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Did a question or answer you posted seemingly vanish? If so, it was probably hidden. This means it has been withdrawn from public access, presumably by a moderator. If you are not sure why your post was taken down, you're in the right place: you can use this thread to ask why your post was removed. Any new posts asking why questions were hidden will be hidden. Before posting, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Read the rules page. You should have done this already. This page lists every reason why a post may be taken down. The most common reasons include:

  • the post was a duplicate, i.e. the question was already asked or a very similar answer already existed,
  • the question was made on the wrong section,
  • the post was uninformative (e.g. didn't include appropriate information or was trivial chatter),
  • the question was open-ended or too discussion-based and
  • the post was about rating an in-game team or getting movesets (we have system in place for that).

If you've read the rules thoroughly and you're sure your post didn't fit any of the categories, read onward.

Step 2: Locate your post and provide a link to it. If your post was taken down, you should be able to find a notification about it in your updates area. Otherwise, press Ctrl + H in your browser and take a look through your history to see if the original question is there. You'll eventually find one of three things:

  1. If your post is faded out and covered in white bars and you cannot interact with it, then your post was in fact hidden. Copy the link provided where it says the word 'asked' or 'answered' and add it to your post here. This will make it simple for us to locate and address.

  2. If your post is not in your updates page but it hasn't been shown publicly, there is a good chance it is not hidden, but simply waiting for approval. This means that it is caught in our spam filter -- if you were able to find the post, it should tell you that your post will be 'checked and approved shortly'. In that case, a moderator or editor will get to it soon: please be patient.

  3. If your post isn't faded out, and it has no notifications on it about approval, then it is public and you were just mistaken. You can make sure this isn't the case by checking your question and answer listings: go to the correct section, then click your name in the navigation panel and use the grey filter buttons to look at all your public posts. If your post is there, it isn't hidden.

Once you've verified your post is in fact hidden, and you've got a link to it...

Step 3: Leave a message here! Paste the link to your post, and perhaps give some context as to how you believe the post doesn't break any rules. A staff member or other reputable user will respond with an explanation as to what happened. Please, do not respond aggressively: you aren't going to have your way screaming expletives at us. If you're nice to us, we'll be nice to you.

Posts here are removed over time to prevent clutter.

Hey you, did you actually read these steps before posting? Ignoring things is probably what got you here in the first place!

