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I was looking for Glaceon12 in the users section of the website. I had to keep flipping the pages and scaning them just to find her. So thats when I wondered "Why isnt there a search thing thats made spacificly for User or/and tags.(best to have a specil search for tags and users) Ive come over this question in my head many times and this is the first time that actualy made me click ask a question and type "Why isnt there a Search for Users?"

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You can use the normal search facility in the top right. You get this: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/search?q=Glaceon12

But that's a nice idea to have a filter on tags/users as well, maybe I can add that.

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I think others would like it to not just me.
What if some one has the same user name as a tag?