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On this thread, you can post suggestions as to what tournaments should be hosted on the site! When you post suggestions, please make sure that you include all rules that will apply to your tournament and the amount of members in it. The most popular tournaments, determined by those with the most votes, will be hosted next. Old and not-so-popular suggestions will be hidden over time to prevent clutter.

Please check through the existing answers and the tournament winners pages linked above to make sure your suggestion hasn't already been made.

Take note that these tournaments will not be hosted on the 3DS (or a Switch or whatever fancy gadget you're using nowadays), but on a Pokemon simulator called Pokemon Showdown. Also if you have a new suggestion that has not been suggested, post it and see if it gets support!

Please read the selected answer (the first answer you'll see) for additional information.

List of Tournament Winners
Showdown/Online username thread
Guidelines for playing in tournaments
Hosting guide


Tournament Name

Brief description of tournament, eg. "All pokemon have to be the same type" (as much as people like to post long and fun descriptions, short ones are better)

List of rules and clauses, e.g
"OU/Monotype Banlist
Standard Smogon Clauses Apply
Heatran is banned from Fire Teams
No Stealth Rock" etc

Add any extra details or more complicated rules at the end. These rules will be default in case you forget to add those complicated rules.

Smogon (latest generation) OU clauses
Changes to bans (OU bans or bans in the tournament) start applying when a new round starts.
Single elimination best of one brackets
Battles are to be held on the Pokemon DB Showdown! server.
Save replays and show them to the host. You can make them private if you don't want anyone else to see them.
Players can change teams between battles.
If someone disconnects during a battle, then the opponent can take the win or redo the battle.

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yes PX is a she
It says female on her profile, no?
please update current tour.
i can host
You're supposed to sign up by commenting on the answer, not the question. Also the next tournament already has a host.

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The Underdogs Tour

Some Pokemon are too strong for OU, but have barely any usage in Ubers and Anything Goes. This tournament focuses on them. All the highly used Pokemon are banned. This is:

Primal Groudon
Mega Rayquaza
Necrozma-Dusk Mane
Ultra Necrozma (Ultra Necrozmium Z is banned.)
Zacian-Crowned (other form is allowed)
Calyrex-Shadow (Ice is allowed)
Arceus (all forms)

The meta can focus on less used Pokemon instead of the same old popular Pokemon. The format is National Dex AG.

Well.... hope you like it!

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U-Necrozma isn't very common
I know but it’s still a threat imo although maybe more people disagree so I might change it.
Anything in OU that can stop Primal Kyogre, Zygarde, Marshadow, all Arceus formes, M-Gengar, Kyurem-White, etc ? Primal Kyogre needs Primal Groudon to stop it, Zygarde is unbeatable without Arceus support formes, Marshadow also need Arceus support formes, M-Gengar needs Yveltal, etc. The tour would be unbalanced. Also, @SSuperiotity, U-Necrozma is uncommon due to Yveltal and Zacian-C. If they are gone, there's no stopping them.
Primal Kyogre would rule lol
Alright, I’ll redo the ban list.
I like this idea, partly because Primal Kyogre wouldn’t have many counters
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In-Game Competitive Tournament

Includes rules of what is a good in-game team for ____? questions, along with some additional rules.

Format: Nat Dex OU
Players: 16 to 24 (number can be increase if more generations are introduced.)


