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How do you get points here for me it says score: 161 ranked 7 what does that mean?

EDIT: now a year later I am ranked 5 with 22,606 points

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You can gain (or lose) points through the following means:

  • All users receive +20 points for making their first post on a section. Think of it like a sign-up bonus!
  • If your question or answer is up-voted, you'll receive +10 points.
  • If your question or answer is down-voted, you'll be penalised −10 points.
  • Having your answer selected as the best awards you +20 points, unless you were also the author of the question.
  • Selecting the best answer on your question yields +2 points.
  • For down-voting a post, you will receive −2 points. (This helps discourage unmeaningful or excessive down-voting.)

This system is identical across each section. Some of its deeper intricacies are as follows:

  • Any points gained or lost on a post are retained if it is hidden, unless it was a ‘best answer’; in that case, both the +20 points and +2 points are foregone.
  • Hidden posts with no dependent posts beneath them are deleted periodically by the site admin, in which case all point changes involving those posts are cleared with them.
  • You can gain a maximum of 200 points from up-votes on one post. If you receive a 21st upvote or more, you won't receive any additional points from it.
  • You can lose a maximum of 40 points from down-votes on one post. If you receive a 5th down-vote or more, you won't lose additional points from it.

To view your points total, view your profile page and look under the ‘Activity by...’ heading. You can access your profile page by clicking your username — a link can always be found inside the yellow navigation bar.

Please note that your points total is different for each section, so any score you earn on the main section is not transferable to Meta or RMT, and vice versa.

See also the list of privileges and required points — gaining points grants you extra powers, such as the ability to vote and create tags.

This answer is up to date as of 4 May, 2019.

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Thank you! I was just asking a question on freeze-dry’s effectiveness on Pokémon and it said I needed 100 points to make the tag “freeze-dry”. But how do you check points?
You can check your points by viewing your account page — you can go to it by clicking your username anywhere on the site. I’ll add this to the answer, actually.
Be aware though, your points total is different for each section. You gain points the same way everywhere on the site, but points you earn here on Meta don’t contribute to your score on the main section, and vice versa.
Is upvoting/downvoting even possibe anymore? I havent been able to do either lately and its kind of irritating
Yes, it is possible to vote. You're unable to do so because you don't currently have the requisite 30 points in any section.
oh, thanks @Fizz this is a new account for me as i hadnt used db in a while
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You can get Points by:

  1. You start with 20 as a base.
  2. Asking questions gets you 2 points.
  3. Answering questions gets 2 points.
  4. If someone votes your question or answer up, you gain 10 points.
  5. If someone chooses your answer as a best answer, you get 20 points.
  6. If you choose an answer to your question as Best, you get 4 points.

You can lose points by:

  1. If your answer or question is rated down you lose 10 points.
  2. If you vote an answer down you lose 2 points (but they may end up coming back later)
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Nice point system! ;)
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Wait! Your answer is false!
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