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First some side notes.
Ok Pokemaster may not see the relevance in this but I and many others do.
It will spread the word of the DB, we would have a mascot, and users will get involved.

" Just to be clear, you can use this thread (and chat) to create a Pokemon if you really want to. But it's not going to be any kind of "mascot" for this site. " - PM

" If you want to do this, just keep it to one thread (and chat). But this is still nothing to do with Pokemon Database. " - PM

The only reason for posting those two quotes, is so people using this do realize this isn't going to be a site mascot. Just to keep people from getting confused. ( -Josh )

Other than that the CAP idea is great and we will need ideas.
This is where you, the community comes in.
We need ideas and a fresh new post strictly for ideas is awesome this means we are not posting on an already cluttered post.
My apologies to Kyron for posting this I'm sure you may have wanted to but it's best out sooner than later.
"Do not put off tomorrow what can be done today"

Anyway as for ideas keep it realistic so no Pokemon with no weakness.
No Pokemon with 175 Satk ect
No made up type and ability.

Keep it simple yet original, a Pokemon no other person may think of, something that can bring something new to the meta game.
Don't spam answers try have 3 max and in your answer include type, ability, possible looks and a name(not needed yet).
The rest will be decided on later by the people in the know.
This will not work like the tournament suggestions only downvote if you hate the idea.
Don't downvote because you prefer another Pokemon, or you you want yours to win.
Also don't downvote if you just don't like the idea much to keep personal feelings in tact if it's not a good idea it won't be up voted simple as that.


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There is a Fire and Electric type somewhere on this post. Look for it.
Is this thread still open to post answered on?
I think it is still can be answered on, its just not being used a lot in other words: not popular.
Yes, this thread is still open.
why can't we have made up abilities?

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90 HP
65 Atk
75 Def
100 SpA
60 SpD
95 Spe
The reason why I went with a psychic type is beacause
Pokemondb is where you get knowledge of Pokemon right?
And most psychic types are knowledgable right? Thaat's why I went with psychic type.
It's name of origin is I.Q. and Golden Retriever
By Level
Lv.16-Defense Curl
Lv.19-Double Kick
Lv.30-Aura Sphere
Lv.39-Energy Ball
TM1 Hone Claws
Tm10 Hidden Power
Tm12 Taunt
Tm13 Ice Beam
Tm16 Light Screen
Tm17 Protect
Tm21 Frustration
Tm22 Solarbeam
Tm24 Thunderbolt
Tm27 Return
Tm28 Dig
Tm29 Psychic
Tm30 Shadow Ball
Tm32 Double Team
Tm33 Reflect
Tm40 Arial Ace
Tm52 Focus Blast
Tm53 Energy Ball
Tm65 Shawdow Claw
Tm67 Retaliate
Tm70 Flash
Tm73 Thunder Wave
Tm75 Swords Dance
Tm82 Dragon Tail
Tm83 Work Up
Tm85 Dream Eater
Tm89 U-Turn
Tm90 Substitute
Tm95 Snarl
Hm1 Cut
Hm4 Strength

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That's so cool :0
mewcario.thats what it looks like.
I would upvote if i could :p
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Dammit Imgur -_- I'll put my Pokemon's traits and stuff in the comments.
BTW it's not a weird looking alien it's supposed to be the top view of it.

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Aquatric Electric/Water
The water dragon Pokemon.
Description: Aquatric can swim around the globe in a day. It can be see on stormy days controlling the clouds.
HP: 65
Atk: 85
Def: 90
SpAtk: 135
SpDef: 105
Spd: 105
Total: 580
It's kinda strong but it's a stand-alone Pokemon so what do you expect? It's also supposed to be a legendary.
Ability: Levitate

I see it running a sweeping set since it's speed is so high and it's Special it attack almost reaches the level of an Alakazam. It would do better in rain since it has the ability to get the moves Thunder and Hurricane.

I see it running a set like this
Aquatric @ Choice Scarf
Timid Natured
EVs: 252 SpAtk 252 Spd 4 Hp
- Thunder
- Hurricane
- Hydro Pump
- ?????????????

I know the art for it sucks but I like the idea of a Pokemon that controls the cloud/weather.
As a legendary, I would increase the base stats by 15. Just dcump them 10 into Attack and 5 into Special Defense.
Thanks trachy, just edited it in.
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Right it may look a bit dogey but i have drawn it my self but here it is!
Sorry i dont know how to show the picture sorry :(

Its called Mumkey but you can change the name

Name: Mumkey
Item: (what ever you want i will take suggestions in the comments)
Ability: Mummy
Nature: Adamant

Shadow claw
Mean look (look at those eyes)
Destiny bond

These moves are the moves it has at level 1

It is a ghost and dark Pokemon
I am not to bothered if you are wanting to change any think or even the colours!
But this is my idea.

