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If you need 500 points to make new tags, I would like if you could make my points become 600 points for all sections on the site.

If you don't need 500 points, I would like my points for all sections of the site to become 0.

Josh did it for fun, I'm doing it to show I could care less about points except to make new tags.

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Wait, now you want to be an Expert?
No im assuming he's using Experts since they are the lowest with extra privileges
I think he said he would never do that again

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Thanks to Mew for reminding me about this question.

Sorry trachy but I'm not gonna change people's points around again. I changed my own a couple of times for a joke, and Josh's but I don't want to set a precedent.

You don't need to prove to anyone whether you care about points.

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