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well look here [Unanswered questions][1]
im not sure wether there has been any tcg deck questions answered yet but there are quite a few and dont IMO benefit anyone (appart from the asker) because not many people know how to answer them.
Im not to sure that many will be answered if any.
At the moment there is no rule against them (well no rule i know of) so should we maybe not ban them but move them to another section like battle subway because they are kind of like rmt.

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"Ban" as you call it is the option I´m supporting
Well that's not nice to say that it isn't benefitting ANYBODY; it is benefitting the people that ask them.
This site is here to help people, and that includes individual people.
yeh i know i didnt know how to word it and i was going to put that in samx4 but then they are not getting answered and very few comments so i didnt put it in but i will now

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Just checked with Pokemaster on Chat, He said they were fine.

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what i ment was maybe should they be on battle subway