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soo late, but those eyes aint gonna let me sleep for a long, long time. WHAT Have YOU Done!!
just noticed, but 3rd Sep happen to be my b'day. The irony!
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This is a Pokemon I've been thinking about for a really long time... Toxidalon! Its a Poison-Dragon with Levitate, exposing three weaknesses. Its entry in the Pokedex says, " This Pokemon's roar can topple a building, as can its razor sharp claws." Base stats are 70 HP, 119 Atk, 105 Satk, 84 Defense, 80 Sdef, and 96 Spd. Name origin is Toxic and Dragon. Moves are
Poison Jab
Dragon Pulse
Night Slash
Air Slash
Psycho Cut
Dragon Claw
Shadow Claw
Sunny Day
Gunk Shot
Draco Meteor
Fire Fang
Ice Fang
Thunder Fang
Ice Beam
Work Up
Defense Curl
Steel Wing
Wing Attack
Simple Beam
Hyper Beam
Dual Chop
And it has a signature Poison type move, Diseased Rage, which is a special attack and has 120 base power and 90 accuracy, but it only works if a Pokemon has been poisoned in the battle, it doesn't matter which one. It gives off 1 Atk EV, 1 Satk EV, and 1 Spd EV. This is a legendary, so it can't breed. It is purple and black, with big pincers on its face, kinda like Haxorus. It has two wings, with scales on them instead instead of feathers. Its hands are on the end of its wings, with two claws. It has legs with three claws, and also scales. Actually, it has scales everywhere. This is the Fury Pokemon. Hope you like it!

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The other top pokemon, this cat is base off of my cat, Runner:


(Normal Form)
Fight/ Normal
Runner Pokémon
10.5 lbs.
Ability: One-eyed- Increases Attack by 1 every turn, raises Attack & Speed by 1 at the end of the turn if accuracy is lowered.
Egg group: Undiscovered
-Runnster captivates Pokémon and trainers then attacks with huge power.
-Runnster loves to be scrubbed, which is a form of petting where you scratch it lightly.
-Runnster is said to be the softest Pokémon ever.
-Runnster's emeny, Kutie, is considered the female version of Runnster & his sister.
-Boys & Girls both love Runnster because it's cute and strong.
-People think Runnster is always winking, but actually he only has one eye.
-Runnster likes to go in boxes. Sometimes this is bothering, especially if something is in the box.

All Forms
- Agility
- Assurance
- Attract
- Beat Up
- Belly Drum
- Bite
- Brick Break
- Bulk Up
- Captivate
- Charm
- Close Combat
- Comet Punch
- Covet
- Crunch
- Cut
- Detect
- Double Hit
- Double Team
- Drain Punch
- Dragon Dance
- DynamicPunch
- ExtremeSpped
- Faint Attack
- Fake Out
- False Swipe
- Fire Fang
- Foul Play
- Frustration
- Giga Impact
- Hidden Power
- Hone Claws
- Hyper Fang
- Ice Fang
- Lick
- Mega Punch
- Night Slash
- Power-Up Punch
- Protect
- Quick Attack
- Rest
- Return
- Scratch
- Sleep Talk
- Sucker Punch
- Super Fang
- Swagger
- Thrash
- ThunderFang
- Toxic
Other Forms
- Acrobatics (Flying)
- Aerial Ace (Flying)
- Bullet Punch (Battle)
- Dragon Claw (Dragon Tamer)
- Dual Chop (Dragon Tamer)
- Iron Tail (Battle)
- Meteor Mash (Battle)
- Outrage (Dragon Tamer)
- Phantom Force (Shadow)
- Play Rough (Cute)
- Psycho Cut (Psychic)
- Shadow Claw (Shadow)
- Shadow Punch (Shadow)
- Zen Headbutt (Psychic)

~ Punch-Crunch: 95 Pow, 95 Acc, 10 PP, Fighting, Physical; The user punches then bites the opposing pokemon, may make the Pokémon flinch (20%) [Only Runnster can learn it].
~ Cat Scratch: 50 Pow, 100 Acc, 25 PP, Normal, Physical; The opposing pokemon gets scratched (every cat pokemon can learn it)
~ Run Power: - Pow, 100 Acc, 25 PP, Fighting, Status; Raises the user's Attack & Speed by 1.

HP: 100
Attack: 150
Defense: 85
Sp. Atk: 30
Sp. Def: 85
Speed: 150
Total: 600

Gives off 1 Attack and 1 Speed EV.

28.5 lbs
Cyclops- Ups Atk & Speed by 1 every turn, raises Attack by 2 & Speed by 1 if a accuracy is lowered.

