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With Swampert inactive and DT going to college we seem to lack Mods.
We can not rely on Trachy 24/7! So i think we should turn to our most active, trust worthy and loved people on the site site, PB10 and SF.

They have more than definitely earned the position as most people will agree and I know people support this. Being at the site 2 years and still staying loyal is something to be proud of, they are two of the greatest assets on the site. They have helped out on the site so much as times gone by and together have individually brought so much to the site. For example tournaments, Wisdom in all aspects of pokemon and all the brilliant suggestions and hospitality they have provided so many users.

The site will be cleaner and a better place, you said it yourself Pokemaster.
We need more mods as the site gets bigger and better we will manage to round up some more trolls and spammers plus the fact Summer is upon us. Who else can ban and, we need them dealt with quickly and fuss free. You were considering adding 2 extra mods and we believe they will be needed.

We have 3 active Mods
4 active Editors
1 active Expert, since Hex is the only one to use his position.
Maybe we should have more?

Sorry its brief and to the point but I hope you take this into consideration.

-Every DB User who knows who they are

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Thanks Blobyolo, apreaciate it :]
I agree with this. Swampert and Will haven't been on for a while, and SF and PB are fairly responsible.
Or we can have trachy made into a Super Admin.
Lol you want me to make another post ;)
Lol, already posted this but hid it.
Thanks :) i cant see the hidden post but still ;)
You realize I'm still going to be here, right?
No i did not ;) but will you be able to be on as mcuh as you are now?
yeah, pretty much. It's not going to tear me away from the rest of my life. Do we really need so many people as mods though? I understand that some aren't as active, but...
I agree this may be useful.
I 101% Agree this
Honestly, not really in agreement on this one.

"to our most active, trust worthy and loved people on the site site, PB10 and SF. "

Lol, speed was just out for quite a while now and you count it under "most active?" Also, thank you for the indirect slap in the face to the current mods, especially when trachy is around in the afternoon, and Will and I take the evenings. :D Will is out because of a broken computer, and he will have it replaced pretty soon, so that's why he hasn't been as active.

"For example tournements, Wisdom in all aspects of pokemon and all the brilliant suggestions and hospitality they have provided so many users. "

If memory serves, Trachy was the first to develop tournaments here, and others just took on the burden for him, and by "burden" I mean asking to make a meta post.  

"The site will be cleaner and a better place, you said it yourself pokemaster.
We need more mods as the site gets bigger and better we will manage to round up some more trolls and spammers, and who else can ban and we need them dealt with quick and fuss free. "

The main issue that concerns me in this is giving out too much power. When 1) the number of mods outnumber that of the experts and editors, that seems a bit top-heavy in what is supposed to be an ascending hierarchy. If everyone has power, then nobody does. I

t doesn't take a ton of effort to ban people, and most people aren't around during morning hours because everyone is at school, since a pokemon website targets mostly schoolage kids (from experience, the younger ones are the ones that cause the most issues, so any odd stragglers aren't an issue for spamming and stuff in most cases)

I understand that time zones can play a factor, but that merely staggers the people and separates them even more, so you can get one or two people during morning hours, but they have nobody there to enjoy their spam. We haven't run into any serious issues with people, and haven't been overrun with crap lately, so I don't see it as a necessity.

None of this is to try and discredit either Pb10 or Speed, but I do not see a need to be political about this and raise requests to pokemaster for people and make an indirect election for things. Good to know people think the mods are doing a good job if we apparently need two more. :/

If anything, I think the biggest issues on the site stem from too many people trying to do things at once, indirect modding, and being overly uptight over trivial matters. It's nice to have a small knit website, but not if it means attacking every person that presents a disagreement to the site, a recent example being the issue with Aggron 358.

