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How do you get points here for me it says score: 161 ranked 7 what does that mean?

EDIT: now a year later I am ranked 5 with 22,606 points

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I've completely rewritten this answer to list the exact points you get for each thing, since it's changed many times since this question was asked. Here we go.

  • All users start with 20 points. Think of it like a sign-up bonus ;)
  • If your question or answer is up-voted, you gain 10 points.
  • If your question or answer is down-voted, you lose 10 points.
  • Having your answer selected as the best gives you 20 points.
  • Selecting an answer as the best on your question gives you 2 points.
  • Down-voting a post loses you 2 points (this is to discourage people downvoting for no reason).

If a post is hidden, points gained from upvotes are lost, but points lost from downvotes stay, they do not come back. However, the -2 from downvoting gets returned eventually I think.

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Hang on, I just checked my points. i've lost all my points! why/what cuased this to happen?
@Tyrantrum: No, his concern is legitimate. Lots of people don't have the extra 20 points, even though they have no activity at all. And down voting 5 answers would leave you on 10 points anyway.
And you have not lost all of your points. Your total points are different for each section of the site. Your answers and points gained do not carry over from the main section to this section, for example. So if you just looked at your points in this section - where you have not posted much - then your amount of points is normal. You still have 60 points on the main section: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/tyrantrum1016
pokemaster, i was just curious what would happen if someone had an answer, then got so many down votes that he/she would total less than 0 points so he/she would have -something points.
unless it acts like the pomeg berry glitch (and other core series glitches) where a  negative number = highest possible value eg 1,000,000points.
yours indubitably: loomhigh123555
People can have negative points. If you get downvoted enough, your points will start going into the negatives.
I just opened my account today and I didn't get 20 points):
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You can get Points by:

  1. You start with 20 as a base.
  2. Asking questions gets you 2 points.
  3. Answering questions gets 2 points.
  4. If someone votes your question or answer up, you gain 10 points.
  5. If someone chooses your answer as a best answer, you get 20 points.
  6. If you choose an answer to your question as Best, you get 4 points.

You can lose points by:

  1. If your answer or question is rated down you lose 10 points.
  2. If you vote an answer down you lose 2 points (but they may end up coming back later)
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Nice point system! ;)
...And then Pokemater answers...
Wait! Your answer is false!
Bad Swampert! :(
Gosh. "Answered May 22, >>>2010<<<, not recent. It's an old answer, just a suggestion, don't make useless comments like that on answers 3 years old :)
says the person 3 days late to reply >.<