HP: 100
Attack: 170
Defense: 110
Sp. Atk: 50
Sp. Def: 100
Speed: 170
Total: 700

Yuck Pokemon
7.6 lbs
Ability: Yuck Charm- Like Attract/ Cute Charm, but has a 25% chance of Poisoning attracted Pokémon.
Egg Group: Field
- Kutie's emeny is Runnster, her "brother". They will fight to show their trainer their strength.

HP: 150
Attack: 30
Defense: 85
Sp. Atk: 150
Sp. Def: 75
Speed: 100
Total: 600

Gives off 1 HP and 1 Sp. Atk EV

??.? lbs.
Ability: Yuck Shine- Lowers opponent's accuracy by 5% and has a 10% chance to poison an opponent when it does a special attack.

Normal/ Dark
12.4 lbs
Ability: Bright Darkness- Increases Attack (50%) or Sp. Atk (50%) by 1 each turn.

Attack: 100
Defense: 100
Sp. Atk: 100
Sp. Def: 100
Speed: 100

Runnster: Runner and a ninja
Kutie: Kutie

Name Origins:
Runnster: Another name for my cat, Runner
Kutie: The 'K' from "yuck" and Cutie my cat
Runnie: RUNN-ster + kut-IE

King T: Thousands of years ago, Runnster looked different. They didn't wear headbands, leg bands, or tail "caps". There was a war between the Runnsters and the Kuties. There was no king to rule the kingdom they called "Runnie" because they both evolved from Runnie. The Runnsters picked a possible king. That was T. He was a popular musician, a known warrior because his father was the leader of the Runnster army, and he wore a headband, leg bands, and a tail caps. His father didn't like the fashion but T did, so he wore it everywhere, including in battle. T was chosen to be king for his actions and because everybody knew him. T's headband had a "T" in the middle like now, but was changed to a crown when he was king. Runnsters wanted to look like him, so they made headbands, leg bands, and tail caps. They had "T"s in the middle to show respect to their king. King T was the first Runnster to discover the form changing items. When King T passed, the Runnsters buried the treasures (form change items) in King T's tomb.

Runnster Card

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Runnster @Runnsterite
4 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Speed
 -Power- Up Punch
 -Punch- Crunch
 -Run Power
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Hampstar - Normal

This fluffy pokemon is a very popular choice, because of its soft and appealing hair. It creates winding burrows underground to live in, and is a very fast digger. Hampstar evolves into Hampstrafe by exposure to a shiny stone.

HP: 90
Att: 30
Def: 50
SpA: 70
SpD: 90
Spd: 50

Total: 380

Hampstrafe - Normal/Ground

This pokemon prefers to live in areas with fertile soil. It can dig faster than it can run, reaching speeds of up to 20mph whilst burrowing through the ground. It is a very adaptable species, and has been spotted living with colonies of Patrat and Sandslash.

HP: 120
Att: 50
Def: 70
SpA: 90
SpD: 100
Spd: 80

Total: 510

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I've been attempting to make Pokemon for at least 5 years now. Here are a few of my at least 400 Ideas.

Name: Steetal
Species: Iron Pokemon
Type: Steel
Ability: Sturdy Dream World: Rock Head
Name Origin: Pretty Simply, Steel & Metal

Lv1 Metal Sound
Lv1 Tackle
Lv6 Screech
Lv11 Defence Curl
Lv16 Bide
Lv21 Iron Defence
Lv26 Iron Head
Lv31 Take Down
Lv36 Iron Tail
Lv41 Protect
Lv46 Meteor Mash
Lv51 Explosion
Lv56 Lock-On
Lv56 Zap Cannon

HP: 55
Attack: 65
Defence: 90
Sp. Attack: 55
Sp. Defence: 75
Speed: 50
Overall: 380

Not really sure about evos yet.

Name: Flubberty
Species: Butterfly Pokemon
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Shed Skin Dream World: Wonder Guard
Name Origin: Scramble of the Word 'Butterfly'
Lv1: String Shot
Lv1: Tackle
Lv1: Poison Sting
Lv1: Leech Life
Lv5: Poison Sting
Lv10: Leech Life
Lv15: PoisonPowder
Lv16: Sleep Powder
Lv17: Stun Spore
Lv22: Moonlight (Males Only)
Lv22: Morning Sun (Females Only)
Lv22: Synthesis (Rare Genderless Only)
Lv27: Poison Jab
Lv32: Silver Wind
Lv37: Spider Web
Lv42: Attack Order
Lv42: Defend Order
Lv47: Bug Buzz
Lv52: Tail Glow

HP: 60
Attack: 60
Defence: 55
Sp. Attack: 75
Sp. Defence: 60
Overall: 385

Evos: Evolve from 2 Beginning Bug Pokemon, at Lv7 then 10, like normally.

