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It seems that a LOT of things have changed when it comes to the new users when they first join since I joined. I would think it would be good if I could know about some of the changes, as I have been told things like "New users can change their usernames for the first few minutes" that I had no idea until a couple minutes ago, I am lucky that that did not lead me to mistakenly banning someone for duplicate accounts XD. So yeah, is there anything else?

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I know that until they get more points, ALL of their posts need to be approved in the Admin before you can physically see the post for real. You can also reject stuff if it's against the rules. That's why you see question pop out of nowhere behind a question asked more recently before the other question was approved. My addition.
Actually Speed new users can continue to change their names until they post something.

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The only things I can think of are:

  • Users who have not posted yet may change their username. (Not including chat posts, only questions/answers/comments on the site.) This has actually been possible for a long time, it just never came up.
  • Posts by new users are now automatically flagged for moderation. There is an Admin link at the top where you can see if there are any posts awaiting moderation. Just click Approve if it's good, or Reject if it breaks the rules.
  • And the kicking feature in chat. If someone is being very disruptive you can click the dot next to their name and ban them from chat for 10 minutes.
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Once a Mod kicked someone and it showed the KICKBOT message 4 times. Does that mean the time is stacking up or what??
No ive seen trachy accidently double kick someone and they came back ten minutes later