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I remember an old question when speed freak asked how to gain points. Pokemaster told him he was right, but voting a question up or down was only a six point difference. Whenever I vote someone up of down now it is a 10 point difference. Why is that.

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Well, just like on Speed's version of this question, Pokemaster said that he's constantly playing around with the reward amounts for the points system. Maybe Pokemaster just decided to change some of the numbers and stuff.

This is purely a guess, by the way. xD

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Yeah that's right. I changed it ages ago, not long after the old question was asked. Dunno where that question went...I don't think I deleted it.
Its "How to gain points" foundin the related questions of this question.
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Maybe it's a new points system! but, I don't know about that...

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