Then Finally...

Name: Funkeln
Species: Sparkling Pokemon
Type: Fire/Electric
Ability: Blaze Dream World: Static
Name Origin: Funkeln, meaning sparkle in the German Language
Lv1 Tackle
Lv1 Growl
Lv7 Ember
Lv11 Defence Curl
Lv15 Quick Attack
Lv16 Charge
Lv21 Thunder Wave
Lv26 Flame Charge
Lv31 Agility
Lv36 Thunderbolt
Lv42 Flamethrower
Lv48 Swords Dance
Lv54 Eruption

HP: 80
Attack: 75
Defence: 80
Sp. Attack: 115
Sp. Defence: 70
Speed: 120
Overall: 440

Basically, he's a fully evolved form of a Fire Starter Pokemon I made up.

Thanks for reading, It took me a long time to choose which ones to pick.

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*Signature Move:

  • Fairy
  • 5 PP
  • Status
  • You may exchange the Fairy Typing of this Pokémon with a typing your opponent has. Fails on Safeguarded team. Snatchable. Stopped by Taunt. Fails on Fairies and Dragons, and fails on single-typed Pokémon. Example of valid target: Galvantula. Example of invalid target: Aromatisse.


OK, this is kinda old, but I wanted to draw another Dragon. But this times, it is updated to Pokémon X & Y's new mechanics and news, such as the fairy type.

Here it is! :) (I know it is not so clear. I tried to make it as clear as possible. I draw with pencils.)

Name: Sylviagon
Name Etymology: Sylph + Dragon
Ability: Omnipotence (All STAB moves's effect always trigger; User and Allies.)

Training: 3 HP
Catch Rate: 3 (0.4% with PokéBall, full HP)
Base Happiness: 140 (Higher than Normal)
Base EXP: 255
Growth Rate: Slow


Egg Groups : Undiscovered
Gender: Always Female
Egg cycles: 121 (minimum 30,855 steps)

Base Stats: 660

HP: 160
Attack: 100
Defense: 70
Special Attack: 100
Special Defense: 130
Speed: 100

Typing: Dragon / Fairy

Type Defense:

Super Effective: Ice - Fairy - Poison - Steel
Normal Effectiveness: Normal - Ground - Flying - Psychic - Rock - Ghost
Not very Effective: Fire - Electric - Water - Grass - Fighting - Bug - Dark
Immunity: Dragon

Evolution Chart:

Sylviagon does not evolve.

Pokédex description:
X&Y: It is said that this Pokemon appears only to virgins, and protect them from darkness.

Moves it can learn:

  • Abstract-Atom Wind*
  • Aqua Ring
  • Aqua Tail
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aromatic Mist
  • Attract
  • Aurora Beam
  • Barrier
  • Bestow
  • Blizzard
  • BubbleBeam
  • Calm Mind
  • Captivate
  • Charge Beam
  • Charm
  • Coil
  • Covet
  • Crafty Shield
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Draco Meteor
  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Dragon Tail
  • DragonBreath
  • Draining Kiss
  • Dream Eater
  • Earth Power
  • Energy Ball
  • Fairy Lock
  • Fairy Wind
  • Fire Blast
  • Flamethrower
  • Flash Cannon
  • Focus Blast
  • Giga Drain
  • Grassy Terrain
  • Haze
  • Heal Bell
  • Healing Wish
  • Horn Drill
  • Ice Beam
  • Icy Wind
  • Leaf Tornado
  • Light Screen
  • Mist
  • Misty Terrain
  • MoonBlast
  • MoonLight
  • Nature Power
  • Petal Blizzard
  • Protect
  • Reflect
  • Refresh
  • Silver Wind
  • Surf
  • Tailwind
  • ThunderBolt
  • Toxic
  • Twister
  • Water Pulse
  • Waterfall

And moves that every simple Pokémon learn (by simple, I mean usually; Return, Frustration, Protect, Double Team and the likes).

And my suggested moveset:

Sylviagon @ Weakness Policy:
Trait: Omnipotence
EVs: 252 Speed / 252 Sp.Atk / 4 Sp.Def
Timid Nature

  • Abstract-Atom Wind
  • DragonBeath
  • MoonBlast
  • Fire Blast / Focus Blast / Water Pulse / Ice Beam / Thunderbolt

The first move is the signature, effects above. Then, we may use 3 attacks, as most likely, you should be able to make them STAB. Thus, triggering Omnipotence, which triggers their effect to 100 % as long as they are STAB. This means, even if DragonBreath seems weak, it always inflicts paralysis. MoonBlast always reduce by one stage Sp.Atk of the opponent. Fire Blast, if you could make it STAB, always burns. Focus Blast, if STAB, lowers the special defense. Water Pulse confuses opponents, very annoying with paralysis. Ice beam always freezes, which makes it OP. ThunderBolt is an alternative to DragonBreath if you want more space.

