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What if the Checker sorted by type? Like, say my Serperior had a mono-Grass Moveset. I go to the Checker and choose the Grass Type, then click "Calculate". Instead of getting a bunch of names, I get various types, like the Fire Type,and under it Poke'mon's names, like Charmander. That way, I can see both what types threaten my Poke'mon, and how many of each type. I think it would help people new to Poke'mon, who can't tell the type of a Poke'mon by looking at it's name.

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This was suggested by me already.
This was suggested by me already. And hidden.
Awww, man, really? Well, I'll keep it on here in case it's not hidden.

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Yeah not a bad idea, I'll consider it for the future.

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Thanks, I appreciate it.