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Excuse me PM, but I answered a question and it took a while to make sure it was approved, and by the time it got approved, two people had already answered the question after me. But since it only just got approved, a moderator thought that I had answered the question after the other two had, so my post got hidden. Why did it take so long to get approved?
Because no one was on to approve it when it was posted. You see Editors and Mods are the ones that approve posts, so if an Editor or Mod isn't on, your post doesn't get approved until one comes on and approves it.
"Question or answer you asked". Answer you asked. ANSWER YOU ASKED.
Some weirdo Hidden my Question when i was about to edit it, i wish this site can make onley the person who origonally posted the post hide/edit it
Yeah but which question? If it broke a rule then the mod who hid it was doing the right thing. And also, can you image what a wreck this site would be if mods couldn't hide other people's posts? There'd be trolls and advertisement posts everywhere, and the rules would have no meaning since people would post what they want and it couldn't be hidden.
True. But still i find it random, and kinda would be different  if it was Spam or a useless post
Yo, I don't know where to talk about this, but I come back and I look in my profile that someone changed it to something about Nazi's? The hell? I took it down, dunno how long it's been there.
No one can change your profile unless they have access to your account.
Mods can't edit profiles? Can Pokemaster?
Pokemaster can, but only he.
how do I find the link to a hidden post?
if the main cause of delay is time zones, shouldn't it take less than 24 hours to get a post approved?
How do I get the link to a question of mine that was hidden?
For some reason, people think that I STOLE other people's answers. But I didn't. It was a coincidence. Now I look like I don't know the REAL answers...
P.S. I'm not trying to argue, I'm just saying how much it embarrasses me.
MikaMiku, I assume your comment is in reference to the post I left on your wall? If that's the case, I want to make it clear that I never accused you of stealing other user's answers -- at least, I did not intend for it to come across that way. I simply wanted to explain the reason why I had made the decision to hide some of the answers you had posted, which was that they didn't add any new detail. They communicated the same ideas as the existing answers, and didn't add any important detail that would warrant posting a new answer and bumping the thread up in activity feeds.
Posts on old questions are welcomed if they add substantial detail or correct an error in the existing answer/s. Most of the answers you posted didn't satisfy this criteria, and were treated as such. (I did approve one of them, as it did add some useful detail that the existing answer lacked.
I do find it somewhat difficult to believe it is mere "coincidence" that your answers, posted months after the existing ones, communicate the exact same ideas and even use some of the same analogies used in the existing responses. But regardless, the answers don't add important detail and would flood activity feeds with old posts if they were shown. They will remain hidden.
Then how come I saw,"Is Gyrados a dragon type", once. WAY TOO TRIVIAL
The question you mentioned was asked in 2010, which was before our current rule set was established. We since developed rules like the one that blocks "trivial" posts based on what didn't work previously.
Why is action-replay a tag if third party modification and third party software is not allowed?
Because questions can involve to Action Replay but not break the rules. Your question related directly to Action Replay and how to use it, so it was not allowed as that's about the Action Replay software which isn't Pokemon. However, a post like this could involve Action Replay, but it is not the main subject of the question:
There is a quantity of posts that ask directly about how to use Action Replay in the tag that you mentioned, which I will hide. Everything else that remains, I consider to involve Action Replay in some way but asks a different sort of question (eg. "what does AR do to the game" can be argued to be about how the Pokemon game works and not predominantly about the AR software). I am sorry if the posts listed on that tag led you to believe questions like yours would be accepted.
Why was my question hidden (which was “Why did Game Freak change Gengar’s ability in Gen. VII?”)? Thank you
I didn't hide your question, but I know why it was taken down: it assumes knowledge of something that is potentially known only by the developers of the game, possibly making it unanswerable. What I will do though, is reshow it and change its wording slightly, so that it fits in better. I hope this is okay as a compromise. what i was trying to do was on neither of the rules. i need a gen 7 specific bug team and all the ones brought up on questions are gen 6 and under making it hard to find good answers.  league members have to stay up to date by at least one pokemon or move
Thought I left a message explaining the decision on that one, it must not have gone through sorry. I took it down because it's more or less open-ended and doesn't have an end solution. Whilst we do have similar threads to these, the point of those was to hopefully alleviate the need for any more of them, as they are the type that repeatedly get bumped to the front of navigation regardless of their age (which gets disruptive). Unfortunately that type of question falls within the category we try to keep limited -- I hope you understand. Again sorry for not communicating this initially.
if you did, sorry i don't know how to check messages yet. i wasn't upset about it, but i did check all 48 results, none of them had a answer i could have used, mainly because only one with what i could have used was a gen 5 specific team.
ok. i stand corrected there's some rate my teams that are good on here for this gen. i couldnt find them yesterday for some reason.
We have threads similar to that one? Which threads?
@sumwun I was referring to the 'What is a good in-game team for x game?' questions. It was poorly explained in my original comment, but basically those threads are the extent of the 'What is a good team?' questions we will ever allow.
@benjamin Glad you found something that was helpful! Mind, the decision was principally related to the question being open-ended and not because content already existed -- again I probably didn't make that very clear and I apologise.
its ok :) things happen
The reason I posted this is because sumwun said that the site was trying to prevent "new users" from spamming themselves so I thought that I had to wait a certain time until I wasn't a "new user" because in so many different places it said different answers (sumwun's answer, the question in meta) so I got confused.
@Creepy Gengar
I'm not sure why it's hidden, it could be a duplicate but to answer your question you need 30 points to post on a whole.
It was hidden since countless questions that bascially ask the same thing were already posted. I understand the distinction and why the thread was posted, but Pokemaster was pretty much fair enough taking it down.
We hold absolutely nothing against you for this sort of thing, nor for receiving flags. This sort of thing happens very often.
A few questions from your profile were removed. This was due to a lack of clarity on the precise requirements of the questions, and because they were derailed to unproductive theorising over arbitrary concepts. In short, it would be wise to make sure your written expression is clear, and that your questions deal in objective terms as is convention here.
One was also removed as it had already been covered — you may find this question helpful:
Quite Useless! You just hide my comment! I NEED INFORMATION QUESTION WAS AT MY PROFILE!
I don't know what you mean by 'information question was at my profile'. I explained why I removed your questions. Can you please be more specific as to what you want?
And while you're at it, chill out please? No reason to scream at me, thanks.
I think he means, "I need information. The questions were on my profile."
Yeah but I gave him information, lol. I don’t know what he wants from me.
Fizz I’m confused because I never saw the original question on my questions page,  so I assumed it was never posted and redid it. How come you knew about both questions existing but I couldn’t find either of them on my questions page? Does this mean that it was stuck in the spam filter and you saw both or...  Can you please explain and thanks in advance!
You’re right on all fronts, actually. Both posts showed up in the mod queue, so I let the most recent one through (I assume this is what people prefer).
You can’t see posts you submit if they’re still pending review, which is probably a fault of the software. In the end though, the post will be approved and you’ll see it on your questions page, or it’ll be removed and show up in your updates list. Rest assured, we see everything that does get submitted.
Ok then thanks so much that was actually very helpful

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