pokémon. It’s dual typing opens many possibilities. This is only possible if you have a platinum copy, though. Mine has a very diverse learnset -> reversal (breeding), thunder fang, crunch, flame thrower.

Bronzong: Bronzong is a great Pokémon, as I said before, Steel is a great type, as it has few weaknesses. Learnset -> Hypnosis, confuse ray, pay back and extrasensory,

Drapion: this one might be kinda difficult to get, as it has low chance of appearing in the great marsh, but bear with me because it is a great Pokémon. Learnset -> cross poison, crunch, earthquake and iron tail

Hope this is useful to someone, this is the team I have and I think it’s pretty good, and covers pretty much every weakness as a whole

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My team is unusual but is easy to obtain.
This team is In-Game ONLY and is quite rare to find, feel free to copy, but good luck

Stealth Rock
Thunder Punch

@Damp Rock
Stone Edge
Body Slam

@Big Roots
Seed bomb
Hidden power [rock]
Swords Dance

No Item
Iron Tail
Ice Fang

No Item
Ice Beam

@Rocky Helmet
Zen Headbutt
Stone Edge

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Bibarel @ Mystic Water
Ability: Simple
-Charge Beam
-Stealth Rock

The idea here is that the simple ability doubles any stat boost (or stat negation) you may receive. Charge beam will boost your spA most of the time allowin you to deal solid damage with Surf. Return is a Generally good STAB move. Stealth Rock is there for chip damage. Stealth Rock can be replaced with Ice Beam.

Kricketune @ Lum Berry
-Brick Break
-Perish Song

X-Scissor and Brick Break as your attacking moves (which you won’t use much). Perish Song is the cherry of this set allowing you to force switches and rack up stealth Rock damage or take out an opponents final Pokémon. Toxic can be used to make your life easier against Cynthia’s Spiritomb and her other pokes. Protect can be used to kill a turn of Perish Song.

Chatot @ Sharp Break
-Hyper Voice
-Feather Dance

Fly can be replaced with Heat Wave or Roost but I didn’t want to save up red shards for heat wave. Hyper Voice and Chatter are solid STAB moves. Feather Dance works amazing versus a lot of the e4 and will allow
Your other Pokémon an easier time to set up.

Chimecho @ Sitrus Berry
-Heal Bell
-Healing Wish
-Shadow Bell

Chimecho turned out to be the best Lucario counter. Cynthia’s Lucario (in Pearl) can’t touch you with her moves. Extrasensory for STAB, Shadow Ball for some coverage. Heal Bell to heal your allies. Healing Wish for the off chance you want to sacrifice Chimecho for another Pokémon.

Cherrim @ Miracle Seed
-Leech Seed
-Hidden Power Ice

I was lucky and got hidden power ice although you could replace HP with Sunny Day if you wanted. Protect to kill turns of Leech Seed and Perish Song. Solarbeam for STAB. This could be replaced with Ebergy Ball or Grass Knot.

Pachirisu @ Magnet
-Super Fang
-Grass Knot

Discharge for the paralysis chance. Super Fang to cut the HP in half of pesky opponents like Bronzong or Spiritomb.
Grass Knot for coverage.
Protect to stall out turns of Toxic, Leech Seed and Perish Song.

Honestly...this team was rough but it is doable. There’s no real MVP of this team as everyone has to work together to take out a single foe. It’s a challenge but it’s doable!