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I sometimes ask question about caves, one is 'Is there a legendary in Challenger's Cave', and I'm not just saying this for my own Challenger's Cave tag, it's because there are few tags on many questions like mine...there is no Challenger's Cave tag.
I'm talking about the things like one tag on some questions like this tag, black, that's it.

We need more tags!

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Just make them yourself.
You need a certain amount of points to do that.
i thought you did. How much was it??
200 I think
500 points
Well there are some tags that were never asked about anyways.
I had to create a Castelia City tag.

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Well in general I would say we need less tags ;) The point rule for tags is in place to prevent new users adding useless tags.

Funny enough there was a tag 'challengers' on another question about Challenger's Cave so I made that one challengers-cave and did the same for your recent question.

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ME...I don't want to create the tags,maybe give ideas on chat, don't adjust the point range, it's good enough, but drop by on chat often and we can make ideas