  • 1 starter is compulsory, and two or more candidates cannot choose the same starter. The starter given will be random, before the candidate starts teambuilding, but mods / organiser / anyone should choose 16 most viable starters according to the current gen.
  • Only one Pokemon per regional dex (to increase diversity). The regional dex of the latest main-series games of a particular region can be considered.
  • No Trade evolutions, Legendaries, Mythicals, Ultra Beasts and Pokemons which can be obtained very late (after 8 gym badges). Legendaries viable in current OU and below are:
    1. Heatran
    2. Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno
    3. Diancie and Mega
    4. Latios and Mega, Latias and Mega
    5. Thundurus, Tornadus, Landorus (only therian),
    6. Hoopa
    7. Regigigas, Regieleki, Regidraco, Regice, Regirock, Registeel
    8. Kyurem
    9. Phione & Manaphy
    10. Necrozma
    11. Suicune, Entei, Raikou
    12. Glastrier, Spectrier, Calyrex
    13. Uxie, Merspit, Azelf
    14. Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion
    15. Type: Null & Sivally.
  • Only 1 HP EV should be assigned to a Pokemon, since games aren't focused on EV training, and we don't know what EVs our Pokemons have gained (debatable).
  • Natures should be neutral (same reason as above).
  • If the Pokemon doesn't have the latest gen-moveset (if both Bulbapedia and PokemonDB don't have), then the previous gen learnset can be used.
  • Levels should be reduced as rounds complete (for eg. Round 1: lvl 100; Round 2: lvl 60; Round 3: lvl 50; Round 4: lvl 36). This is to increase difficulty level. For example,
    1. Blaziken learns Flare Blitz at lvl 63 (Gen-7). We can't use Flare Blitz Blaziken in round 2.
    2. Garchomp evolves at lvl 48. We can't use Garchomp in Round-4.
  • No Egg Moves (no High Jump Kick on Cinderace)
  • No Hidden Ability (Cinderace can't have Libero as its Ability, Blaziken can't have Speed Boost).

Feel free to suggest anything if it needs improvement :)

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"Only 1 HP EV should be assigned to a Pokemon, since games aren't focused on EV training, and we don't know what EVs our Pokemons have gained (debatable)."

I feel you can't make the tour competitive if this kind of restrictions are there. Limiting to non-egg moves and non-HA kinda spoils the fun of competitive, so the tour feels very un-competitive.
Without any difficulty, how can you enjoy competitive?
About the EVs... how about setting the EVs to atleast 25-30 per stat?
And in the required stat, you can put it to maximum (252).
What defines "evolve late"? Why do the levels go down as rounds go on instead of up? That's backwards from a normal playthrough.
To increase difficulty. If levels go up, it would be easier.
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OU Anti-Dupe Tourney!

- Standard OU Rules
- No Duplicate Types

Have Fun!

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If a Pokemon Mega Evolves, it's the type AFTER mega evolution that counts.
If Mega Evolution isn’t allowed, why does the type after Mega Evolution count?
Lemme fix that...
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Okay, so I thought this would be cool, and I didn't really see anyone else post this, so I decided to say it. The amount of players is up to 34. I don't usually play pokemon showdown (because I'm not so good at it) but I still decided this was pretty cool, so here it is:
Format: Gen 7 OU
Single Type Tournament

Pokemon can't be double typed, if a pokemon evolves into a double type, you can use it, but not its evolved form, ex: charmeleon, who is fire type, evolves into charizard, who is fire/flying, so you can use charmeleon, but not its evolved form.
Pokemon who can change type can't be used, like arceus (who is banned anyway)
No STAB moves, I don't really know why, but I chose this to make it more challenging, so your charmeleon can't learn any fire type moves.
No legendary/ultra beast/mythic pokemon, except for mew.
You can have multiple pokemon of the same type, but they can't be the same pokemon, or pokemon of the same evolution line, so you can only have one charmeleon, but you can also have an arcanine.
Banned items/abilities/moves:
No OHKO moves, such as fissure.
No items/abilities that allow you to survive a hit that would otherwise faint your pokemon.
No items/moves that heal pokemon, like leftovers, berries, or wish.

So that's it! If you have any suggestions, please comment below, thank you!

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Forretress's Boxer Tournament:
Here's what I'm thinking:
Players battle each other whenever they are on, however, are only limited to 5 battles. Each team can only use physical moves. But here's a twist! You can only use contact moves, such as Ice Punch, Jump Kick, Body Slam, and Lick, thus giving the name, "Boxer".
1. You can only use moves that come in contact with the foe.
2. Special Moves, Status Moves, OHKO Moves, ball, blast, beam, and bomb moves are banned.
3. Must be set at Ubers format, and Uber clauses and rules apply.
4. Legendary, Pseudo-Legendary and Mythical Pokémon are banned.

