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It has come to my attention that Pokemondb doesn't know that Zoroark, at least in the USA and Canada, is an event Pokemon, the event starts January 3rd, and ends January 9th. You MUST attain a shiny Raikou and trade it to your Gen V. Black or White version. This will give you the chance to get your Zoroark or its pre-evolved form (I don't know which one.) Just don't ask me how to get them, because I have NO idea.

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We do know
It doesn't matter who you transfer. RAIKOU, ENTEI, SUICUNE, those are your options.
there is another way buy bw2 and get zoura and evolve it and trade it to your white or black

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I posted a news item about it a few weeks ago: http://pokemondb.net/news/new-event-get-a-shiny-raikou-entei-or-suicune

But maybe I should add something to the pokedex pages.

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Yes, a pokedex update to the zoroark page, and mabye to the site would be useful, it still says only list of 493 pokemon, and only up to gen. IV