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Okay, it took me about a week to draw (and I pretty much redrawed them several times) these guys, but I'm finally done and ready to post this.
Three Grass/Fighting types based on tulips.

Click the Pokemon names for their images, but be warned that I'm not very talented at drawing.

Patuliseed (Fighter Forme)- The Seed Fighter- Fighting/Grass type

The name origin- Patada (kick in Spanish), Seed, Tulip/Tulipan (tulipan is tulip in Spanish).

HP: 65
Atk: 75
Def: 60
Sp.Atk: 40
Sp.Def: 55
Speed: 60

Arm Thrust
Beat Up
Brick Break
Bulk Up
Bullet Seed
Comet Punch
Cross Chop
Double Kick
Double Slap
Drain Punch
Energy Ball
Focus Energy
Force Palm
Giga Drain
Grass Whistle
Grassy Terrain
Hammer Arm
Hidden Power
High Jump Kick
Jump Kick
Karate Chop
Leaf Blade
Leech Seed
Low Kick
Low Sweep
Magicial Leaf
Mega Drain
Mega Kick
Morning Sun
Needle Arm
Petal Blizzard
Petal Dance
Poison Jab
Power Whip
Power-Up Punch
Quick Guard
Razor Leaf
Rock Smash
Rolling Kick
Seismic Toss
Sleep Powder
Solar Beam
Sunny Day
Triple Kick

Ability: Chlorophyll

Whenever it uses a defensive move it changes to it's "Tulip Peeking" forme, which raises it's Def and Sp.Def each up to 90 until it uses an offensive move again, kind of like Aegislash.

Again, I suck at drawing..

Plantada- The Fighting Plant Pokemon- Fighting/Grass type.

The name origin- Patada (kick in Spanish), Plant/Planta(Planta is plant in Spanish).

HP: 90
Atk: 100
Def: 85
SpAtk: 65
SpDef: 80
Speed: 90

This thing learns everything Patuliseed does, but with the following moves added to the list-

Body Slam
Bullet Punch
Circle Throw
Close Combat
Double Hit
Double Team
Flower Shield
Grass Knot
Grass Pledge
Leaf Tornado
Mach Punch
Mega Punch

And the ability stays the same.

This drawing also sucks, but I like how I drew the vine arms (well I didn't do it as well as I did the first time, which actually looked pretty cool.
I was lazy with the drawing though. Make the vine arms thinner and a little smaller. Make the feet bigger and a little thicker. imagine a body similar to that of deoxys's, the vines (similar look to Deoxys's red and blue DNA stuff) make up the body and connect perfectly to the hands, just like deoxys.

Tuliplantada- The Tulip Fighter Pokemon- Grass/Fighting.

Name origin- Tulip/Tulipan, Patada, Plant/Planta.

HP: 110
Atk: 120
Def: 100
Sp.Atk: 80
Sp.Def: 95
Speed: 100

Gained moves:
Aura Sphere
Dynamic Punch
Focus Blast
Focus Punch
Forest's Curse
Hammer Arm
Sky Uppercut
Storm Throw
Stun Spore
Worry Seed

Same ability

Patuliseed is like a planted seed, though it doesn't look like one. It evolves to Plantada, which is the starting plant that grows from the seed. It evolves to Tuliplantada, which is the tulip that grows completely from the seed.
The plant hands and plant heads open up beautifully and then shoot out the Solor Beam (which isn't very useful until the final stage of the Pokemon).

So.. I hope you liked these Pokemon, I'm a bad drawer.. but you should at least be able to see how it's supposed to look... o3o

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That isa terrible drawing.
I know it is! I GET IT! Sheesh.. :P I'm a terrible drawer. give me a pen and I'll draw you a damn good looking stick.
What did you do to my eyes? -3- now I must use ching chong selfie
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i will post my art later
Painting Pokemon
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 83 Lbs
Ability: Own Tempo / Technician / Moody
Stats: 55 HP / 35 Atk / 45 Def / 35 SpA / 55 SpD / 95 Spe
Evolves from Smeargle after learning sketch for the 4th time

It can learn sketch and it can learn a move called paint where you make the opponent have one of your own moves and ability permanently :p

It can run so many sets.... why should i even post one?

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We already have Smeargle for that role.........
Better make Paint copy an opponents ability permanentely, except like Wonder Guard.
yeah, thats good
i meant just ability, but ok.
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Alright! I'm going to give this a try.

