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262 views this says the site was created in 2008, but pm, trachy, sf, pb10, and dt have only been on it for 2 years instead of 4 why?

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I could only assume by what pm said is that, the database was made in 2008 the pokebase was introduced later I'm guessing.
I thought so too,

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The DB was made in 2008, the Pokebase wasn't.

Around Febuary / April 2010, PM made the Pokebase. There was no Meta, RMT, Mods, or any of that. Just the Pokebase.

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What Blob said in the comments is true. The site was here since 2008. But you couldnt make a account until 2 years ago when the Q&A section was created by Pokemaster. New users just dont know how reletivily new the Q&A,BS,and Meta is compared to the site itself.