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As in the other question, I'd like to hear what everyone else wants on the Pokebase, the community area.

By asking here, everyone can upvote each item so I know which are most popular. (That doesn't mean I will definitely do all the top suggestions, but it is more likely.) You can suggest anything that's been suggested before or anything new you think of. Rules:

  • One suggestion per answer only. This way we can vote on individual features. If you have several suggestions, post multiple answers.
  • This is for Pokebase only (including meta/RMT/chat) not the main site. There is a separate question for PokemonDb. Note: you can suggest other community-related features here.
  • Vote up your favourite suggestions but please don't down-vote. If you don't like a suggestion just leave it alone.
  • Don't suggest a general discussion forum, as I am going to do that at some point.

I will keep this open for a week or so and start work next weekend.

To repeat: this is for Pokebase and the other member areas, not the main site.

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Why is this closed?
Because PM is finished taking suggestions.... closed with the note: Finished taking suggestions....Blind..
Yeah I closed it to stop people adding more suggestions. I'll work on the ones suggested first!
Man I missed it. And I have a really good one.

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On RMT... a teambuilder. Instead of the normal forum thingamabob.

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On chat, If you could add a reason for ban in the Yellow section that way when users get back on they can see why they got kicked.

this would eliminate a lot of confusion in chat as well as unnecessary anger

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It's pretty obvious...
Not always.
An example?
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Chane the ammount of points needed to make new tags. Everyone always makes long, annoying, or ones that don't even relate to the Q like turtle. I think the limit should be 2000, when users know the rules and most know what and what not to do.

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That is what Retagging is for is it not?
it's not used frequesntly though. And even though I love turtles, there's no point to it.
This is a bad suggestion. AND I've already suggested putting a three maximum word per tag limit.
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Restricted post viewing.

Another Q2A link.

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What point does this have?
Heads up and stuff for mods or certain ranks.

Or you want a good answer. Idk.
Then people will always do that to guarantee a good answer and no one will gain any points...
I agree with Beautifly Blade on that one.
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A reasoning system as to why you down-vote, flag, or report.

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Seperate Pokebase into sections, All Black2/White2, Black/White, Pearl/Diamond, Platium (or add with P/D), SoulSilver/HeartGold, Gold/Silver, Crystal (or add with G/S), Red/Blue/Yellow, Pokemon Ranger, Pokedex 3d, Dream Radar, Ranger, Dugeon, Rumble Blast**, ect. games. Or by generations.

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Problem with this is going to be that people new to the site are likely going to just ask in the wrong section. Plus, there are plenty of other categories. Sometimes people won't know where to ask, as their question could encompass multiple generations. The current format works.
Again, I don't want to have to look in 14 different sections for a question.
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On chat when you get kicked, it actually kicks you for about 12 minutes. It says that your kick has expired a minute ago and things like that. Is that fix-able?

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Just refresh the page...
Plus this doesn't even go here...
If you refresh the page it stays the same. And chat is part of Pokebase is it not? It is.
*Facepalm* it's a complaint.