Ever wish that Scizor, with all of his amazing attack power was a weeny bit faster? Well meet Hornnet.
Possible Designs:

Name: Horn + hornet

Type: Bug/Flying

Description: Uses it's horn to kill its prey. Zooms around with it's insect-like wings to catch and eat baby weedles and caterpies.

Trait(s): Swarm, Technician

70 HP
130 Atk
75 Def
45 SpA
60 SpD
120 Spe


(trade Holding Metal Coat)


Scyther--> (Hold razor claw, night-time) -->Hornnet

Likely movepool: Megahorn, Areal Ace, Bug Bite, Horn Leech, Swords Dance, Quick Attack, SuperPower, Horn Drill, Hone Claws, Agility,

About: This is basically one of scyther's alternate evolutions. He's the Fast and Hard hitting kind. He'll likely be in the OU teir. He abuses Areal Ace and technician together.

Let me know what you think.
If you have more ideas for design, stats, movepool, or evolutions, go ahead and comment, I want to make this guy awesome.

Please do NOT comment: "Hey Gigaslash, your sketch is crappy!" Because I know that already. You can put links to your ideas for design and I'll add them to the possible designs of Hornnet.

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Hey Gigaslash, your sketch is crappy!
I mean, a box with a red "x" in it? :P
I'll try and see if I can get the pic to work.
Found the problem.
You have an e-mail link. We can't see this, only you can.
Do you know how I could get it to work? All I did was take a photo of it and send it to my email, then I copied the URL and pasted it. What would you reccomend?
download the picture to your computer then upload it through
I see a little problem ... Scyther would have no roles with a Hard Hitting Super Speedy Evolution ...

Overall, not bad :)
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Alright, I thought of something nice.

[Pic coming soon]

Name: Sludge+Horror

Evolves from Muk

Type: Dark Poison
Ability: Stench/ Sticky Hold/ poison touch DW

105 HP
105 Atk
90 Def
50 SpA
105 SpD
70 Spe

Base stat Total: 525

Description: Feeds on grimer's to raise his defense.

He's somwhat defensive, with a usable attack stat. He lacks weaknesses, and is good at stalling. Some of the following sets are what I have in mind for him:

Sludgemorr @ Life Orb
Trait: Poison Touch
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Atk/ 4 SpD
-Poison Jab
-Swords Dance
-Slack Off

Sludgemorr @ Black Sludge
Trait: Sticky Hold
EVs: 252 HP/ 220 Def/ 36 SpD
-Slack Off

Spikes Lead
Sludgemorr @ Black Sludge
Trait: Stench
EVs: 252 HP/ 72 Atk/ 184 Def
-Toxic Spikes
-Slack Off
-Poison Jab

Okay, when I said Pic coming soon, I have something else in mind. Will someone design Sludgemorr? You can put links to your Designs in the comments. I think all of you out there have better drawing skills than I do, and you just might be more creative. Thanks!
Hope you like em.

Likely teir: OU or UU

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If it evolves from Muk, it should keep the same abilities as Muk, except maybe one ability its changed. That is how evolutions usually work.
ALright, changed
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this pic sort of stinks
this Pokemon evolves from the Pokemon kute[i will ad pic later]by unhappyness, kute can also evolve into gustrong[i will add pic later]by happyness

Once a child's kite, this Pokemon was accidentally flown into a tall tree, where it's flier coud not get to it. Beaten by the wind in the tree the kite eventually became a spirit, now, overcome by extrem sadness, it rides the winds by night and searches for it's previous owner to take it back.
gost and flying

shadow tag

name origin
its name is derived fom the words kite and nightmare put together they form kitemare

hp 110
attack 75
defense 134
special attack 134
special defense 75
speed 134

air slash
air cutter
shadow ball
confuse ray
aerial ace
brave bird
sky attack
tail wind
dark pulse
double team
quick attack
night shade
clear smog

i will add more later I'm sure

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Yeah, original but too strong. At a base of 662. If it is legendary, it's OK, mine is legendary. But if not, I see it too strong. Finally, it's your decision.

Overall, creative and ... cute ?
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Traits: Pure Power/No Guard/Multiscale(DW)
HP 95
Atk 70
Def 85
SAtk 147
SDef 70
Spd 120

Dual Chop
Volt Switch
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch
Fire Punch
Dragon Pulse
Bulk Up
Ice Shard
Earth Power
Tri Attack
Shadow Ball
Stealth Rock
Nasty Plot
Draco Meteor

A Dragon that's not legendary that can aura sphere with STAB... my dream come true!
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Aoifalame (pronounced Ouf-a-lame)
[Insert image here]- is coming
Name of Origin: Aoi-Blue in Japanese, Flame-Fire
Weight: 15.2lbs
Height: 3'07''
Experience Growth: 800,000 Points Fast
Gender Ratio: 50% male, 50% female
Ev yeild: 2 Atk

