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As in the other question, I'd like to hear what everyone else wants on the Pokebase, the community area.

By asking here, everyone can upvote each item so I know which are most popular. (That doesn't mean I will definitely do all the top suggestions, but it is more likely.) You can suggest anything that's been suggested before or anything new you think of. Rules:

  • One suggestion per answer only. This way we can vote on individual features. If you have several suggestions, post multiple answers.
  • This is for Pokebase only (including meta/RMT/chat) not the main site. There is a separate question for PokemonDb. Note: you can suggest other community-related features here.
  • Vote up your favourite suggestions but please don't down-vote. If you don't like a suggestion just leave it alone.
  • Don't suggest a general discussion forum, as I am going to do that at some point.

I will keep this open for a week or so and start work next weekend.

To repeat: this is for Pokebase and the other member areas, not the main site.

closed with the note: Finished taking suggestions.
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Why is this closed?
Because PM is finished taking suggestions.... closed with the note: Finished taking suggestions....Blind..
Yeah I closed it to stop people adding more suggestions. I'll work on the ones suggested first!
Man I missed it. And I have a really good one.

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When a user with less than 500 points has their post hidden, on the top it would be cool if it said:

"Sorry, your post here(-whatever it was it links to) has been hidden. If you are not aware why, please ask on our thread about it here.

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To give this it's 100th great answer.

A Donate button!

Seriously Pokemaster, the effort you put in the site is amazing! We need one!

Now quit reading this, let us donate and you go have a party or something.

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lol, you mean 102 :P
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Make it so we can upload images instead of having to go on the URL.

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Make it so a person who answers/asks can see who upvoted. Only the person who posted though. I'm always interested to see who upvoted.

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This is good, but it'd be bad withdownvotes. People would be mad at each other for downvoting their Q/A.
Yeah thats what I was thinking.
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Stop the character limits on RMTs, because some people can't finish their RMT posts. Or make it higher, like 10,000 or something...

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How about when Editors, Mods, or You approve post it doesnt show up as the answer/question appeared just at that moment but it appeared as when it was asked/answer.

For Example: When I approve a question/answer that was asked/answered 4 hours ago, it shows up as being asked/answered 1 second ago. Could you make it so it would show up as 4 hours ago instead of 1 second ago.

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Kinda seems would take ages to get a simple question approved and mods are not on 24/7.
i am, plus it wouldnt seem fair for someone to has the right answer first and it needs waiting for it to approve for two or three hours where someone answers, then it just looks like that person copied the answer already there when they posted theirs first.
What? Me no understand.
Maybe try:
Asked 4 hours ago by ______
Approved 1 second ago by ♠SpumWack♠
I love how "You" is capitalized as if he's referring to a God.
Yea do Fizz's Idea XD
I like Fizz's idea. So I upvoted Kyron and a random post by Fizz.
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We should have emoji on chat

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I love emoji
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Ok have a Visitor Messaging System on every users profile page.
This would be useful for:
- Surveys
- Test
- Votes

This will encourage people to be more active with other users that may not talk a lot.

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Alphabetical order users page.It will be easy to search the user you desire.

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Ach. I was gonna suggest this...
yes, yes
nice idea
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Add to profiles how many characters there are. I need to know for my profile...

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MF, according to my Pages app, your "About me" section has 5,902 characters.
Just trying to help. :)
Wow. I use A LOT of characters xD
lol copy and paste your profile on office word.... don't make PM work more because you want to know something like that.... or better yet count them.
You wan me to count all 6,000 characters?
No he says just copy and paste the text into Microsoft Word, it counts the characters and words for you.
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The ability to save unfinished Q/As to the site.

This is particularly for the Battle Subway where RMTs and answers are easily lost.

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I agree with this; an alternative can be simply answering and hiding, or saving it on a Notepad file.
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Markdown in comments.

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Banned users in complete lockdown.

Unable to see anything or even enter Pokebase.

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But they could just log out.
But they can't do anything with accounts.
If they're banned, they can't ask or answer anyway.
BB has a point.
Plus, just because they harmed our community doesn't mean we should drive them to a competitor if they want information on Pokemon.
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Remove "Black and White 2 New Info" from the sidebar.

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Users with 6000+ points can kick.

>Three to five users must agree to kick a user.

You must give a valid reason for kicking.

Everyone must give a similar reason for kicking.

>This will be helpful because usually, there are there these types of users when something bad happens.

>They don't have to be Experts if they have 6000 points and want to kick.

From this.

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Make it so you can see who is on chat without having to go.

There could be a little box somewhere on the side with a list of users. Example:

The Pika
Victini Victory
Mew :3

>Now, notice (Abnormal!1) is there. Let's take Rio as an example (As always). After answering a question, she feels like chatting. She sees my name "Ooh!", she sees JCM "OOH!", but then she sees Abnormal, "...nvm." She will see it's better if she doesn't go because someone she doesn't like is there.

>This will be a great addition beause it will greatly cut down on the drama here.


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All new tags need approval.

Stupid tags are annoying.

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You do need 200 points for new tags. It's a little disappointing that people over that still don't make good tags... :(
Remember people, no voting stuff down.
If you don't know how to read or follow the rules, how the hell do you still have the ability to vote?
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Muting in chat.

If you mute a user, you cannot see their posts and they cannot see yours.

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Actually I don't like this. In comments, you could miss out a big part of a conversation. Or you could  answer a question that person has already answered.
I've suggested this. Its like an ignore button
It will be really strange looking at the Chat and seeing messages back in forth that don't make sense when you can't see someone's posts.
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Editors / Mods hiding chat posts. If a user like shadow comes in, it would be nice.

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When getting emails on comments, show the last comment written before. This would be useful for posts with 10+ comments.

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