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This thread applies to you if you a) know personally other people who use PokeBase, or b) have lost access to your original PokeBase account, or c) have created multiple accounts.


On PokeBase, we don't allow users to have more than one account. Extra accounts, often called "dupe accounts" or "alt accounts", are blocked when we find them.

However, our means of tracking them can cause confusion with different people who own separate accounts, but connect to the same network as each other. To deal with this, we need you to tell us if somebody is using PokeBase from the same network as you.

If you regularly use this site through a network you know other PokeBase users are, send a message to an active staff member on their wall, or leave a comment on this thread, or contact us via Discord. Remember to include a link to the account/s in question. (They could be siblings, housemates, classmates, etc.)

Please also contact us if any of the following applies to you:

  • Lost access to your original account (e.g. forgot the password to your email and your PokeBase account). We may be able to help you — and if not, we can let you use a new account.
  • Created an alt account. Even if you never used it, just let us know and we'll block it. There are no consequences for this.

Now, check the rules below for the situation that applies to you.


If there are other people using PokeBase from your network, you must all agree to the following:

  1. Don't use your relation to do bad things. For example: don't vote each other constantly, and don't coordinate your questions such that others don't get a chance to answer. You're allowed to vote each other and answer each other's questions, but be reasonable.
  2. If somebody on your network does something to warrant a full IP ban, we'll apply it even though it affects all of you. You are collectively responsible for ensuring nobody on your network causes problems.
  3. Account sharing is not allowed. If you and other/s you know would like to use PokeBase, they must all have their own account.
  4. If you've used alt accounts before, then naturally we'll be sceptical if you tell us there are now other people on your network. In that case, we have the right to turn you down.
  5. If you don't communicate with us after we link this page to you, then we have the right to block every account involved except the original one, if we are concerned.

If you're using a new account because you've lost access to your original one, know the following:

  1. Your original account will be blocked. If you re-gain access to the account, then you can choose which one to keep using. The account you don't choose will be blocked.
  2. You may not voluntarily retire your old account and start using a new one.
  3. If you were banned, you may not have another account. If you ban evade, it will hurt your chances of coming back, especially if you try to hide it. See here for what to do instead.
  4. If you don't communicate with us after we link this page to you, then we have the right to block your new account, if we are concerned.

If you have an alt account, you're not allowed to use it. Please tell us and we'll block it. If you try to hide it (or pass it off as a classmate's account, etc), then we will have a low opinion of you, especially if you use the account for nefarious reasons. Please don't lie.

Thanks for reading and cooperating!

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Does our sibling have to post on here too?
Only one of you is required to post. It can be your sibling or you. As long as one does so, the other one has no need to.

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April 2021 update

This is a quick update for the community and people with relatives on PokeBase. I have changed the rules for 'connected' accounts to make them less strict. Please read the original post to see the changes.

Most importantly, you are now allowed to vote your relatives and answer their questions. Remember to do so within reason. The usual rules about buddy voting, etc. still apply to you. As the page says, we'll be harsh on obvious points manipulation for people who are related.

I am also thinking of a change where people can easily tell us they are related in a less public manner, and that doesn't involve an external platform like Discord or Google Forms. If you have ideas or opinions on this, let me know.

Thanks HT for the push in this direction.

October 2021 update

I have decided to make the answers to this question not public. From now on, people should simply message us on our wall or via Discord to tell us about connected accounts. We will manage the accounts through a private Meta thread, which can only be seen by staff.

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i'm in full support of this! we have some really good active users in the community right now who are siblings, i have thought the past rules were a bit too strict considering the quality of content they give us. +1
Thanks HT
Thanks HT⠀