Type: Fire/Ghost
Evolution chart: Shuppet->lv37=Bannete Shuppet->Fire Stone=Aoifalame

-Flame burst lv3
-Inccinerate lv9
-Flame Charge lv18
-Fire Punch lv28
-FireBlast tm
-WiloWisp tm
-Flare Blitz breeding
-Inferno dw

-Night Shade lv1
-Hex lv14
-Shadow Punch lv28
-Shadow Sneak lv29
-Shadow Ball lv40
-Confuse Ray lv55
-Nightmare breeding

-Thunder Punch lv28
-Thunder Wave tm

-Ice Punch lv28
-Ice Shard breeding

-Psywave lv20
-Hypnosis lv38
-Calm Mind hm

-Growl lv1
-Fake Out lv32
-Mean Look lv65
-Moonlight lv72
-Hidden Power tm
-Return tm
-Frustration tm
-Tri Attack breeding
-Pain Split breeding

-Knock Off lv10
-Feint Attack lv18
-Bite lv18
-Taunt tm
-Dark Pulse tm
-Payback tm
-Pursuit Dw
-Foul Play breeding
-Nasy Plot breeding

-Toxic tm

-Drain Punch tm
-Arm Thrust breeding

HP 75: very reasonable for ghost type
Atk 127: it is a physical based Pokemon
Def 80: reasonable considering Hp
SAtk 35: Yeh its special side of offence sucks
SDef 113: Makes up for low Hp and average Def
Speed 85: any more than 90 and it could be considered overpowered, I'm keeping it realistic.

Total: 515 seems low but thats because of the very low Satk and Hp

Aoifalame could be a great technicon abuser with 2 stab moves being boosted.
Though what it can do is limited, It has no chance of abusing a Satk though it has a decent coverage as well as priority Shadow Sneak which will make very light work of Latios, Latias, Starmie, Gengar and Alakazam.
It also has Flame Charge which can be great coverage in Ou.
FC not only gets stab but Technicion boost.
The speed boost after is also nice.
Drain Punch can be easly abused to counter Tyranitar and regain any lost Hp from life orb or rocks.
Fake Out is also here to help and you could try abuse a normal gem.
It has a wide range of Dark type moves as well, tough the coverage is similar to Ghost and it deosnt receive stab.
You could try Pursuit but In some cases the Pokemon your trapping may stay in, you dont want to be taking a surf from starmie.

Will finish later

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Cool we got a CAP. We need a pokemon that like many is actually based of real animals or mythology. Here's one I thought of. It's based of the Mapinguari, a mythical creature of native legend often called the Bigfoot of South America. It's a large ape like creature with a mouth in its belly that terrorizes all around it.

Mapinga (if you have a better name I'm all ears)
Double mouth pokemon

Dark psychic
Abilities prankster rattled sheer force (DW unavailable)
Pokedex description:
Mapinga lurks deep in the jungle where it patiently waits for prey which it then swiftly ambushes with its two mouths and sharp claws

Evolves from ----- when exposed to a dusk stone

Field and monster groups
Moves by level

Start: tackle
Scary face
Level 23 feint attack
Level 32 trick
Level 44 night slash
Level 50 agility

By Tm
Rain dance
Sunny day
Fire blast
Wild charge
Flame charge
Rock slide
Solar beam
Focus blast
Hidden power
Brick break
Dragon claw
Hone claws
Swords dance


By tutor
Fire punch
Iron head
Zen head but
Gunk shot
Signal beam
Heat wave
Magic coat
Foul play
Dark puksr
Magic room
Wonder room
Role play

By a prior evolution
Sucker punch
Confuse ray

By breeding
Karate chip
Miracle eye
Mean look
Baton pass

HP 76
Atk 102
Def 62
Sp Atk 106
Sp def 58
Spd 136
Total 538

Pretty much a ludicrously fast and frail mixed hitter and supporter with a cool typing. I have move set ideas
But I didn't put them up to save space. I can't draw for my life so I don't have concept art but if you look up the Mapinguari you should get a decent idea.

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Height 2 meters
Weight 40 kilos

Experience at 100: 1250000
50% male 50% female
Body style: bipedal no tail
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Abilities:Blind Energy[gives double power to dark type moves in the fog]
-Air Slash
-Scald/Surf/Refog[ signature ]
-Night Storm(signature!!)
All of it's moves:Liepard's,only with Night Storm at Lvl.68 and Refog at 73
Since Night Storm is sort of like Leaf Storm,you have to EV train it in S. Attack to cover it,while training it in defenses might be a good idea.U-Turn is there because it's not going to stay in very long with Night Storm.Air Slash for coverage,Water moves for power and Refog to help Night Storm with its ability.Night Storm for sweeping through defensive weather teams.Looks like Liepard,only with blue as it's main color instead of purple.I don't know which site to link it to,so I don't know how to give you a proper image.Evolves from it using the Dusk Stone.