  1. Abilities Zen Mode, Wonder Guard, White Smoke, Unnerve, Truant, Stench, Aerilate, Aroma Veil, Battle Armor, Battle Bond, Color Change, Comatose, Contrary, Damp, Dancer, Dazzling, Disguise, Desolate Land, Dry Skin, Filter, Fluffy, Fur Coat, Full Metal Body, Galvanize, Gooey, Heatproof, illusion, Innards Out, Inner Focus, Levitate, Liquid Ooze, Long Reach, Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, Multitype, Multiscale, Mummy, Neuroforce, Normalize, Pixilate, Power of Alchemy, Prism Armor, Protean, Queenly Majesty, Reciever, Refridgerate, Rivalry, RKS System, Rough Skin, Rock Head, Schooling, Shadow Tag, Shell Armor, Solid Rock, Steakout, Stall, and other Status-inducing abilities are banned.

  2. Sound-based moves, abilities, and items are banned too.

  3. HP Draining/Healing moves abilities and items are allowed.
  4. Items that have the exact same effect as #5 are banned
  5. Moves, abilities, and items that have #5 and #2, as a secondary effect are banned too.

Failure to promise these rules In DB Showdown will result in a void replay, not worth points, or disqualification if done more than 2 times.
Each win will give the winner 20 points, while the other, 10. Whoever has a score of 0 within a week will get disqualified, and the person with the most points after a month-long period is the winner.
If any of these rules don't make sense, are not fair, or incomplete, please let me know in the comments.

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I'm pretty sure less abilities should be banned lol.
remove RKS System, Schooling, Illusion and those are all the abilities that i'm familiar with.
I think this is a duplicate answer.
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Why not an every tier tourney where you make a team out of 1 pokemon from ubers ou uu ru nu and pu. 8 people and single battle. No Arceus or Rayquaza.

I will decide dates when/if this is picked. Also its called the every tier tourney.

P.S would love for rotom tourney to happen.

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FYI the tourney is picked when it is the most upvoted tourney idea there is.

Also try to give the toruney a name, like this one could be called the All Tiers Tour
If you have one Pokemon from Ubers, OU, UU, RU, NU, and PU, that's only 6 Pokemon. Why 8?
8 players.
Why hasn't rotom happened before i upvoted it it had 13 upvotes now 14 so it should happen.
Also I know about the upvote thing. Putting this in this comment cause i can't edit or comment now. All non base deoxys forms are banned cause they are too overpowered.
Because the Rotom tournament reached the top of the list literally yesterday, and the next tournament was decided about a month ago.
Oh ok.
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Every character tour
You need to choose a character from the anime and use the last team he appeared in the anime with, for example the sawyer team:
The tournament will have 16 people
The moveset is of your choice, not depending on being the same one you use in the anime. Pokemons that are used and that mega evolved has to be with their mega evolution stones.
The format is National dex AG with standard rules. You can use dynamax.
PS: You can use everyone, but not Ash.
PS:Characthers from one gen that hasn't finished the anime yet can't be used.
That's all, probably this tournament will occur in 2024

There isn't many characters with all 6pokemon so there likely be a few recurring teams.  What about some temporary characters that full team was never revealed- Tobias, who has darkrai and latios.
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Weakness cancelling competition?
Format: Double Ubers
-You may select up to 5 Pokemon only
- Only berries that reduce the amount of damage taken from a super effective hit is allowed, Berry Juice is also eligible
- The first two must have at least two weaknesses, and they must cancel all of their weaknesses or at least two of them (they are allowed to cancel their own teammates' weaknesses),
here is an example:
Reshiram @ Berry Juice
Ability: Turboblaze
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Ancient Power
- Blue Flare
- Draco Meteor
- Earth Power
Leafeon @ Kebia Berry
Ability: Leaf Guard
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Leaf Blade
- Knock Off
- Dig
- Synthesis
Reshiram with Ancient Power and Blue Flare counters all of Leafeon's weakness except for Poison, that's why Leafeon was given a Kebia Berry, Leafeon can use Leaf Blade to counter Reshiram's Rock and Ground weakness, which means that these two Pokemon is valid.
- The third and Forth Pokemon must be a Physical and Special Attacker
- The fifth Slot must be an Uber tier Pokemon.
Number of Participants:
Since all teams cannot be the same, I think it would be safe if I put the number of participants as 8, no reservations.
I hope you like it!

edited by
The last two rules don't really make sense for me, really, I'm wondering why they're enforced.
The third slot should be a Pokemon with it's attack stat higher than its Special Attack stat, while the forth Pokemon would be the other way around, the fifth Slot must be a Pokemon from the Uber tier
Yes, I know. But why are those rules?
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**The Family Tour

The idea of this tournament is that you must use a team of an evolutionary line. So, you could use a team of Ralts, Kirla and Gardevoir as they come from the same evolutionary family.

