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Well I wanna buy a b2 or w2 but I Cant choose .please give me the differences between the two options to be easier for me t choose .u can write ur personal opinion about this and the reason why to choose ur suggestion.thank you :-)

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Get Black 2. Why?? 2 words:

Challenge Mode

After you beat the game, you can make it more challenging for yourself. After you beat White 2, you get Easy Mode. So yea... Black 2.

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what if they prefer an easier mode
Then that is their choice.
The reason I got B2. Upvoted.
OF COURSE i wanna  the hard challeging mode .thank u .but what about the in game differences except  white forest and black city .are there other differences?
The only other differences of note are the version exclusive Pokemon.
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The main difference I see, besides the Pokemon available, is that in White 2, you can catch more Pokemon in White Forest and get an easy mode when you beat the main story. In Black 2, you can buy rare items in Black City and get a more challenging mode when you beat the main story. Me? I prefer White 2 because of the Pokemon availability and I can unlock challenge mode by having my friend send me the key for it, since he has Black 2.

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iv`e gotta agree with monkeyman
White 2's White Forest doesn't have Pokemon in it lol