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Let's say we encountered a Ditto/Mew with Transform and we have a glitch Pokemon. Will the Ditto/Mew Transform into my glitch Pokemon, or what?

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Geez, I can't find than answer to this anywhere. Good question
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I Cant find an actual answer to this .the only thing I found is this (In Generation I and II, any Pokémon that
uses Transform is regarded as a Ditto in
its new form; this means that if the
player catches a Mew or a glitch Pokémon
which has used the move Transform, or a
Pokémon which has used Transform via
Mirror Move , instead they will obtain a
Ditto. Mew turning into Ditto was not an
issue, because wild Mew could not have
been be legitimately encountered. This
system was later changed in Generation
III, where wild Mew could be
encountered.)But this is not the actual answer .you have to wait for someone to try it .

source :bulbapedia
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What I mean is will the wild Ditto transform into my Glitch Pokemon or will it stay Ditto, not about Mew turning into Ditto is impossible and blah blah...
I'm also so sorry to say this, but the answer didn't help me... So sorry, no offense... Just had to say it
I know i did not helped u .i said that this question can be only answered if someone  try it .
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Since Glitch Pokemon only existed in Gen I, I will only be answering from a Gen I perspective, not from all Gens. Anyway, what would happen is simple, Ditto would transform into the Glitch Pokemon but not gain certain things. Once Ditto uses Transform, it will not change its Sprite into the glitch Pokemon(because it's not a real Pokemon), but it will gain the Glitch Pokemon's Moves. This Video shows what I mean. Again, this Answer is only in the Gen I perspective, because Glitch Pokemon really only existed in Gen I.

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"Again, this Answer is only in the Gen I perspective, because Glitch Pokemon really only existed in Gen I." Keyword being really.
Yet he just showed they existed in other generations. I would suggest writing something for each of the generations (or just a general answer if things remain the same). Otherwise, we should ask some guy with AR to do this probably.
I can try it on Gen 4 and 5 only.
...Glitch pokemon exist in all regions but thanks anyway
i had to fight an egg on my pearl version
Does the mew in generation 1 count as a glitch Pokémon. or an Easter egg?