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so if all 649 Pokemon are considered Pets or Partners/Friends, where do they get any kind of meat for a food staple? I mean, wouldn't using Miltank Meat to make a 100% USDA Black Version Angus Beef Patty Burger with Real Mamoswine Bacon, kind of the real life equivalent of making a dog burger with guinea pig bacon???

i know it never actually occurs in the games, but it mentions Pokemon dying, and even Pokemon eating other Pokemon. but it has never even touched this one with a stick.

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this is obviously why Ghetsis wanted to "FREE" all Pokemon. he wanted them to be considered Wild Animals not pets, so he could eat Reshiram (the other other white meat). xD
lol, so true!
yeah.... Ghetsis is a D-Bag.
That is one weird question!
You know.. in some parts of the anime, it shows real world animals like fish and birds. Perhaps thats where they get their meat?

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To answer your first question yes, you are crazy. Crazy for asking an unnecessary question.

Before I answer your Second Question let me state that the Pokemon World, Games, and Anime are Fictional, and that therefore question apply logic to Fantasy are not answerable.

But I'll try: I assume that in the Pokemon, the course of Nature is the same as ours. Pokemon (Consumers) eat other Pokemon to live, otherwise death wouldn't be a factor in the Pokemon world, overpopulation problems would occur, and tha all Pokemon would be Herbivores. However, the Theory of all Pokemon being Herbivores is disproven by many Pokemon's diets. Just take a look at Feraligatr's Diet Entry

As for Humans eating Pokemon, I believe that Humans do eat Pokemon, despite that Pokemon are Pets/Companions. Without Pokemon to eat (protein), humans cant live.

In the question above you brought up an interesting point, that Pokemon are Pets/Companions. But don't people in the real world eat Dogs? Yes, we cobsider them our Pets and Companions, but let us not forget that in some cultures, Dogs are seen as a delicacy rather than a friend. (I'm NOT a Dog Eater, I consider them my Pets)!

So in conclusion, yes, in and only in my opinion and assumptions, do Pokemon eat other Pokemon and Humans consume Pokemon as their Meat Source.
*What I say is by no means the truth, just guessing here :)

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see, it says in Feraligatr and Metagross Dex entry that pokemon eat other pokemon. i just wanted an answer on the people eat poke thing. also, yes in real life, some cultures eats dogs. but its not like only Kanto uses Pikachu as a Pet and Hoenn uses it as an appetizer with artichoke dip.
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I don't think it matters ._. Just play Pokemon

lol. One of the simple, practical and best answers! *upvotes* for simplicity & clarity
Pokemon Haiku:

Pokemon Logic
It need not make any sense
Just play the darn game!
hey i am sure you've seen that i asomething of a champion for the cause purging this site of stupid questions, but that one just never made sense, and i don't really watch the Anime, i figured maybe it covered it there or something. at least i didn't ask if a Gym Leader was also a symbolic holiday character...  Is Elite Four Lance the Easter Bunny? that's a stupid question.
a champion?? There have been users that have been preventing stupid questions from the beginning. Ever heard of Mods?? Ban Report?? This Q is a perfect example of overthinking something. People eat Pokemon. That is it.
hahaha well im not a mod, but i contribute stuff to Ban Report frequently. I've been here 9 months, 4 of which i had no internet. and i think you jutting read too much into my comment.

and you just answered my question: "people eat pokemon" that's all i wanted to know.
i was being serious about my answer i wasnt trying to be funny
Still it's kinda funny.
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I will answer this correctly.

Pokemon eat berries, fruits, Pokefood, poffins, etc.

Animals have been seen in the anime. They were more common in the
original series as there weren't as many Pokémon species introduced at
the time. A picture book based on the Pokémon anime once featured a
dog walking past Ash and his friends, and a piece of concept art of
the residents of Pallet Town featured a cat. Birds can also
occasionally be heard in the background. Foods that contain meat
products, such as hamburgers and chicken are often seen.