2-3 Pokemon per team.

If you are using a Pokemon with multiple eveloutions e.g Ralts line, you would have to choose Gallade or Gardevoir, you can’t use both.

Megas are allowed but they do not count as a separate eveloution. You could use Ralts, Kirla and Mega Gardevoir but not Kirla, Gardevoir and Mega Gardevoir.

Nat Dex OU format.

Hope you like it!

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Partner Pokemon Evolution challenge
Format: Generation 7 let's go OU
Players: 16
All players will be divided into two groups (they get to choose), the Pikachu group and the Eevee Group, players in the Pikachu group must have a Partner Pikachu on their team while players in the Eevee Group must have a Partner Eevee on their team, you can't have two of the partner Pokemon. Groups would face members of the other groups, another Pokemon will be given using this input on Showdown! !randpoke gen1 (if you get Mewtwo please retry). Please input generated Natures and select Kanto and last of all, generate only one Pokemon and add that as the second member of your team and last thing to note is that you start off with 2000 poke
- Partner Eevee must have at least two of its special moves
- Partner Pikachu must have at least one of its special moves
- When your oppoment loses, you can either evolve your Pokemon, steal your oppoment's item or you could even take 500 poke from them.
- From time to time (hopefully I'm active during the tournament) I'll throw a few auctions that lasts for 1 minute, the prices all start from 250 poke
- Mega Stone auctions are twice as expensive as Pokemons
- Scouting is banned
Mega Starts
Those 8 players who make it to the second round would get a bonus Pokemon (if they want to) based on which team they are (other teams can still get other teams' megas
- Team Pikachu members can add a Mega Charizard X or Mega Venusaur as their Bonus
- Team Eevee members can add a Mega Charizard Y or Mega Blastoise as their Bonus
Fill outs
- At the Finals, if your team has empty slots, you can fill them up with any Pokemon except for Mewtwo
Those of you who doesn't know this format (almost everyone lol):
- Items that are not Mega Stones are banned
- Abilities don't exist
- Choices are limited
- Mewtwo is banned
Save replays
I've hoped this one is very interesting!
And I hope people would battle me in this OU format in the future!

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So each team has 6 pokemon and "poke" is a currency? And is this doubles or singles format?And what happens when everybody chooses eevee or all choose Pikachu?

And people can always spam generate anyways.
I forgot to mention that the let's go format only has single battles available
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Here is my idea:

Weather Wars Tourney

-OU Rules
-The moveset of a Pokemon must have a weather-related move such as Rain Dance, a terrain-related move such
as Grassy Terrain and/or a move boosted by the weather/terrain. If no Pokemon on your team have this, it is not valid to use.
-Abilities that already summon terrain or weather cover allows you to not use the weather or terrain
summoning move (although the move that gets boosted is still needed)
-Battles must be in doubles
-Six Pokemon are allowed
-No legendaries
-8 participants

To win, you must:
Have your weather AND terrain set up by the pre-selected turn number


Defeat all of the opponents Pokemon

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so you just bring two really slow terrain and weather ability Pokemon then lead with one and switch to the other and you win the tourney? This is basically just a battle of who has the slowest Grookey and Hippopotas (or whatever the slowest weather setter is) lol
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Paper Brawl!!!
•Pokémon’s Defense, Special Defense, and HP must have a total of under 200
•Pokémon’s Defense, Special Defense, or HP can not be over 85
•All Pokémon must be OU or below (looking at you deoxys)
•No Pokémon with the following moves:
Cosmic Power
Iron Defense
Leech Seed
Or anything that boosts ONLY defensive stat/stats or poisons the opponent
•All Pokémon must have atleast two attacking moves
•Fur Coat and Fluffy are banned
•All seed items are banned, along with Assault Vests

That’s about it. Fight with the Pokémon with the worst defenses!

