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  • Please include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with a specified set of moves. Abilities, natures, items and especially EVs are helpful but not a necessity.

  • Be mindful that players may not be able to get certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity or a trade evolution. If you'd like to suggest one of these, be sure to mention alternative/s.

  • Please also be considerate that many players have particular rule-sets for teams, such as to disallow overpowered legendary Pokemon or keep the starter on the team. You're welcome to suggest otherwise, but again it is kind to mention other options.

  • Please provide ample explanation.

Please do not post teams you've simply copied from another source, such as a YouTube video or article online.

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My group is Emboar,Sesmitoad, Leavanny, Briavary, Hydreigon, Haxorus
@pikapals Emboar is beast.
Air Cutter
Shadow Ball
Magical Leaf
Quiver Dance
Sleep Powder
Volt Switch
Charge Beam
Thunder Wave
Bulk Up
Brick Break
Vital Throw
Ice Beam
Flash Cannon
Frost Breath
I don't have a full team but this is a great pokemon to use

Nature: Impish/Careful
Item: Rocky Helmet

When entering battle, use Toxic, then Ingrain and spam STAB moves (recommend Power Whip/Iron Head)

EDIT: I just used this set up and beat a pokemon without even using a move, don't use fury swipes against a ferrothorn!
how do you add pictures? I tried the image link and address, but it didn't work. Help!

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(Disclaimer: Items can be selected at your own decision, not everything works for everyone.)
Chandelure @
Ability: Flame Body
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball

Ghost typing gives good coverage for 2 E4 members, and fire type gives coverage to a swathe of other typings. Chandelure has a lot of resistances and two immunities, making it a good Pokemon to have on your team.

Virizion @
Ability: Justified
-Swords Dance
-Leaf Blade
-Close Combat
-Giga Drain/Toxic

Virizion is your only normal counter, giving it a lot of importance for late game Plasma battles where normal types are fairly abundant. Depending on your item (i.e shell bell or leftovers), the last move can be changed out to your liking.

Galvantula @
Ability: Compound Eyes
-Bug Buzz
-Volt Switch

Galvantula is your main flying counter, and a secondary counter to water and grass. Compound eyes makes thunder more viable than thunderbolt, and volt switch allows you more room to swap your team around at will. Agility is good for creating a fast switcher, or slash is good for neutral coverage.

Krookodile @
Ability: Moxie
-Stone Edge

Your only electric counter, and your get out of caves free card with dig. Krookodile will also be your either primary or secondary Pokemon for the psychic E4.

Swoobat @ (I like to run scope lens from the early game, as woobat and swoobat learn a fair few flying moves with high critical ratios)
Ability: Unaware
-Calm Mind
-Air Slash

The flyer on your team and your main counter for fighting types and the fighting E4.

Samurott @ Mystic Water
Ability: Torrent
-Ice Beam
-Grass Knot

Your surfer, Samurott is your main fire, rock and ground-type counter.

The only 'problem' with this team is that there is no dragon-type counter. To get past the Opelucid gym, it is helpful to substitute in a Beartic or Vanilluxe for your weakest Pokemon at the time. The preevolutions and occasionally the evolved Pokemon can be found before you reach Opelucid city.
If you pick either of the other two starters, I would recommend Carracosta as a good water-type replacement. Hope this helps someone!

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This team is extremely effective in completing the main game without any game specific exclusives.


- Naughty (+Atk/-Sp.Def)

- Overgrow

- Giga Drain
- Leaf Blade
- Coil
- Aerial Ace

Item: Miracle Seed
Location: Nuvema Town

Serperior is an extremely powerful Pokemon in patient hands. It capable of taking hits while you use Coil to increase your Attack and Defense and then go on the offensive and take out your opponents with a somewhat diverse moveset and incredible speed.


Nature: Anyone of the offsetting ones
- Hardy, Docile, Bashful, Quirky, Serious

- Poison Touch

- Surf
- Earthquake
- Drain Punch
- Sludge Wave

Item: Mystic Water
Location: Pinwheel Forest

Seismitoad is an overall tank that has 1 weakness and a wide move pool to fight a variety of Pokemon. It has balanced base stats that make it a great addition to the team as many Pokemon will have some weakness to his moves.


- Adamant (+Atk/-Sp.Atk)

- Moxie

- Brick Break
- Crunch
- High Jump Kick
- Rock Slide

Item: Scope Lens
Location: Desert Resort

Scrafty might be one of the best Pokemon to have in the main game. His typing and base stats allow for him to One-Hit many Pokemon (especially Pokemon from Team Plasma) with ease. Not only that but his superb defense and complementary ability of Moxie allows him to progressively dominate one's team.