 The point security deal also seems to bring on trouble. Calling out cheaters is fine, but not when it becomes the Salem Witch Trials and everybody is at ends with each other. Just my take on it. Love it or leave it.
I agree.
While your at it, why not make me one too? XP
No mods are doing great and I'm sorry if you got offended from this but pokemaster actually said in chat he was going to consider adding more mods, I did also not know you would be active when you went to collage nor that wills computer was broke but I thought along with many other users agrreded they wanted pb/sf to be mods.
That's why I posted. Just wanted to clarify. :D I'm not trying to slam anyone here, I'm just posting my opinion. That's the whole point, everyone's at least entitled to that, right? Like I said before, not to discredit everyone, but I don't think more mods is the solution to any issues we have, and that our attention should be focused elsewhere.
I see your point DT. But none of the Mods are around when issues actually occur, which is why I think this can solve some issues on Chat. Honestly, I want the position for the IP Scan, only.
Just like no mods were around the other day, right? there's no way to hit everything 24/7.  I understand that, but there's quite a bit of stuff that's already being filtered. While the IP scan is useful, it's not really a time sensitive necessity, as the ban report already covers that.
Only editor not suggested for mod like a baws :D
Mew, DarthDestiny, and 195cbdcf73100169 are the only Editors not suggested for Mod.
The main problem I have with this is that it would get rid of out nice order of four (mods), five (editors), six (experts).

Well, this is from the guy who loves the all twos of his rank, so what can expect me to say?
I would like to say I am back to being active and am not planning on leaving again. But really, as much as I appreciate that you think I deserve it, do we have to make so many posts asking for Mod positions for Mike and I. I would rather Pokemaster choose me because he thinks we need another Mod not because people pestered him about it. I am sure Mike feels the same way.
I am totally for DT's statement there.
Do we really need more mods?
Has anybody seen any real issues? Has there been any type of major bad behavior going on?
If nothing is happening, than the mods are doing their jobs.
And if Pokemaster said he was considering mods, than I guess just let him decide.

I also have the strangest feeling this recommendation for mods is a follow-up to Mew being an Editor.
Did some Grammar fixes, and this was coming 4S.
Thanks ninja, and yes it was coming, they defiantly deserve it in my eyes.
You could argue ok we may not need them which I think we will but also it's a case wether they earnt it I brought it up as they have been good friends to me and most of the site agree they should become mods I just think its unfair if we just leave them to be editors just because we have 4 mods already, pokemaster already said he was considering adding two more mods anyway.
I'm not arguing that they aren't deserving of it. Even if I didn't think that, If you want to reward people for their help on the site, did they not already get that through being promoted from a regular user to an editor?

"also it's a case wether they earnt it I brought it up as they have been good friends to me and most of the site agree they should become mods "

There are plenty other deserving people then. If they're special users in the first place, it's already understood that they aren't run of the mill users. If that's the case, then it would defeat the purpose of having multiple levels if every person we deem as deserving is to eventually become a moderator. On top of that, why not promote every single user that eventually proves themselves? To top it all off, you would have to be a fairly active user to do that, and you only run into issues by granting the same power to so many active users. If everyone has power, then nobody does.
I think this can be summed up by saying: It is Pokemaster's decision in the end so there is no point in arguing about it.
Yeah, it's kind of like I said that in my post or something. :D
The DB is not a democracy, Pokemaster is the supreme overlord :P *looks towards hidden camera and makes scared smile* "Lets just be glad he is so amazing and kind to us and does not throw us into the DB pit of doom" XD
However, I might mention that Mike was given the chance to be Mod already, but rejected. In general, I think more power needs distributed because we have only 3(?) active experts, 2 active mods, and 3 active Editors.
As my old chorus teacher said many times.
" Just remember one thing. This isn't a democracy, it's a benevolent dictatorship. " - Mr. Norris
Yes three experts
Four mods because Will is back
There are three Editors active
If this promotion does go through Mew will be left the only active editor with Josh.
Wait.. you guys do realize I'm staying right?
Obviously you have become invisible to all users but Editors, Mods, and Pokemaster. XD
^ Truth

Plus blob is friends with you guys, he doesn't really talk to me much. That has a bit of a bias.
you arnt invisible to me in fact i saw you first on GChat XD
I wouldnt say biased, yes im good friends but i mainly suggested it for the big point gap.
After what you did to smogon though with that troll made me consider you but this obviously isnt being taken into action.

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