edited by
What about vest or fur coat? Wouldn't it give unfair advatages?
Hmm good point I’ll include that
I'm guessing every battle would be over in like 12 turns, and most of the outcomes would be decided by one speed tie or one miss.
Well pretty much, yes
So why would I have fun when playing this?
Fluffy should be banned too :3
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Showdown's Gen 8 Random Battle Tower
In this tournament, you can only use Pokemon from Gen 8 Random Battles. Whichever Pokemon you chose should have the same Item, Ability, and moveset that you can use in a random battle. The only thing you can choose is the EV spread, IVs, and Nature. To get ideas on which Pokemon you can choose, do random battles, then copy and paste the Pokemon's item, moves, and ability.
The rules are:
•You can only use one Pokemon from a species. (An example is if you have Gallade, you can't use Gardevoir.)
•All Pokemon must be level 100.
•Legendaries, Mythicals, Mega-Evolution, and Dynamax/Gigantamax are banned.
•You can only have 1 of your opponent's Pokemon asleep at a time.
•You must have 6 Pokemon on a team.

Format is (Gen 8) National Dex. Only 16 people would be allowed to sign up.

This is my idea for a Showdown Battle Tower. Have fun and enjoy.

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If you want to play National Dex by BSS's rules, then you might like this. Introducing...

The National Dex BSS tour!

Main rules

  • This will be played in National Dex AG.
  • 3 battles will be fought. The first will allow you to have 1 restricted legendary, the other two will not.
  • Standard BSS rules will apply. This means you can only use 3 Pokemon (you can bring 6 though). There will be the standard Battle Stadium/Battle Spot banlist below, as well as 2 possible bans for restricted legendaries.
  • Since this is some sort of fusion between Gen 7's Battle Spot Singles and the current Gen 8 Battle Stadium Singles, both Dynamax, Z-moves, and Mega Evolutions will be legal.
  • All Pokemon must be level 50.
  • The use of 2 Pokemon with the same Pokedex number is prohibited.
  • You cannot have two Pokemon that are holding the same item.
  • Despite National Dex AG being 6v6, these battles will allow the use of 3 Pokemon only. When 3 of your Pokemon are knocked out, you forfeit.

Banlist (last 2 battles):

Greninja with Battle Bond

Forms of banned Pokemon are also banned.

Potential banlist for the unrestricted first battle:

Zacian-Crowned's marvelous offensive typing, high Speed stat, decent bulk, broken ability, good coverage, and Swords Dance might merit a ban by itself. However, it being so strong it can potentially force the opponent to Dynamax makes Behemoth Blade even better. These incredible traits and it causing lots of 50/50s make it a potentially banworthy candidate for the 1st round. I will allow you guys to vote on this. If more than 50% of votes here are clamoring for a ban by May 15, 2021, Zacian-Crowned will be banned from the 1st round, and thus, the tournament.

While Calyrex-Shadow does not pack Zacian-Crowned's bulk and immediate power, it more than makes up for that with its versatility and deadly snowballing effect. With it being able to run a variety of sets such as Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, SubSeed, Focus Sash Nasty Plot, Ghostium Z, Buginium Z, offensive Baton Pass, and more, as well as an incredible offensive typing in Ghost and STAB Psyshock to ruin Special walls, and furthermore a Speed stat eclipsing that of Zacian-Crowned, Calyrex-Shadow might also be worthy of receiving the wrath of the hammer. Once again, if more than 50% of votes want the horse to go by May 15, 2021, Calyrex-Shadow will be banned from the 1st round, and the tournament.

–1 vote

Dual Duel

Dual Monotype

Ok. This is my first tournament. Hope you enjoy! It's like a monotype but each pokemon has to share 2 types instead of just one.

Rules/Bans are as follows:
Legendaries/Mythicals banned
All pokemon are level 50
Single battles
Ubers allowed
Megas banned
Eviolite is allowed, but abusers will be banned
Single elimination bracket
All pokemon must have 2 types that are similar
Replays must be sent to host as proof of a win
Megas must use keystone

8 participants

This would severly limit the amount of teambuilding options. Very few types have 6 pokemon of the same type, in different evolutionary lines. It'd just be one or two different teams, unless people are willing to use pre evolution pokemon.
Part of the rules: Megas banned

Also part of the rules: Megas must use keystone

Like STP said, it's very rare for there to be more than like three, four, or five pokemon having the exact same dual-types.
I don’t think this would be very good, but you know I’d be rocking that Rock Steel Meta :P