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We need a simple thread for trading! Seriously! It can be simple, a user posts what pokemon they need, and what they have of equal power, rarity, level, to offer. Then another user comments on their post that they can trade with a trade time. Then they come on at the same time and trade! I know a lot of people would benefit from this.

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why dont we just start the thread right here and now???
Because PM would have to approve it and he has said no in the past. We'll just have to wait for the forum to be completed.
A zillion exclamation marks is never a way to make a point.
I tried this but got a lot of hate...

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Pokemaster said he will include a trading thread in forum he is making. Until then, we're going to have to wait.

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Ok thanks. Good to kniw. Now we wait
Pokemaster is making a forum?!
I can't wait :3
YAY! A forum!
I'm not excited at all. It's the only thing that seperates DB from Smogon.