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Tournament Information

Previous Tournament:
The Noby's Plasma Tournament (won by KRLW890)

Next Tournament:
MrKijani's Triple Type Tournament (signups open 2019 October 1)

Thread Information

On this thread, you can post suggestions as to what tournaments should be hosted on the site! When you post suggestions, please make sure that you include all rules that will apply to your tournament and the amount of members in it. The most popular tournaments, determined by those with the most votes, will be hosted next. Old and not-so-popular suggestions will be hidden over time to prevent clutter.

Please check through the existing answers and the tournament winners pages linked above to make sure your suggestion hasn't already been made.

Take note that these tournaments will not be hosted on the 3DS (or a Switch or whatever fancy gadget you're using nowadays), but on a Pokemon simulator called Pokemon Showdown. Also if you have a new suggestion that has not been suggested, post it and see if it gets support!

Please read the selected answer (the first answer you'll see) for additional information.

List of Tournament Winners
Showdown/Online username thread
Guidelines for playing in tournaments
Hosting guide


Tournament Name

Brief description of tournament, eg. "All pokemon have to be the same type" (as much as people like to post long and fun descriptions, short ones are better)

List of rules and clauses, e.g
"OU/Monotype Banlist
Standard Smogon Clauses Apply
Heatran is banned from Fire Teams
No Stealth Rock" etc

Add any extra details or more complicated rules at the end. These rules will be default in case you forget to add those complicated rules.

Smogon (latest generation) OU clauses
Changes to bans (OU bans or bans in the tournament) start applying when a new round starts.
Single elimination best of one brackets
Battles are to be held on the Pokemon DB Showdown! server.
Save replays and show them to the host. You can make them private if you don't want anyone else to see them.
Players can change teams between battles.
If someone disconnects during a battle, then the opponent can take the win or redo the battle.

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Thanks for the info
Ok, so signups begin June 16th or does the tournament begin June 16th? If so, when are signups? I can't signup Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Read the original post. If you don't see your answer, then read it again.
Got it. Just making sure.
The new “seasonal format” is twice a season, right?

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Karate Tournament
Tier: OU

Number Of People: 16

How to play: Each player will have a team of 6 Pokemon, and each Pokemon must have at least 2 moves that have to do with MMA. For example I could have a Hitmonchan with Fire Punch and Ice Punch for my MMA moves. The last 2 moves can be anything that is not banned.

What is a MMA move? MMA moves will have something that has to do with any type of martial art, since MMA stands for Mixed Marital Art. All the moves that have "punch", "slam", "roll", "protect", "detect", "Kick", "Throw", "Combat", "Submission", "Flying Press", and "Sky Uppercut" in their names are all MMA moves. Tell me if you think there is a move that should also a MMA move.

Banned Moves: Special moves, Moves that dont' have anything to do with MMA

Banned Mons Legends and Mythical's. Hawlucha is currently pending since it has a pretty good advantage against move of the other mons in this tournament being flying. Medicham is also pending for the same reason as Hawlucha

Banned Items: Mega Stones and Z-Crystals

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What counts as an 'MMA' move? its quite vague and opinionated
Hmmm.... What about a move that has like "Chop" "Punch" "Kick" in its name?
Medicham without mega is pretty useless IMO
It is pending
So are all physical fighting-type moves allowed?
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Rocks Rock! Tournament

Here's how it works:
Everyone starts off with a team of 6 Rock-type Pokémon (doesn't have to be pure, but must be primary), each having ONLY rock type moves.
It will have 3 rounds with 8 participants:
Set 1: P1 vs P2---> Set 1 Winner vs Set 2 Winner---> Winner
Set 2: P3 vs P4 vs ----> Champion
Set 3: P5 vs P6---> Set 3 Winner vs Set 4 Winner---> Winner
Set 4: P7 vs P8

For each round winner, there will be a special advantage:
Round 1 Winners: Ground type moves now available to use
Round 2 Winners: Steel type moves now available to use

Basic Rules:
1. Battles must be set on OU
2. Rock type Arceus and Silvally are banned
3. Any battles that include cheating, secondary/non rock-types, or non-rock types moves will be void
4. Every Pokémon in a team must be able to learn at least 4 rock-type moves, 2 ground-type moves, and 1 steel-type move.
5. Have fun!