- Lonely (+Atk/-Def)

- Defeatist

- Acrobatics
- Fly
- U-turn
- Rock Slide

Item: NONE
Location: Desert Resort

Archeops is an incredible heavy hitter with its ability being its major downfall. But despite that it has a great coverage of moves and U-turn allows it to make a quick hit and return before taking significant damage. If it's the faster Pokemon your opponent is in a lot of trouble.


- Modest (+Sp.Atk/-Atk)

- Flash Fire

- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
- Will-O-Wisp
- Energy Ball

Item: Charcoal
Location: Celestial Tower

Chandelure is fragile but powerful fire Pokemon that is great any various situations. It has high special attack to put the power in its varity of moves that can cover for its weaknesses well. Also, it has above average defense and special defense to somewhat balance its extremely low health stat. Its ability is great in that fire type moves no longer have any effect to you and its benefits you as well!


- Adamant (+Atk/-Sp.Atk)

- Rivalry

- Dragon Claw
- Outrage
- Swords Dance
- Brick Break

Item: Dragon Fang
Location: Mistralton Cave

Haxorus is one of the biggest brusiers in the main story of the game. It has incredible Attack and moderate speed to outmatch opponents before they even attack (especially if the Pokemon is the same gender). Haxorus being a Dragon type Pokemon has many types that aren't effective in attacking it, and Brick Break covers the Ice weakness.

Enjoy the team! It was really fun for me to play with them and I hope you feel the same as you crush your opponents!

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Your Team


Item:Mystic Water
Recommended Nature:Jolly
-Aerial Ace

Samurott is a good starter and with mixed attack stats.Surf is a stab.Megahorn will take care of psychic,dark and grass.Slash and Aerial Ace for coverage.

Choose oshawott as your starter


Item:Amulet Coin
Ability Sand force
-X Scissor
-Rock slide

Excadrill is a pretty good mixture of ground and steel.Earthquake is the most powerful ground type move.X Scissor and Rock Slide for coverage.Strength is needed to go to the league.

Catch a drilbur in a dust cloud.


Item:Miracle Seed
-Leaf Blade
-X scissor
-Struggle Bug
-Swords dance

Leavanny is a pretty good grass and bug mixed Pokemon.Leaf Blade is one of my favorite moves it also has chances to hit a crit.
X scissor and Struggle Bug for coverage.
Swords dance boosts its attack.

Catch a sewaddle in pinwheel forest.


Ability:Sheer Force
-Hammer arm or Brick break
-Rock slide

Darmanitan is one of the best fire types in unova.Flamethrower is very good fire type move if you can't get flamethrower use fire punch.Hammer arm for ice and fighting types.Rock slide and bulldoze for coverage.

Catch darumaka at desert resort.


Item:Flying gem
Ability:Magic Gard
-Aerial Ace
-Energy Ball

Sigilyph is one of my favourite Pokemon.
You need a flyer for your team.Aerial Ace for coverage.Psychic is stab.Energy ball for water types.

Catch Sigilyph at desert resort.


Ability:Slush Rush
-Icicle Crash
-Brick Break
-Frost Breath
-Ice Beam

Beartric is propably the best ice type in unova.You may also take vanilluxe.Icicle Crash is also a very powerful move.Brick Break and grass knot for coverage.Ice beam is very powerful ice move it also gains stab.

Catch Cubchoo at Twist Mountain.

-Nomaan Ahmad

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Basically grabbing a starter then building a team with coverage, using the 1.2x items for a lil bit more power

Samurott @ Mystic Water
- Surf
- Blizzard/Ice Beam
- Megahorn
- Aqua Jet

Surf STAB, Blizzard is for Drayden, with an X Accuracy to start, Ice Beam postgame, Megahorn for coverage, Aqua Jet for priority

Darmanitan @ Leftovers
- Belly Drum
- Flare Blitz
- Fire Punch
- Hammer Arm

Belly Drum in game is the perfect setup move, with base 95 Speed you really dont have to worry about too much, especially if youre a bit overlevelled, sit on 5/8 health with 4x attack, sweep with FP. Flare Blitz to get in and cause havoc, HA for coverage.

Excadrill @ Soft Sand
- Hone Claws
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Metal Claw

HC for setup, RS for Skyla, EQ/MC STAB.

Galvantula @ Scope Lens (must have Compoundeyes)
- Thunder
- Signal Beam
- Energy Ball
- Thunderwave

Thunder with CE has 91 accuracy, and SB is also STAB. Energy Ball coverage for those pesky Water/Ground types.

Sigilyph @
- Psychic
- Air Slash
- Shadow Ball/Fly
- Calm Mind

Fly for main game, use a slave to get to the league and run Shadow Ball there.

Scrafty @
- Brick Break
- Crunch
- Hi Jump Kick
- Stone Edge (Post Game)

STAB and coverage.

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