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Ok so I'm not going to lie the db league currently sucks IMO.
Mew, Kyron and I (I'm sure Spoink was there to) were chatting in chat and we all had the same views.
Their is to many leaders, stupid rules and almost no variety.

It seriously needs revamping and I'm calling out to mods and editors to help change if this is passed.
It would be much more cleaner and simple.
Better as well.
Everything but the original post would need hiding, though answers could be edited.

I'm sure others will agree that the league currently isn't good, and of the many challengers it seems only leaders are challenging as they do make up as the active majority.

There would be no stupid rules and only 1 battle Appart from in cc
We would need (in this order)
E4 can be decided after but in the mean time.
Experts and editors get priority but I'm sure editors and mods would be in the e4

I know some may disagree with this because they were recently made leader of have collected badges but tbh this needs to happen so I'm calling out to Trachy to approve.
Don't answer unless your a mod please, no hatred and don't complain I've got no authority in this, I don't care it was my idea and your likely no higher than me.

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Yeah I was there. Upvoted.
I agree that it does need revamping but we need a single person or two or three people running it. Not like 10. Unless its like a majority vote thing then thats fine.
Well I hope I will be co running it as it was my idea
Yea you should be in charge some way
Just some suggestions I've thought about so there isn't too much controversy.

1) Make it to where you can challenge the league in which ever order. I think this would be helpful in the league because it would speed up challenges, (So we don't have to sit around and wait for whomever to come online)

2) Make it to where we don't need both a PO/PS leader. (We could have a leader who can only do PS, but if you for some reason can't use it, it wouldn't be a hindrance for you to challenge the league.)  The only problem I can see is how would we set admission into challenging the E4, if that even is something that will be sticking around.

3) Also, I'm not to sure about Mods / Experts / Editors getting priority for a spot, because there are some good Non-Experts who would be better suited for a specific tier than a Mod / Editor / Expert.

4) Also, you forgot about LC & NFE, Don't know if that was purposefully or what, but I see you have PU, so why not NFE?

Those are just somethings that you should think about.
I seriously want to stay Gym Leader xP
also the leaders shouldnt be put in that order we all no how hard it is to beat me at monotype XD
Don't flatter yourself ;]
Lc has been saved for Trachy as for nfe nobody really has good experience in it.
Why not just get rid of league, it is not really that great anyway. And look at all the problems it is causing.
The league is good Sf, it's just as Blob said, the only problem is the leaders and rules :[
Why not just get rid of league, it is not really that great anyway. And look at all the problems it is causing. — commented 7 hours ago by Speed freak     

^ I so agree with this. The league has been causing problems, because of people just being a bit overexcessive. The league is pretty much never used because of the fact that the Rules of the Leaders are stupid. What good has came out of copying Smogon and claiming that idea to be yours? Nothing, it only caused more dispute. Lets face it, no one will beat the *Entire* league with àll these stupid rules to make a Leader have a better advantage. Screw revamping it, just take it down, wasting time.
I think the whole point of this post was to take away the stupid rules & other things which have been holding the league back.
Yeh to loose stupid rules many leaders ect and make it like it was in the past when it was good before people edited in their own rules.
I suggested cutting the rules long ago!! And now people actually agree?
yes you suggested cutting rules but you also tried to enforce your own rules(or DTs i forget) i think as long as no-one tries to majorly force something on us there wont be a problem(because lets face we all dont like it when some random person tries to tell us what to do over the internet)

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Okay, I'm answering this with my suggestion because I was closer to the answer button and well... I liekz picturez :3

Okay, this is my suggestion to get the league running.

1 authority figure

Now, I'd like you to look at this from outside the " this means I won't be involved " view. It's insanely easy to do that, and I can totally sympathize if you still do.

We really need a single Editor / Mod ( preferably mod. ) to run the league. While this would mean you wouldn't be involved in running it, in the end it would work for the better.

Whoever this ends up being needs to pick the league and the E4, with an unbiased opinion. To be honest, last time we had a lot of gym leaders and places that were really just thrown together. A lot of it, which I can understand, was " this is my friend, so they should be in the league. ". Which I'm not bashing that at all, it's in the past and doesn't really matter now. What does matter is that it doesn't happen this time.

Gym leaders

Chosen by whoever the " 1 auth. fig. ( yes, that lazy ) " is. Probably by battling said person who hasn't been decided.

E4 + Champion

Basically, whoever the person in charge is elects 8 people who they think would make for a good E4 member / champion. They make a tournament out of it. Winner of the tournament: Champion. Other 3: E4 members 2, 3, and 4. Then take the runner ups and let them have a tournament for the first E4 spot. If we don't let members run around, we can then have a smoothly flowing system.

Note-able things

  • 1 leader per gym
  • No insane rules. Rules must be approved by authority figure
  • Be in it for the people. Don't just be in the spot so you can say you have it, use it to give back to the community and make the site a more enjoyable place.

And that's my opinion on it. Please give feedback!

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It's not that I don't want to; it's just my baby ( NU ) is already taken up by JCM, who has been here longer and wants the spot more than I do. I don't think we should repeat tiers. SOMEONE out there must play Doubles or LC or something. xD
I reserved Lc for Trachy :D
Spoink is right, I want the spot so bad. I love my job.
The people who beat me in monotype took multiple times. Even if they did have type advantages, the only people who beat me in one try where trachy,mike, josh(darn rain teams), and maybe mew not sure about him it was one or two times. But trachy had Dragon and i had Posion, Mike had Fighting i had Bug, Josh was Water and i had Grass i think. My main point is that it can be tough to have to build a team with all at least one weakness in common and also cover any type they are placed against. I dont mind be second im just saying having those two at the bottom might not be the best idean
I'm fine with monotype and challenge cup being moved up but I still think gyms should be battled in order excluding the first 3 though cc can be easy to beat depending on what team you receive.
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My suggestion: Hostile Takeover, using Josh's suggestion.

I'd like to take over for this, not because I think I'm super awesome and think I'd dominate this, but because it's honestly really annoying to see this issue constantly popping up.

I'm not on extremely often, so I don't have a huge level of personal attachment or interest to this, nor do I really have a lot of bias. I happen to also be a moderator, so that works well with what Josh was saying as well. I can be super argumentative, so stuff won't get through easily, and I don't really desire the power, but rather seek it to prevent misuse. Here are my conditions if I were to do this:

  • There can only be one person serving as a gym leader. If for some reason they cannot do their job, they cannot select someone to take their place. They can recommend someone, but ultimately, the authority figure would make the decision.
  • Any and all rules would have to be approved by the leader. Rules cannot be made because you are afraid of your team losing. If it is a serious issue that can compromise almost any team, then it is fair to be banned. I don't see the fairness in banning something because it gives your specific team a weakness.

There would be other things, but the general idea is that I don't think the system should be so lassiez-faire with the leaders/E4, especially considering how easily the spots can change up.

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Could you explain what lassiez-faire means? :x

Lassiez-faire in an economic sense is a nearly free market where you can do just about whatever you want, provided it's legal. In the pokemon context I'm using it in, it means leaving the leaders to structure their own rules and trust that they'll keep things fair and realistic. The problem is that everyone gets super territorial about things, nobody wants to change, and nothing gets done.
Well, no one outranks DT but PM, so I think it is fair for him to take over, plus DT is the most unbiased of us all.
Oh, forgot to mention. It has been decided that DT is in charge.