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Why is Silvally-Rock banned? It's in PU.
Silvally-Rock is banned because it can only learn 2 rock type moves.
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Burning Offensive Type Battles!
Up to 20 people.These types of pokemon can only be used:
These types are probably the most offensive types around and seeing these type of
enslaved Pokemon battle each other can easily ramp up!(Ignore the enslaved part.)
Also the pokemon have to have at least one stat boost move/one stat lowering move.(I like to keep things interesting.)

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Least favourite type tournament

Monotype rules apply
You can only use pokemon of your least favourite type. You must state your least favourite type in the signups

sUMWUN, lmao I sound like Maxie?
I can't choose between Rock, Poison and Ghost.
sUMWUN, no, you sound like sumwun.
Normal, Ghost, Rock, Psychic are my pet hates. They are all just....
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OU Anti-Dupe Tourney!

- Standard OU Rules
- No Duplicate Types

Have Fun!

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If a Pokemon Mega Evolves, it's the type AFTER mega evolution that counts.
If Mega Evolution isn’t allowed, why does the type after Mega Evolution count?
Lemme fix that...
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The Smogon Set Tournament!

It's an OU Tournament, but you may only use the sets listed on Smogon when you click the "export" button. For instance, these are the sets for Landorus-Therian in OU:

Landorus-Therian @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 244 Atk / 68 Def / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Earthquake
- U-turn
- Hidden Power Ice
- Defog

Landorus-Therian @ Flyinium Z
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Fly

Landorus-Therian @ Leftovers
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 112 Def / 144 Spe
Impish Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Hidden Power Ice
- U-turn

Landorus-Therian @ Focus Sash
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Explosion
- Rock Tomb

So, if I decided to use Landorus-Therian, I'd only be allowed to use one of these sets!

- You may not use the same Pokemon more than once.

- Manaphy

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Okay, so I thought this would be cool, and I didn't really see anyone else post this, so I decided to say it. The amount of players is up to 34. I don't usually play pokemon showdown (because I'm not so good at it) but I still decided this was pretty cool, so here it is:
Format: Gen 7 OU
Single Type Tournament

Pokemon can't be double typed, if a pokemon evolves into a double type, you can use it, but not its evolved form, ex: charmeleon, who is fire type, evolves into charizard, who is fire/flying, so you can use charmeleon, but not its evolved form.
Pokemon who can change type can't be used, like arceus (who is banned anyway)
No STAB moves, I don't really know why, but I chose this to make it more challenging, so your charmeleon can't learn any fire type moves.
No legendary/ultra beast/mythic pokemon, except for mew.
You can have multiple pokemon of the same type, but they can't be the same pokemon, or pokemon of the same evolution line, so you can only have one charmeleon, but you can also have an arcanine.
Banned items/abilities/moves:
No OHKO moves, such as fissure.
No items/abilities that allow you to survive a hit that would otherwise faint your pokemon.
No items/moves that heal pokemon, like leftovers, berries, or wish.

So that's it! If you have any suggestions, please comment below, thank you!

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Forretress's Boxer Tournament:
Here's what I'm thinking:
Players battle each other whenever they are on, however, are only limited to 5 battles. Each team can only use physical moves. But here's a twist! You can only use contact moves, such as Ice Punch, Jump Kick, Body Slam, and Lick, thus giving the name, "Boxer".
1. You can only use moves that come in contact with the foe.
2. Special Moves, Status Moves, OHKO Moves, ball, blast, beam, and bomb moves are banned.
3. Must be set at Ubers format, and Uber clauses and rules apply.
4. Legendary, Pseudo-Legendary and Mythical Pokémon are banned.