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Looks cool what are the stats?
told you,the stats are liepards,except it has higher s.attack.About 134-350 when its lv.100. :D
<Ssssssssigh>i misssssssss brotad.(creeperssssss ftw)
Missed me? :3
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Orking (from orca, ore and king) steel water
Abilities sturdy sniper
Dream world: water veil
Evolves from dolferro at level 37
Pokedex: these large creatures live in highly social groups and are skilled predators
Field and water 1 groups
Hp 105
Atk 110
Ded 70
Sp Atk 50
Sp def 80
Sp 90
Total 505

Level up (not in order)
Water gun
Aqua jet
Iron tail
Iron head
Aqua tail
Hydro pump
Giga impact

Rain dance
Dragon tail
Rock slide
Flash cannon
Hyper beam
Giga impact
Ice beam
Hidden power
Echoed voice

Aqua tail
Role play
Signal beam
Super power
Electro web
Earth power
Hyper voice
Stealth rock

Aqua ring
Icicle crash
Tail whip
Fire fang
Ice fang
Thunder Fang
Stealth rock

Basically an orca with orca colorscheme except it is light blue where orcas are black and metallic grey where orcas are white. It serves as a simple bulky attacker. I tried to make something that wasn't overpowered but wasn't weak either, a pokemon that game freak would actually design . The name is a reference to many Pacific Northwest culture mythologies which state that orcas are the kings of the sea, with dolphins as their loyal soldiers and sea lions as their slaves.

You know this is dead riight?
Trying to revive it. But your right there's not much hope.
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Kardskyedull Ground-type Abilities the same as Cubone and Marowak... It happens to be FROM Cubone and Marowak :P

Better than Sucket! lol I made this a while back just never uploaded...
The Baby Rock-Stone Pokemon
Attack: 70 (100-174)
Defense: 80 (115-167) Weight: 80 lbs
Special Attack: 60 (88-137) Height: 2"7
Special Defense: 90 (125-150)
Speed: 50 (88-116)
HP: 100 (130-210) Name origin:

                                                                          Kid- a child or young person.

Hard- So as to be solid, tight, or firm. (the Pokemon has a "hard" skull/head :P)
Skull- the bony fram work of the head, enclosing the brain and supporting the face, the skeleton of the head.
Dull- Not sharp; blunt (reffering to the Pokmons' "dull" horn)
Eye- The organ of sight


Level up

Level 1 Tackle
level 1 Headbutt
level 1 Growl
level 3 Roar
level 5 Leer
level 9 Sand Attack
level 16 Bonemerang
level 24 False Swipe
level 27 Head Smash
level 29 Trash
level 32 Fling
level 37 Bone Rush
level 42 Endeavor
level 46 Double-Edge
level 52 Retaliate

                                     Hidden Power
                                      Sunny Day
                                        Ice Beam
                                       Smack Down
                                          Brick Break
                                           Double Team
                                          Fire Blast
                                          Rock Tomb
                                          Aerial Ace
                                          Echoed Voice
                                          False Swipe
                                          Swords Dance
                                          Rock Slide
                                          Rock Smash

Rock Smash

Egg Moves

Ancient Power
Belly Drum
Chip Away
Double Kick
Iron Head
Perish Song
Skull Bash

Move Tutor Moves

Earth Power
Icy Wind
Thunder Punch

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Wut about de ten letta rule fo de name?
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Kijalo Fighting Steel
Not sure where the name came from
Evolution- Riolu

                   | Happiness daytime
                   | Trade holding Fist Plate

Abilities Justified Anger Point (DW)
EVs 1 Atk 1 Satk 1 Spd
Base Stats 117 Atk 130 Satk 72 Def 72 Sdef 127 Spd 75 HP
Moves all the ones Lucario and Riolu can learn and thunderbolt ice beam stored power moonlight ancient power magical leaf magic bounce water pulse bounce iron tail blaze kick willowisp thunder wave and signature move aura storm which is just like aura sphere except it targets all opponents and looks cooler.
Height 5' 5"
Weight 120 lbs
Pokedex entry: Aura Pokemon. This Pokemon meditates in a cave for 100 years. When it comes out, it can hear grass rustling millions of miles away and can see a mouse blink from the top of a mountain. Since I am absolutely unable to draw this or any other pokemon, I will just say what it looks like. Bigger Lucario with shiny colors and red eyes and black fists, one of which is clutching a big ball of golden aura energy. Kijalo out!