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I'll be finishing work for Xmas this week and should have a little more time to work on the site. I have a list stretching to the moon of things I want to add to the site, but I'd like to hear what everyone else wants.

And by asking here, everyone can upvote each item so I know which are most popular. (That doesn't mean I will definitely do all the top suggestions, but it is more likely.) You can suggest anything that's been suggested before or anything new you think of. Rules:

  • One suggestion per answer only. This way we can vote on individual features. If you have several suggestions, post multiple answers.
  • This is for the main site only, not Pokebase/meta/RMT. So anything like the Pokedex, movedex, any other pages. There is a separate question for Pokebase.
  • Vote up your favourite suggestions but please don't down-vote. If you don't like a suggestion just leave it alone.
  • Don't suggest an items section, I am already doing that.

I will keep this open for a week or so and start work next weekend.

To repeat: this is for the main site, not Pokebase nor any member stuff.

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i just have too many!!
Sorry to Mods. I am on my Kindle and I accidently clicked on Flag instead of Answer. Apologies.
^ Don't suggest anything...
Ninja is already doing that xP
XP, LeBoss. Though it seems like that when you put it like that :P
dang it it closed

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Add information of Missingno pokemon.

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Missingno. is a glitch Pokemon, which wasn't intentional; and adding information on it would almost be useless.
Sam X4 you're back on the site???
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Maybe add a page about Dynamic values.(DV's).

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Trust me, those numbers get REALLY technical.
I guess there is more that I can add though.
Wow, what are those. Like, deciding how many EVs you get?
this page is definitely worth it.
What do you think I should add to that page?
Sure. I think it'd be cool.
Everything on the serebii page is already on this site in more detail (except mirage island stuff).
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Update the moveset searcher with tutor and event moves.

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Maybe you can add wild Pokemon held items.

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Update the Facebook page more often. Or, you can add Admins to help you post updates on Facebook.

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I think the pokemon sprites from BW2 in the sprites page should be updated.All the unova starters have got new animated sprites in BW2.I think the sprites page should be updated for the new BW2 pokemons such as the starters of unova.

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