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Jirachi is a lead, umbreon a wall (duh), with Dragonite and gyarados as sweepers, arcanine for sleep. Please include a possible moveset/strategy for the sixth pokemon.


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Speedsters or Stalls would balance out your team, and seeing as this is clearly an OU team, I'd add Bronzong or Crobat to the mix.

MOVESET (Bronzong):
Light Screen
Toxic / Earthquake
Protect / Gyro Ball

MOVESET (Crobat):
Cross Poison / Quick Attack
Brave Bird
Heat Wave / Steel Wing / Giga Drain
Confuse Ray / Hypnosis

EDIT: The reason why I chose Bronzong over, say, Probopass or Steelix, and the same with Crobat over Ninjask and Jolteon, is because:

  • Bronzong and Crobat both are immuned to Earthquake, whereas Jolteon and Steelix bear x2 weaknesses, and Probopass bears a disappointing x4 weakness.

Ninjask is a good choice, but it's very weak to Stealth Rock, and is really frail.

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For power Lucario with Dragon Pulse, Bone Rush, Aura Sphere, and Extremespeed

For speed Jolteon with Flash, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Attract

For all around Giritina with Shadow Force, Dragon Pulse, Fly, and Ancient Power

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i like a good speed pokemon like crobat or jolteon mostly jolteon because of a good sp. attack.

EDIT-a good moveset for jolteon would be
thunder-good pp and a chance to par.
hyper beam-good sweeper although cant attack next turn
last resort- the name says it all + alot of power
giga impact-lot of power but recoil

i like alot of power but if you dont like it dont dis me

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You Need A Swampert. For A Powerful Ground Type, he can ad great coverage to your team. With Powerful moves, and stats, hell be a great addition.

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The last pokemon you need is and should be shedninja.
Although shedninja look weak, but it is a shocker pokemon. Never use it until you have no other option or you know your opponent got no attack to kill shedninja. Shedninja is a unique pokemon created by game freak as it is the first pokemon with an ability to allow only his weaknesses to hit him(his hp is 1).

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Grass or Ground Pokémon, like Roselia or Dugtrio.
Shuckle may be usefull too. Or another Bug type like Buterfree or Beedril