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As in the other question, I'd like to hear what everyone else wants on the Pokebase, the community area.

By asking here, everyone can upvote each item so I know which are most popular. (That doesn't mean I will definitely do all the top suggestions, but it is more likely.) You can suggest anything that's been suggested before or anything new you think of. Rules:

  • One suggestion per answer only. This way we can vote on individual features. If you have several suggestions, post multiple answers.
  • This is for Pokebase only (including meta/RMT/chat) not the main site. There is a separate question for PokemonDb. Note: you can suggest other community-related features here.
  • Vote up your favourite suggestions but please don't down-vote. If you don't like a suggestion just leave it alone.
  • Don't suggest a general discussion forum, as I am going to do that at some point.

I will keep this open for a week or so and start work next weekend.

To repeat: this is for Pokebase and the other member areas, not the main site.

closed with the note: Finished taking suggestions.
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Why is this closed?
Because PM is finished taking suggestions.... closed with the note: Finished taking suggestions....Blind..
Yeah I closed it to stop people adding more suggestions. I'll work on the ones suggested first!
Man I missed it. And I have a really good one.

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Users online box in each section.

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-1 for downvoting instead of -2.

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Actually this would probably encourage more spam down-voting.
I want this for the sake of people being able to have odd numbered point values.
It would be cool I think. :3
how about -5 for downvoting that way people can get more points :3
-5 would probably cease all down-voting from users with low points. Even if it's needed. -1 will encourage spam down-voting. How about if it is changed to -1 then the amount of points lost to the person who is down-voted is -5? Or if you increase it by -2 to -5, then it should remove 25 points from the receiver.
I'd also take -3 for downvotes for the odd numbered.
-"trachy, you just lost about 1000 points."
-"Yeah, but now we have odd numbered points. So worth it."
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I would like the percentage of BA on your profile too.
I have asked this question too.

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IMO Useless.
Do you mean the percentage of BAs you've selected for your own questions, or the percentage of BAs you have gotten for your answers?
What you have gotten
dont be lazy, Flare... just (# of total answers/100)X(# of BAs)
Um it's (Number of BA's/Total answers x 100) I'm pretty sure that's how it is...
You guys are just doing way to much work :3 just move the decimal over to the right twice instead of  multiplying by 100. For example mine is(503/929=0.54144241119). Move the decimal over twice to get (54.144241119) and since these are whole numbers and not part answers you round to get (in my case 54%) Btw BB way is right
Kyron, please be my new math teacher. Clearly, my current one doesn't want to teach me easy methods like yours.
Moving decimal over twice=multiplying by 100
but you dont actually have to work it out and all just move it over in your mind, if you cant count to two you have problems
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This one is beautiful. For the activity sections, a "Custom" one could be added. There you can fix it up to your preferences so you see stuff like: Just Answers and Questions, just comments, just edits, Answers, Questions, and Comments, etc.

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This is an idea from Mew, but I added it here so you could see.

Install an IP scanner: An IP scanner would help Moderators facilitate
the process of finding duplicate accounts without going to search
through suspicious posts.

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In the BS, when asking a question, a sprite searcher would be sweet.

You could put it in the grey part on the left. This way sprites are super easy to get for teams.

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Mobile DB Pokebase app.

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Yes. Just yes.
:D Id love dis.
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I don't know if this is already here, but when a user hides something, we have to make a comment box explaining why (possibly a drop box for common reasons) and have a notification sent to a user when they have their post hidden, that way they know why something is gone, we keep tabs to prevent screwy leadership (of course, not showing who hid the post), and to allow us not to have to keep the page unhidden to show the work without the need of the flag.

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Yep, this has been suggested at least four times.
And I believe this further supports:
I mean, the other posts for this haven't gotten much support, yet when DT posts it gets five upvotes, and his is the most recent suggestion.
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Allow Mods to actually edit profiles, instead of their Gravatar and if they are Expert or not.

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I thought mods could edit all user profiles?
They can't. They can only edit Gravatar and Expert.
Then how does it say "Mike was here :3" on your profile?
Mew did that xD
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Show the hidden list in Admin in the order the stuff was hidden, not when the answer / question was posted at.

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Allow ingame questions please.
It really causes a lot of Havoc. I am aware that they have too many variables but the Asker needs help and that is what the PokeBase is for right? The answerer will asker and will help the User up to a point. No need for anything else?

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This is smart. It'll stop the comotion and it'll help people trying to beat the game.
Guys, no down voting.
we have the ingame team questions ._. that was the whole point of those
They weren't allowed before just due to the sheer volume of them and the fact that they resulted in the same answer of "level up your damn pokemon" every time. That and the fact that you're much more limited in what moves you can put on a pokemon since you're limited with what you have to select.
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Editors being able to check IPs.

Not ban, just see IPs.

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Banned users removed from "Users"

Users able to see the banned users list.

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An Edit History for user profiles.

>I've noticed that when you ban people, and they have unwanted information on their profile, they'll immediately hide it. I've also been experienced with this, I had my hate list towards Ninja but I hid it. If you do this, you can get info needed to get proper proof for a ban.

>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For those who don't understand~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Say we have a user, User A and User B. User B offends a bunch of users with a bunch of curses and profanity on his profile. When User A reports him/her, User B immediately erases the needed proof before User A can get a hold of it. BUT, if we had this feature, trachy could see it.

>Note from Fizzcube, all credit to him: Only Mods + Pokemaster have access to this edit history and the owner him/herself.

>Pokemaster I hope you consider this as I feel it will benefit the site and stop many trolls from continuing his/her reign of terror. Also, I want to read the edit history of Rio's profile XD. But seriously, I feel this would help.

From this.

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Longer kicks.

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This is needed.
We can just ban if we want users unable to act for longer periods of time.
While a kick is more effective in some theoretical cases, I don't often see users making huge contributions to the site in the ten minutes they have been kicked. I assume they go do something else. Or in the case of JCM, make several posts asking why they were kicked instead of just waiting the ten minutes to ask on chat. :/
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If you are idle for 20+ mins in chat your name disappears.

Would be SOOOO nice.

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The name that comes to mind: Getenloom312.
XP yes it does.
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Replying. Similar to Youtube.

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Replying where?
Since he says Youtube, probably replying to other people's comments so people know who they are replying back to; although "My Updates" pretty much gets the job done.
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If a user registers with the same IP as another, the mods approve or reject the account.

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A 1st party Avatar system so we can have .GIFs and such.

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Love it.
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Suggested by Ivan Kurama Shaddix.

Character counter. Would really help with RMT.

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