  1. Abilities Zen Mode, Wonder Guard, White Smoke, Unnerve, Truant, Stench, Aerilate, Aroma Veil, Battle Armor, Battle Bond, Color Change, Comatose, Contrary, Damp, Dancer, Dazzling, Disguise, Desolate Land, Dry Skin, Filter, Fluffy, Fur Coat, Full Metal Body, Galvanize, Gooey, Heatproof, illusion, Innards Out, Inner Focus, Levitate, Liquid Ooze, Long Reach, Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, Multitype, Multiscale, Mummy, Neuroforce, Normalize, Pixilate, Power of Alchemy, Prism Armor, Protean, Queenly Majesty, Reciever, Refridgerate, Rivalry, RKS System, Rough Skin, Rock Head, Schooling, Shadow Tag, Shell Armor, Solid Rock, Steakout, Stall, and other Status-inducing abilities are banned.

  2. Sound-based moves, abilities, and items are banned too.

  3. HP Draining/Healing moves abilities and items are allowed.
  4. Items that have the exact same effect as #5 are banned
  5. Moves, abilities, and items that have #5 and #2, as a secondary effect are banned too.

Failure to promise these rules In DB Showdown will result in a void replay, not worth points, or disqualification if done more than 2 times.
Each win will give the winner 20 points, while the other, 10. Whoever has a score of 0 within a week will get disqualified, and the person with the most points after a month-long period is the winner.
If any of these rules don't make sense, are not fair, or incomplete, please let me know in the comments.

I'm pretty sure less abilities should be banned lol.
remove RKS System, Schooling, Illusion and those are all the abilities that i'm familiar with.
I think this is a duplicate answer.
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The ForretressExplosion Tournament
Here's how it works:
16 people use first-evolution Pokemon such as beldum, elekid, pichu, etc.
1. You can ONLY use first-evolution Pokémon from a three-stage evolution line, so no single evolutions, duo-evolutions, second/third stage evolutions, mega evolutions, etc.

  1. The battle begins when somebody meets up with another competitor on DB Showdown! and shares their replay on the comments.

  2. Each team must have 6 Pokémon, and set on Ubers.

The reason why it is called the ForretressExplosion Tournament is because I'm horrible in fighting and nobody likes me (cuteness doesn't count).

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[The Tetris tour][1]

The game we all once played, or heard of right?

So, we are gonna take a look at all the blocks:

This is the 'I' Tetromino, used to form 'tetrises.' It can be spinned from vertical to horizontal.

This is the 'O' Tetromino, this block cannot be spinned. (Note: This means that it can be spinned, but doesn't change form)

This is the 'T' Tetromino, this block can be spinned 3 other times.

This is the 'J' Tetromino, this block can be spinned 2 other times.

This is the 'L' Tetromino, this can be spinned 2 other times. (If it's in L form, you can fit another of those in, that's the opposite L, same with the J)

This is the 'S' Tetromino. This can be spinned 1 more time. (it spins to the right)

This is the 'Z' Tetromino, it can be spinned one more time. (to the right)

"So, i'm reading all of this, what's the point?"
Well, we're gonna Pokémonify this.

The 'I' Tetrominos will be setup sweepers,
the 'O' Tetrominos will be walls,
The 'T' Tetrominos will be tanks,
The 'J' Tetrominos will be Special Attackers,
The 'L' Tetrominos will be Physical Attackers,
The 'S' Tetrominos will be Revenge Killers and Hazard Setters,
The 'Z' Tetrominos will be Lures and Supports.

This is where i think things get a bit unsure? because not everyone wants to do this/have anything to do this with.
So, you have to use [this][9] and paste tetriminos in there for each battle, i'll clear things out myself if i see that you have a clear.

- Round Robin until everyone (besides the winner ofc) is out.
- OU
- OU clauses apply
- Name your Pokémon to your tetromino
- You get tetrimino's of the Pokémon you faint. If you lose 3 battles in a row, you are out.
- A clear gives 3 point and a Tetris 8
- The first who gets 40 points wins (might lower that)
- Play Tetris against your own with the tetrimino's you got
- Save your replays and show them to the host!

Might not work out that great but meh

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