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if a Haxorus with Mold Breaker uses False Swipe on a Shedinja holding a Focus Sash, assuming that False Swipe would hit a Ghost Type, would Shedinja's Focus Sash be broken, or would the game say that Shedinja wasn't damaged because False Swipe technically didn't reduce Shedinja's HP and also did not activate Sash since FS keeps a Pokemon from dropping below 1 HP??

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False Swipe would fail. Nothing would activate.

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Don't know how this scenario would come about, but the Shednija's Sash would not be affected.

Source: Showdown

Wait a second, how can Showdown be a source (thus meaning you tested this in a battle) yet still say you don't know how this will come about?
Showdown isn't a source anyway. It's not a real Pokemon game, they could easily have not tested this specific combination.
Well, Pokemaster, it is as reliable as PO, as somebody can say that they tested the thing on PO.
i think iNom means he doesn't know why anyone would be stupid enough to even want to try to use False Swipe on a Shedinja in a serious battle in the first place...
Oooh, ok, I get it :P