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Did a question or answer you posted seemingly vanish? If so, it was probably hidden. This means it has been withdrawn from public access, presumably by a moderator. If you are not sure why your post was taken down, you're in the right place: you can use this thread to ask why your post was removed. Any new posts asking why questions were hidden will be hidden. Before posting, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Read the rules page. You should have done this already. This page lists every reason why a post may be taken down. The most common reasons include:

  • the post was a duplicate, i.e. the question was already asked or a very similar answer already existed,
  • the question was made on the wrong section,
  • the post was uninformative (e.g. didn't include appropriate information or was trivial chatter),
  • the question was open-ended or too discussion-based and
  • the post was about rating an in-game team or getting movesets (we have system in place for that).

If you've read the rules thoroughly and you're sure your post didn't fit any of the categories, read onward.

Step 2: Locate your post and provide a link to it. If your post was taken down, you should be able to find a notification about it in your updates area. Otherwise, press Ctrl + H in your browser and take a look through your history to see if the original question is there. You'll eventually find one of three things:

  1. If your post is faded out and covered in white bars and you cannot interact with it, then your post was in fact hidden. Copy the link provided where it says the word 'asked' or 'answered' and add it to your post here. This will make it simple for us to locate and address.

  2. If your post is not in your updates page but it hasn't been shown publicly, there is a good chance it is not hidden, but simply waiting for approval. This means that it is caught in our spam filter -- if you were able to find the post, it should tell you that your post will be 'checked and approved shortly'. In that case, a moderator or editor will get to it soon: please be patient.

  3. If your post isn't faded out, and it has no notifications on it about approval, then it is public and you were just mistaken. You can make sure this isn't the case by checking your question and answer listings: go to the correct section, then click your name in the navigation panel and use the grey filter buttons to look at all your public posts. If your post is there, it isn't hidden.

Once you've verified your post is in fact hidden, and you've got a link to it...

Step 3: Leave a message here! Paste the link to your post, and perhaps give some context as to how you believe the post doesn't break any rules. A staff member or other reputable user will respond with an explanation as to what happened. Please, do not respond aggressively: you aren't going to have your way screaming expletives at us. If you're nice to us, we'll be nice to you.

Posts here are removed over time to prevent clutter.

Hey you, did you actually read these steps before posting? Ignoring things is probably what got you here in the first place!

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Why was my question hidden (which was “Why did Game Freak change Gengar’s ability in Gen. VII?”)? Thank you
I didn't hide your question, but I know why it was taken down: it assumes knowledge of something that is potentially known only by the developers of the game, possibly making it unanswerable. What I will do though, is reshow it and change its wording slightly, so that it fits in better. I hope this is okay as a compromise.
https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/292787/whats-a-good-mono-bug-team-in-gen-7-ou-om-showdown what i was trying to do was on neither of the rules. i need a gen 7 specific bug team and all the ones brought up on questions are gen 6 and under making it hard to find good answers.  league members have to stay up to date by at least one pokemon or move
Thought I left a message explaining the decision on that one, it must not have gone through sorry. I took it down because it's more or less open-ended and doesn't have an end solution. Whilst we do have similar threads to these, the point of those was to hopefully alleviate the need for any more of them, as they are the type that repeatedly get bumped to the front of navigation regardless of their age (which gets disruptive). Unfortunately that type of question falls within the category we try to keep limited -- I hope you understand. Again sorry for not communicating this initially.
We have threads similar to that one? Which threads?

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